Letting Go

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Chapter 24

"Kate, Kate" I look around but all I see was darkness, I heard the same voice calling for me but once again all I see is darkness.

I kept walking in the unknown darkness until I saw a light far away, I kept walking towards the light but before I could get there everything becomes dark once again.

The place started rotating suddenly making me feel dizzy, I close my eyes to stop the dizziness I am currently feeling.

I open my eyes to find myself in a field with trees everywhere and sounds of birds flying, but what cut my eyes was a woman wearing a floor-length flower gown.

Sitting on the floor playing with the butterfly flying around her, her aura is very strong pulling me towards her.

I can't see her face clearly standing here because her back was facing me instead.

I walking closer to see more of her view but the closer I get the more she becomes tense.

Immediate I get closer enough she started sobbing making the butterfly around her fly away "excuse me, can you please tell me what this place is? " I ask but was replied with silence.

I kept touching her shoulders but she refuses to acknowledge my presence, have I now become invisible.

"lady, please say something " I plead.

she is making me scared with all this crying, why is she crying so much? If she could only talk to me maybe I could help her.

Or am I dead and the moon goddess chooses to punish me for my evil did.

"you murderer " she screamed suddenly getting up.

She looked into my eyes her gown covered with blood her face looks so familiar.

"mum ?" I ask socked have only seen her in a picture my Ma gave me when I was just a pup but seeing her now send fear into me making me shake uncontrollably.

"Who is your mother?" she asks with disdain "I can never be the mother of a murderer like you" she screamed her eyes burning with hatred.

I could not reply or even feel anything I was numb, my body was shaking uncontrollably " murderer you killed me " she screamed loudly this time it echoed coming back to hunt me.

"stop please, please stop" I cried falling on my knees pleading.

"murderer, murderer," she kept on screaming until I was only able to hear her voice as whispers in the air.

I use my hand to cover my ear holding my head trying to block her words out, something pulled my hands down forcefully it felt hot burning into my flesh.

I open my eyes to find myself no longer in a field but in a dungeon with my hands and legs chained with silver chains but from the smell, it also coated with wolfbane and from my experience with sliver and wolfbane are dangerous for werewolves.

I try using my strength pulling the chain off but it seems the more I try the more it gets tighter, I whine in pain smelling the burning of my flesh.

"you have to stop trying because the more you try the worst it gets" I looked up towards the voice to find my dad and hunter smirking in satisfaction.

"Please let me go" I plead weakly hating I could sound this weak in front of them.

"why will I do that after taking my mum from me you deserve to die, " Hunter says laughing maliciously.

"hunter please I was just a pup then" I try reasoning with him.

"no you deserve death " he yells this time.

I cried for help but no one could save me from this torment, I am once again let to their mercy.

"Kate, wake up" a voice calls pulling me from the clashes of the nightmare.

I jerk up from sleeping looking everywhere to see it was just a nightmare.

Breathing heavily my clothes soaked in sweat "Kate what wrong? say something " Lawrence says pushing my hair away from my face in a panic state.

I choose to ignore him standing up from the bed walking straight into the bathroom with shaky legs.

I splash water on my face washing away the memory of the nightmare, look into the mirror to see a girl with messed up hair, eyes weak and tired looking so scared.

What a shame that the girl who once believes in fairy tales and magic had to be struck by reality with demons in her mind and the fear of never being loved.

A girl who's nightmares warp their evil hands around her soul at night, they try to pull her deep within a world that's ruled by fright.

Those dark thoughts may follow her but they'll never win the fight.

She escapes the looming shadows with the help of dawn's first light.

She hates getting flashbacks of things she doesn't want to remember.

She misses her, the old her, the happy her, the bright her, the smiling her, the laughing her, the gone her.

I looked at the mirror to discover this girl was me, this broken girl was me.

These nightmares hunt me for the sins that have done the evil I did, the people I killed.

I can never be the queen and Luna of these people, I am a murderer but once again their alpha king is also a murderer from the stories I have heard of him killing and the destruction of packs.

Maybe the moon goddess was right to pair us together, either one kills the other or both die's because I know deserve to die not him.

I can't bring myself to tell him what hurts me at night because I can't kill his soul he will run in fear of the demons in me.

"Kate are you alright ?" Lawrence called from outside the close door.

"yes" I yelled back, he groans in pain my bad lycans hearing "sorry".

After checking I look better I walked out to find him leaning against the wall" you okay ?" he asks concerned.

"Yeah, just nightmares, " I say smugly.

"you mind talking about it?, I mean you were screaming for help," he says warily.

"no" I trudged slowly towards the bed reaching for Lawrence's phone on the nightstand to see it just 12:00 in the morning.

I turned around to see him leaning against the wall staring at me intensely "I am going to the gym " I say walking towards the door.

"Okay," he says walking into the bathroom.

I left going into the gym to fight my worst enemy a battle I can never seem to win.

My worst enemy is my memory.

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