Letting Go

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Chapter 21

Lawrence pov:

I watch her scream in pain for reasons unknown and I could not understand what I should do to take the pain away.

"Kate are you okay? " I ask in fear if only I could feel her pain maybe I could take it all for her.

"It hurts so bad" she screams once again wrenching in pain.

"Alex, what is happening to her ?" I ask confused running towards Kate while she squirms on the floor.

This all my fault I should have listened to her plea but I was too stupid to notice she was too weak to fight.

"she getting weak because of the full moon is coming tomorrow," she says sternly as tears roll down her cheek in panic.

" what are you saying ? how can the full moon do this to her ?" I ask confused picking Kate from the floor, it felt like I was having a panic attack.

"she has not shifted yet and because of that she gets weak every full moon" she explains sadly.

"what can I do to help her ?" I ask brushing her hair from her face as she breathes heavily with her eyes closed.

" just take her to the room to rest, she needs you close to her because you give her strength," she says cautiously kneeling down in front of Kate.

I carried her bridal style which causes her to hiss in pain while everyone watched in panic, mum help Alex to her feet trying to calm her down.

"sleep it going be alright, " I say kissing her forehead. She falls asleep immediately.

I carried her to my room gently laying her on the bed.

I watch her sleep peacefully, just looking at her sleep sends a calm feeling in me.

I don't get why she yet to shift, I just feel like she hiding something very important from me, there are so many things I don't know about her and it's making me feel restless.

But come to think of it she has every reason to keep things from me when all I do is ignore her by trying as much as possible to push her away causing her pain.

I remember looking at those beautiful eyes filled with fear, mischief, and strength, her long brown hair I will love to run my hands through.

I walk into the bathroom to get the first aid box and a wet cloth to wrap the blood from her body.

I place the first aid box on the nightstand before wrapping the blood on her busted lip, face, and hands.

She flinches a little as I wrap the blood from her lips " sorry" I apologize trying to focus my attention away from her lip.

"can you stop thinking of her that way before I take over and mark her" Travis growl snapping me out of my thought.

"I can't stop thinking of her, " I say dropping the wet cloth on the floor before applying spirit to her injuries.

Guilt wrap it's hand around me know I am the real cause why this is happening " it's all your fault we are met to love her but instead you choose that slut over her" he says with anger lacing his voice.

"When I first saw her I was drawn to her, but something kept holding me back," I say with a frown.

"I don't know what you mean, but after what you saw today are you really going to keep acting like you don't care," he asks maliciously.

"I was really scared, I have never felt the way I did before," I say fighting the tears "when I saw her get beaten like that or when she was screaming in pain it broke my heart, " I say my voice cracking with emotions.

I put bandages on her injuries before cleaning up the mess and placing the first aid box back in the bathroom cabinet "I felt pain and weak for not being able to help when she needed me" I say remembering the way she looked at me for help, the way her eyes looked drained.

I change her into one of my black hoodies before placing her properly on the bed with the blanket covering her delicate body " that what I have been trying to tell you since, you need her, she part of you and not that Britta of a girl" he says with hatred lancing his voice.

Before I could reply the door of my room opens snapping me out from my daze.

"Is she alright ?" Pa ask concerned coming towards me.

"I think so because she asleep I can't really tell, " I say smiling sadly.

" you know she is a very strong girl," he says with adoration for her while sitting on the couch closest to the window.

" I knew she is a strong girl, and also strange," I say laughing lightly to brighten up the mood.

"Alex says she will be fine after she wakes up," he says looking her over.

"Okay, but Pa I don't still get why she gets weak every full moon is it a normal thing for her not to have shifted yet? " I ask walking towards the couch.

" maybe that how her body copes with not being able to shift yet and she will shift when her time comes, " he says patting my shoulder.

"that true," I say

He smiles warmly before getting up from the couch "okay I will be in my room if you need anything " he says leaving the room.

"Okay," I say walking towards the bed.

"I hope you get well soon, " I say putting a loose string of hair behind her ear" I can't wait to see your beautiful eyes".

"I will do whatever it takes to make it up for all that I have done to you" I promise placing a kiss on her temple.

I really need a shower to relax my beating heart.

I made sure she is comfortable before going into the bathroom to take a bath.

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