Letting Go

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Chapter 25

I kept punching the punching bag as muscles flinch in pain but I kept pushing all my frustrations on the punching bag.

I can't keep this act of depression and self-pity in me it makes me feel weak and useless.

I can't keep my thought focus and emotions locked up feeling the way I do.

I kept on throwing punches at the punching bag until it broke hitting the floor with a loud thud.

I groan in frustration kicking the bag angrily feeling the ache of my bones.

I sauntered to my room needing a bath because I sink of sweat.

I enter into my room sniffing the sweet scent of honey and banana," I really missed the privacy of this room" I say with a loud sigh.

I walk into the bathroom removing my clothes disposing it in the washing machine before getting the water ready in the tub I enter feeling the warm water easing my muscles.

I do my daily routine before walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body stopping below my butt.

I walked out to see Lawrence standing comfortably in my room wearing a gray and black jacket and a white T-shirt tucked into black jeans, his hair swooped upwards giving a look I just waked up.

"what are you doing here?" I asked holding my towel tightly wrapped around myself.

He looked my way with his eyes dark with lust running over my body.

He kept quiet walking towards me like a predator going for his prey " are you done gawking at me?" I ask with a playful smirk.

His eyes snapped to my face with a smirk playing on his lips.

I bit my lower lip stopping myself from giving him a smile feeling waves of pleasure and lust" why can't I when you are trying to seduce me " he says repeating my words while staring at my lips.

"you know this my room right, and you entered without asking, so I don't get why I will seduce someone I have no idea he was my room " I scoff staring at him intensely.

"anyway, I have work today so I won't be with you today until later in the afternoon, " he says wistfully.

"Okay, I don't need you anyway, " I say smugly.

He wraps his hand round my waist and another stroking my cheek gently " what are you doing ?" I ask with a shaky breath.

But he ignores me, I stiff and my breathe hutch has he nest his face on my neck running the tip of his nose on the side of my neck.

I bit inside my cheek to stop the moan from escaping as he continued running his face on my neck sending lust thought through my mind.

His breath on my tender skin sends waves of shock into my body, I bit my cheek harder feeling the taste of blood on my tongue.

My gaze fell on my hands wrapped protectively on my towel bring me back to my senses.

I shove him gently away missing his touch " Lawrence if this a joke, I will constrict your balls" I say harshly but all my body wants was to kiss those pink lips and pull him closer until no space between our bodies.

"Relax I was just trying to rub my scent on you to have everyone know you are my mate," he says casually.

I gave him a look 'are you serious right now'.

"I prefer marking you because it will last forever, " he says with a wink.

"what?" I ask shock.

"see you later love and don't you dare leave this mansion " he whispers in my ear before walking out of my room.

I release the breath I never knew I was holding.

I enter into my closet changing into a gray ripped sweatpants with gray hoodie since today is going be a lazy day, then I put my hair into a low ponytail before putting on my slip on a white canvas.

I walked out of the room towards the kitten for breakfast since Becca and Lillian are busy having fun without me.

I dish myself some cheese omelet and a glass of milk, I place it on the counter taking a sit on the stool.

I ate in silence for a few minutes before hearing voices coming towards the kitchen.

I glance up to see Levi and Anderson arguing on something about who had the funniest childhood, what a weird subject to debate on.

"Hey guys," I say casually.

"How are you feeling now ?" Levi asks sitting on one of the stools while Anderson dish himself some food.

"Okay, just bored," I say nonchalantly.

From what I have being told Levi is the last pup of the Clifford's and he just 17 years old, while Lawrence is 22 years of age.

At a very young age, he took over from his father as the greatest lycan king.

" so during the full moon what do you guys do? " I ask out of curiosity because in alpha Janes pack they usually run under the moon during the full moon.

"We just have a bonfire night and when the moon comes we all run under the full moon to thank the moon goddess, " Anderson says stuffing his mouth with food.

I just sit and finish my food why Levi and Anderson kept on arguing over silly things.

I decided to have some fun instead of dying of boredom so I left the mansion, I don't care what Lawrence says because he doesn't expect me to just sit around doing nothing.

"Kate over here " A little voice calls

I turn towards the little voice seeing Rebecca the little girl I helped in getting her brother's ball "Kate would you mind playing with us ?" she asks grinning happily.

I can't say no to this cute lovely girl " yes I love to play with you " I say playfully pinching her cheeks.

She tugged me toward a group of pups" this my brother Riley " she says pointing towards a little boy with blonde hair like hers and blue eyes while hers is Forest green.

"This is Kate, the pretty lady who helped get your ball, " she says as she hit him lightly on his stomach.

"the girl who helped you ?" he asked looking me over before bringing his hand for a handshake, what a polite little boy.

I gave him a fake smile as I shake his hand.

She showed me all her friends introducing me as the girl who helped her.

I am so tired after running so much and the pups were cute and friendly.

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