Letting Go

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Chapter 23

"you know you can't do it, so just give up," he says laughing loudly.

Lawrence has been getting on my nerves, with him trying to rub it on my face he is stronger than me.

What a big ego this guy has, I sigh frustrated "fine you win, wait until after the full moon then we will see who stronger then" I say with a little bit of an attitude.

He is currently challenging me to try moving him from the position he is standing in.

And I am telling you this guy is like a rock, no matter the kicking and pushing he refuses to move.

"I am very hungry" my stomach growls in approval.

"okay let go eat something, " he says taking my hand in his directing us into the kitchen.

He filled two plates with Mac and cheese with one glass apple juice and milk for me I quote his words 'you need it for strength' for crying out loud I am just weak for the meantime not pregnant.

"Tell me about yourself, " he says more like a command taking a sitting on one of the stools.

"you know everything about me already, " I say smugly. I really don't want to be part of this conversation but he doesn't need to know that so I will just play along.

"I only know your name and pack" he stops to think for a minute studying my face " nothing else".

Before I could reply someone walks into the kitchen getting our attention, "Kate how are you, darling ?" Elisa asks looking me over for any signs of injuries.

"I am fine Elisa, " I say shyly. Don't judge, with the way she staring straight at me like I am one of her patients who is refusing to take medicines.

"what are you eating ?" she asks looking at my plate in disgust "you can't eat that, you are supposed to eat soup, sit here let me prepare soup for you"

Are you kidding me right now "no" my voice came out higher then I intended "no worries Elisa, I am not sick but going through a normal process," I say calmly as possible "I am used to this"?

"Okay but if you are not feeling okay just let me know," she says with a smile.

I nod in reply.

"take good care of her Lawrence, " she says warningly.

"I can't believe you are turning my mother against me," he says glaring playfully at me.

Elisa laughs taking two glass before walking out the kitchen but not without giving Lawrence a look 'don't you dare do something stupid".

A moment like this I wish what if my mother was alive maybe then I will have a complete family full of love and care.

I shake does depressing thoughts out, I should not be feeling this way I should learn to accept my fate.

"you okay ?" he asks staring straight at me concern evident in his eyes.

"Yeah, I am just tried I would like to rest now," I say standing from my sit.

He took my plate and his before leading us to his room.

I ran to the bad laying on it, I hug the pillow finding a comfortable place to sleep.

I heard Lawrence laughing before sleep takes overtaken me into the land of dreams and nightmares.

Lawrence POV:

I watch her sleep, cute eyes closed.

I left her in my room to sleep not without leaving a kiss on her forehead.

"Lawrence" I turn around to see Anderson, Levi, and Jack running towards me.

"Hey men, how is Kate doing ?" Levi asks patting me on the shoulder. I glare at him for daring to touch me "sorry bro " he says raising his hands.

"she fine just asleep," I say walking into the movie room.

I sit with Levi on the right couch while Anderson and Jack sit on the left side.

"where is Lillian anyway ?"I ask with raised eyebrows.

"she and Becca went out for a girl's time ' soon she would be moving away leaving me alone, so I need to spend time with her' her words, not mine "Anderson replies with a sigh.

"always a drama queen, " Jack says rolling his eyes earning a low growl from Anderson's " easy man no need to be defensive".

"you guys ready for tomorrow's full moon ?" I ask staring straight at their faces.

Every full moon we all get stronger, letting our wolves and lycan out always run freely in groups.

"yes" they answer in unison.

We laughed and talked for a few hours going through pack works and so on.

"you guys are needed in the dining room for the food is already served " a female omega informed us.

I got up walking towards the dining room when I was stopped by a very annoying voice that always disgusts me.

"Hey babe, so you were with that trash right ?" she asks looking offended.

A loud growl came out of me before I could stop it making her bow in submission "get out of my sight before I break that mouth of ours" I bark loudly at her.

She stared at me shocked before running away with tears in her eyes like I even give a shit about her.

She just has to spoil my good mood.

"you know she deserves that calling her future Queen and Luna names," Pa says patting my back while looking at me with proud filled eyes.

I smile at him. We both walk into the dining room, I took my seat at the end of the table.

"where is Kate" my dad asked.

"she asleep, she needs rest for tomorrow " I reply.

"Does she always experience this every full moon ?" dad asks staring straight at Alex.

"yes, it a normal thing for her," she says without looking up from the table.

"this weird don't you think we should inform the pack doctor of she not being able to shift ?" mum asks in deep thought.

"no, she refuses to see any doctor saying she will shift soon" Alex replies looking uncomfortable.

The rest of the dinner went on with mum and Alex laughing constantly at dad and PA jokes while Anderson, Jack and I ate in silence once in a while Levi joins in there discussion.

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