Letting Go

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Chapter 26

"Lawrence stop you are hurting me," I say trying to free myself from his tight grip on my hand.

Unfortunately, Lawrence caught me walking around the forest, you see curiosity killed the cat and, here I am the cat that has been caught.

I was on my way back to the mansion before I heard someone calling for help, so I went into the forest to see what was going on but unfortunately, Lawrence came running towards me before I could find out what was actually happening.

" no. where you trying to run away from me?" he asks coldly. Like I can actually run away like these without anything or anywhere to go.

"someone was calling for help, I was just trying to help," I say smugly.

"Okay enough of this, you are not leaving my side again, " he says crossing his hands over his chest making his muscles bulge.

He literally drags me to his office with everyone giving us a curious look before forcing me into a seat" you known I feel like slapping you right now" I say with a scowl on my face.

He chuckled " the feeling is mutual".

"smart ass jerk," I say with a scoff.

I kept glaring at him while he chooses to ignore me going through pack works.

This really is boring, I got up walking towards the door " where are you going" I twirled around to see him giving me a questioning look.

" I am actually going to do something fun because being here with you is very boring" I retorted.

"you being disrespectful, " he says with a sigh.

He walks towards me pulling me by my hands then placing me on his lap as he takes a seat.

"let go," I say. I tried to wriggle out of his lap, the keyword 'tried'.

"you better stop doing that before I do something we both would regret," he says huskily.

I gulp down biting my cheek as I felt his erection poking me.

He laughed hard looking at my blushing cheeks, I punch him playfully on his arm to stop him from laughing.

"don't blame me for laughing you look cute when you blush, " he says grinning.

We went on laughing and chatting, well actually he did the laughing making fun of me while I kept blushing, I was actually scared I would explode from the hotness of my face.


"Kate sweetheart " Lillian yelled hugging me tightly while I seat on the couch with Lawrence in the movie room. What got this girl yelling so much.

"what going on ?" I ask confused.

"We are having a bonfire tonight! " she yelled loudly releasing me from her tight grip.

I flinch from her voice, this girl is really planning on making go deaf" yeah I know, Anderson told me this pack always has one" I say looking at her like she is becoming senseless.

"This one is different, we get to do our own thing," she says slowly making it seem like she was talking to 5 years old.

"and that is ?" I say with raised eyebrows. She never stops to amuse me.

"you don't seem to get it, every time we always do boring things like asking Lawrence question on park stuff, or dancing to a slow boring song," she says with a dramatic sigh.

" but this time we get to do whatever we want like we get to choose our own music, get to talk to anyone and get to known each other, " she says smiling widely.

" Anderson, your mate is a weirdo," I said glancing up at Anderson who was talking to Jack.

" tell me about it. What I go through because of love," he says messaging his forehead.

"very funny Anderson, " she says glaring at him.

Anderson gulp down looking at Lillian pleading "I was only joking babe, " he says pulling her closer to him.

" can you stop your PDA now" Levi yell throwing a pillow at them.

" shut up Levi," Lillian says glaring playfully at him.

I watch silently before feeling a tap on my shoulder " come with me," Lawrence says pulling me up with him.

" where are we going to now," I say whining tiredly.

I really need to sleep because I feel so stressed out.

" to my room, because you look so pale and tired, " he says casually like it was so obvious.

" You can't get your hands off her just for a few minutes, " Jack says with a wink.

" keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, Jack, " he says slapping him upside down while Jack groans from the pain.

We walked to his room, actually, he carried me because I refuse to go with him saying I preferred sleeping in my own room.

Immediately I was put on the bed my eyes closed lazily welcoming sleep, sleeping immediately without any thoughts is becoming my natural thing.


" Kate, come here," Lawrence says with a smile.

I walked towards him, I could only see his face because we were covered in darkness.

" you look beautiful, " he says holding my hands in his before placing a sweet kiss on my lips.

" thank you," I say grinning widely getting a compliment from him was a first.

" I want you to see something, " he says pulling me by my hands.

" here see, " he says point towards a direction but all I could see was fire everywhere making me confused.

I looked at him confused " what this ?" I ask point at the fire as it increases getting closer to us.

He ignores me pushing me into the direction of the fire, I screamed as the heat burnt my skin.

I walked up breathing heavily, I looked around the room not seeing Lawrence anywhere in the room.

I run my hand over my face feeling scared and disoriented before making way into the bathroom to wet my face before leaving the room in search of Lawrence.

I walked to his office seeing he was not in his office also" where has he gone to?" I ask nobody in particular.

I decided to see Ma instead, walking into her room to find her talking with elder Mathias.

Her room is beautifully painted with grey and decorated with wooden furniture.

" Kate dear what are you doing here? " Ma asks staring at me warily.

" see you at the bonfire" Elder Mathias says leaving the room after patting me on the back.

" Ma I am having nightmares again," I say taking a sit on her bed.

" it okay dear" she holds my hand tightly giving me assurance that everything is alright.

" is something going on between you and elder Mathias ?" I ask suspiciously trying to brighten the mood.

She glances at me then back to her hands, she always does this when she is nervous.

" Nothing, he just needs my help on something, " she says putting strands of hair behind her ear.

"Ma, do you like him?" I ask with a smirk.

She looks at me in surprise before smiling " are you trying to set us on a surprise date ?" she asks suspiciously with a smirk.

"yeah I see he is great for you," I say sincerely.

She stares at me for few minutes contemplating my words before clearing her throat and looking someone else but me "okay, let go for the bonfire " I say getting up to leave trying to remove the awkward situation.

We decided to go outside to where the bonfire is built.

The place is well arranged to perfection and better than alpha Janes bonfire arrangement.

A beautiful model bonfire was build in the middle of the gathering.

I sat on the stones chairs placed around the fire enjoying the scent of cinnamon and pine tree coming from the fire.

" Take this " I glance up to see Lawrence giving me a plate of something like dough filled with chopped beef, pork, and a glass of orange juice.

" What is this ?" I ask pointing at the plate on his hand.

" Tamale, a Mexican dish you will love the taste of it," he says taking a sit before cutting a piece of the food urging me to take a bite.

I took a bite feeling the sweet taste of corn " it so delicious" I say taking the plate from him.

"hey take it easy, " he says in amusement.

"Why don't we play a game" he suggests suddenly.

" a game ?" I ask with a raised eyebrow before sipping from the glass of orange juice.

" We both ask each other questions, " he says smugly.

"Okay, you go first," I say, this not a bad idea I am curious to know more about the cold-hearted alpha king.

" what do you usually love doing ?" he asks.

" um, reading " I reply casually.

he chuckled " reading? reading about what ?" he asks with a smirk.

" it's my turn now, are the rumors about you true," I ask curiously going directly to the question on my mind since the first day I met him.

" depending on what you are talking about," he says with a blank face.

"The rumors of you killing and the destruction of other packs, " I say cautiously.

"going straight to the point are we" he laughs amused" yes they are all true but I do all this for a reason"

"Katie what are you doing here let have some fun" Becca yelled coming towards me putting an end to our little game.

"Katie seriously ?" I ask with amusement pushing the unwanted memories away.

" that what I am calling you from now on, " she says smugly.

" Are you drunk ?" I ask suspiciously looking at her warily.

" come let go" she laughs ignoring my question, I gave my empty plate and glass saying a little thank you to Lawrence before Becca pulled me away.

She took me to where Lillian, Anderson, and Ethan were laughing with some other pack members.

" where were you Kate?" she asks angrily.

" The last time I remembered it was none of your business where I went," I say harshly.

What was her stress getting angry for no reason, this was one of the reasons I don't keep friend they act as if they own you.

"I was looking for you, and you don't get to talk to me like that," she says growling.

" I was with Lawrence over there," I say pointing towards my previous sit close to the fire " please don't keep a watch on me if you don't want to get on my nerves, " I said warningly.

" you behaving bitchy," she says glaring at me.

" look the full moon is out," Becca says breaking the tension between us.

I felt a burning sensation on my skin as the full moon rises.

" I am going inside," I say gaining their attention.

"why? but the full moon just came out," Becca says with a frown.

" I can't stand under the full moon it makes me hot," I say casually.

I bid them goodbye before going into the mansion.

Lawrence POV:

I walked towards Lillian and Anderson has the full moon comes into view " where is Kate?" I ask Lillian warily seeing she was angry with someone or something.

" she inside, saying the moon makes her feel hot or something, " She says focusing her attention on the rising moon.

" Anderson let everyone run in groups and keep a watchful eye against any danger, " I say leaving without waiting for his reply.

I searched for her in her room but she wasn't there, lastly, I checked my room seeing her crawled up on my bed.

I rushed to her side" are you in pain ?" I asked feeling the hotness of her body.

She nods her head saying nothing, I ran into the bathroom wetting a piece of cloth in cold water before placing it on her forehead then giving her a glass of water to drink.

She gulps the water before giving the glass back to me.

I placed her properly on the bed covering her with blankets before kissing her forehead as she sleeps.

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