Letting Go

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Chapter 22


This feels so good, my bed has never been so comfortable as these, I can just remain like this forever, this room is filled with the most addictive scent ever.

I sniff the air feeling contentment, I raise my hand trying to reach for my phone on the nightstand but instead, I feel a hard wall which electrifies and send sparks through me "I can see you are awake" a voice says huskily.

This comfy bed can even speak, I sigh loudly rolling towards the voice " am I in heaven? " I ask nobody in particular.

"I can stay like this forever," I say running my hand on the hard wall-filling sparks sending pleasure and warmth into my body.

Wait a minute I only feel sparks when I am in contact with Lawrence.

I Jerk off the bed falling on the hard cold floor with a loud thud before groaning from the impact "O moon goddess that hurts so bad" I say rubbing my head and butt.

"are you alright ?" I look up to see Lawrence staring at me while forcing his smile back.

" you? what are you doing in my room?" I ask shocked glaring at him" wait a minute this not my room" I say scanning the room with my eyes.

This place looks beautiful decorated mostly with black and grey a white and orange couch at the right side of the room with very large glass windows and a small table in the middle and it scent like Lawrence.

Okay enough of this back to the topic at hand " Why am I in your room?" this guy has the nerves to bring me to his room after acting disgusted by me, o moon goddess was I kidnapped by him, isn't this the part when he tries to strangle me with the covers Or the part he locks me away from my loved ones or the p...

" yes," he says casually like it okay for me to be in is the room with a raised eyebrow and an arrogant smirk on his sexy lips from sensing my panic state.

I am being so dramatic right now "anyway I am leaving right now, " I say getting up from the floor before walking towards the door with his eyes following my movement.

A voice rang through the room making me stop in my step before turning to find his eyes on me "you can't leave like that" he says matter of fact looking me over with lustful eyes.

I looked down to find that I only wearing a black hoodie stopping by my kneel which isn't mine from the smell and size it belongs to Lawrence.

"Please don't tell me you were the one to change my clothes into this, " I say as I blush in embarrassment checking if my undies are in place.

"yes I did," he says smiling mischievously with amusement on his eyes.

No, he saw me naked o moon goddess just kill me right now " this so embarrassing " I whisper covering my face with my hands before turning away from his mocking eyes.

Right now know I am as red as a tomato from this embarrassment, removing my hands from my face before turning to glare at him.

"I am only joking, Lillian was the one who undressed you," he says grinning like he won a trophy," you look cute when you blush, " he says winking at me.

"you are a Jerk" I saw glaring at him." where is your bathroom? " I ask with crossed hands over my breast.

" over there, " he says pointing at a door."I will send Lillian to get you your clothes".

"Okay, "I say making my way towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was wow with a white bathtub and shower.

I got the tub ready before I walk towards the sink mirror checking my injuries from the fight, it doesn't hurt that much but the marks are still visible with badges covering them, I should remember to thank him for taking care of me.

I brush my teeth with a new toothbrush I find by the sink before stripping and getting into the tub.

Wash my hair with his shampoo"your clothes are here" Lawrence says from aside the door before coming in, placing the clothes on the sink leaving without stealing a glance my way.

I chose to ignore him, I got out of the tub to drain the water out before getting dressed in black high waisted jeans and a black top, leaving my hair to dry naturally.

I pull the bathroom door open to find Lawrence at the edge of the bed going through some files.

"you will be with me throughout today and also tomorrow, " he says without looking my way.

"why will I do that ?"I ask with raised eyebrows walking towards him on the bed. This guy is something else caring all of a sudden maybe Ma told him the reason for my pain yesterday.

"because you are too weak to be on your own and you can't protect yourself, " he says patting a space on his bed for me to take a seat.

"I am okay by myself, and why do you care because we both known you don't give a fuck about me," I say coldly refusing to seat anywhere near him.

"I care for you," he says staring into my eyes before pulling me onto his lap.

"you have a good way of showing it, keep it up," I say sarcastically trying to get off him making him tightening his hold on me.

"Trust me I care, see I am sorry for what I said to you, I was just confused," he says touch my arms making me tense.

I search his eyes to see any hint of him pretending but there was non but only sincerity.

Tiara would give him a chance, I could do the same "okay but you have to work for it" I say smirking wrapping my hands around his neck.

"anything you want just asks and it will be done," he says triumphantly.

"Firstly I want my favorite ice cream, " I say mischievously biting my lips to hide the smile crippling up.

"what your favorite ice cream ?" he asks with amusement in his eyes.

"Oh, Lawrence you have to find that out yourself, " I say smirking.

"woman and their demand " he mumbled under his breath.

He grins widely " okay then I better go get it, " he says pulling me up before leaving the room leaving me to my thoughts.

I lay on the bed with a loud sigh and a wide smile on my lips feeling all girly while staring at the ceiling in boredom.

"Kate how are you doing " comes the high pitched voice of Becca and Lillian.

"fine as you can see "I saw sitting leg crossed on the bed while Becca and Lillian take a seat comfortably on the couch.

"so you and Lawrence together now?" Lillian asks grinning widely going straight to the point like always.

She looks happier than me that if only I know what I am feeling " not really " I say casually.

"Stop that, I know something is going on because the cold-hearted Alpha King I know does not smile so wide like the way I saw him walking out this room," she says amused.

"I am serious nothing is going on," I say with a sign.

"let it be, Kate won't tell us anything, " Becca says smiling.

"have you talked to Ethan about your heat ?" I ask about changing the subject.

Immediately I ask her cheek turns red" look she blushing, something must have happened between them, tell us" Lillian urges teasingly.

" come on now tell us," I say blinking my eyelashes teasingly at her.

"We made love yesterday, he was so gently sweet and ---".

"We ask you to tell us not go into details, " I say cutting her off.

I really don't want that image stuck in my head"I don't mind you going into details" Lillian says smirking.

"Becca are you alright ?, your face and neck look so red," I say staring at her in concern knowing the reason why.

"anyway I am so happy for you Becca," Lillian says grinning happily.

"what that on your neck ?" I say looking at her neck which has the shape of two wolves.

"he marked you, wow my friend you officially among the mated group, " Lillian says jumping happily.

" calm down, you look happier than me and Is they anything called the mated group," Becca asks laughing.

They both laugh happily before deciding on asking the question on my mind, "I have been meaning to ask you this question Becca, " I say waiting for her to give me permission to continue.

"you know Ethan is soon to be Alpha meaning since you are his mate you are the soon to be Luna," I say cautiously"so after his training, you will be going with him to his pack right?" I ask looking everywhere but her.

" yes I will be going with him, but he is taking me to his pack next week to meet his parents and pack," she says grinning happily.

I glance at Lillian to see are frowning, why is she frowning she should be happy, not sad.

"I will miss you so much, " she says holding back tears in her eyes.

" I will miss you too, his park is not even far from here, I can always visit," she says trying to brighten the mood.

" I know but it not the same, " she says letting the tears run down her cheek.

"Kate is here to keep you company, " she says wiping the tears from Lillian's eyes.

"you know you are more like a senior sister to me and Kate is more like a junior sister and also Kate is boring to be with," she says dramatically sobbing for all is worth.

" you are only senior to me with 2 months and Becca is older than you with a week, and for your information, I am not boring," I say glaring at her" I am the most fun-loving friend you can ever have," I say matter of fact.

"you are so boring " they both shout.

What a way to support a friend " okay I get it I am boring but the point here is you have one year together and can't waste it crying on your lost" I say to them like they were five-year-olds.

" you are right," Becca says nodding.

"okay we going outing" she yells on the top of her voice before glance my way" sorry Kate you can't come with us because Lawrence gave us orders not to let you go anywhere, " she says giving me a sympathetic look.

And I hate when someone gives me that look because I have lived my whole life with people giving them a look of sympathy.

"stop that," I say harshly.

"what," she asked confused.

"that look of sympathy, " I say getting comfortable on the bed.

"Sorry ?" she says in a question form.

I choose to ignore them as they say goodbye before leaving the room.

Few more minutes in boredom I hear the door being opened, I glance up to see who came in.

And standing there is Lawrence with my golden scoop strawberry Ice cream in his hand and a bag of chips.

"who told you my favorite ice cream? " I ask narrowing my eyes at him in a sure guess" I'm guessing it was my MA who told you," I say teasing him.

"no? yes," he says nervously.

Wow he is nervous this different " no or yes I can't seem to understand you" I saw with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay you got me, I ask Alex but it wasn't easy getting her to tell me," he says laughing "it was PA who helped me in asking her," he says placing the bag of chips on the desk.

"Okay enough of the talking give me my baby before it melts," I say walking towards him, taking the ice cream from him.

" Thank you so much darling for the ice cream, " he says in a girly voice.

"I know I don't sound that way," I say moaning at the sweet taste of the ice cream on my tongue making self-comfortable on the couch.

This so delicious I can never get tired of licking this " you better stop that before I kiss you devouring those lips" he says licking his lip while his eyes get darker.

I bite my lips feeling butterfly in my stomach " sorry" I say not knowing what to say.

" I really need a cold shower right now" he mumbled to himself while walking into the bathroom.

Why will he need a cold shower? weird. Ignoring his comment I walk towards the bed sitting in the middle of the bed Indian style licking my ice cream.


A few minutes he walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist leaving his chest bare.

I gulp down the last of my ice cream while I glop at his well built eight pack linking my bottom lip feeling waves of pleasure burn through me.

I won't lie he really do works out, if Tiara was here she will be jumping for joy right now seeing her mate sexy abs.

"Are you done checking me out?" he asked snapping me out of my daze.

I look up to meet his eyes seeing him already looking at me with a smirk on his sexy lip, did I just say sexy?, Kate gets it together " why won't I look when you are trying to seduce me by walking out with just a towel around your waist " I blurt out.

"you can't blame me, this my room and you don't expect me to dress in the bathroom," he says entry into a room, which must be a walk-in closet.

A few minutes later he walks out dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt doing nothing to hide his well-defined muscle "let's go to my office, I have pack works to do, " he says walking out of the closet.

I nod cleaning my mess before following him out of his room.

The walk to his office was silent but not awkward, immediately we entered his office I made myself comfortable on the visitor's chair while he sits facing me.

I brought my phone from my front packet seeing I have a message from Becca, I click on the message to see a video of her and Lillian dancing in a club having fun.

I look up from my phone to find Lawrence staring at me intensely like he was studying my body language.

I cough awkwardly because his gaze on me was making me nervous.

"Why don't you ever smile ?" he asks still staring at me intensely.

"what do you mean ?" I ask confused, where is this question coming from.

"I mean you never smile, it never reaches your eye and your laughs are not genuine why?" he asks sternly.

"I have no reason to smile, laugh and crying is a waste of time," I say smugly.

He chuckled "you don't need a reason to smile or laugh because you can be happy even when things are bad".

"can we drop this topic," I say getting irritated.

"Okay, whatever you say but this not over yet," he says going back to this work.

I looked at him for a few minutes before looking back at the phone trying to understand why he asked such a question.

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