Letting Go

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Chapter 27

I am currently in the living room going through pictures of Lawrence, Lillian, and Levi with Elisa, "look at this one," Elisa says showing me a picture of Lawrence when he was just a pup.

After training this morning with Ma, Elisa dragged me into her room saying "I want to spend some time with my son's mate " then she brought these boxes filled with pictures.

I looked at the picture of Lawrence has a baby I couldn't help but smile looking at the cute smile on his face showing his dimples.

"Can I keep this ?" I ask pleading.

"yes, dear," she says going through the pictures on the shelf.

"you know Lawrence was so gentle, and shy when he was a little pup" I could only imagine Lawrence running around cheerfully.

"really ?" I ask looking through Lawrence pictures, one of the pictures caught my eyes.

It a picture of him when he was little pup not more than 4 years old grinning widely with chocolate frosting on his mouth and clothes.

"yes, he was easy going, a happy little pup," she says with a dreaming look "but you know some things could change someone easily, " she says with regret in her eyes.

"what are you trying to say ?" I ask confused.

What does she mean by what she just said" nothing dear, why don't will do this again ?" she asks with a smile while putting the pictures back into their boxes.

"Yeah, I had fun looking through these pictures, " I say smugly.

She stands up before looking down at me " could you take this back to my room ?" she asks handling the boxes to me.

"yeah sure" I took the boxes from her.

I walked out of the room. I sauntered slowly towards her room before I was pulled back into a hard chest.

I felt sparks fly everywhere making me tense, what does he want now O moon goddess.

I twirled around to see him with his signature smirk plastered on his perfect face, he brushed strands of hair behind my ear before leaning closer to my ear "do you need help with this boxes ? " he asks softly his breath fanning my face making me shiver in delight.

"n-no it's okay, it not even heavy, " I say walking backward to create space between us.

He took the boxes from me without any word before walking away leaving me in my state of shock.

I am really losing my cool, anytime he gets too close it becomes hard for me to even speak correctly, I can't even form a complete sentence.

I walked into Elisa's room to find him staring at a picture intensely like he was studying it with a frown.

" what's that? " I asked walking towards him. He glances up at me before looking back at the picture.

The picture looks old with a man and a woman holding hands, I tried looking closely but it wasn't clear since it must be over a year or so.

"Those people who are they ?" I ask staring at him for answers.

He glanced up at me before placing the picture into a box. "they are family friends "he says wistfully.

I felt they were more than just family friends, maybe I could ask Elisa later.

I tried studying his face but he was giving a blank expression before I could ask more questions he left the room leaving me confused.

I trudged slowly behind him trying to gain his attention but he kept ignoring me, what an asshole.

We walked into his office, while he kept talking on his phone I kept my glaring face on to piss him off more.

"you certainly are at the top of the ball curve! " I say smugly glaring at him as he ends his call.

"do me a favor keep quiet while I do my work," he says without sparing me a glance.

" don't be such a pencil sharpener, " I say harshly " look here, I had a really boring day after Lillian left me with your mother, but I am not complaining it was fun and I am not planning on spending the rest of my day here looking at you work" I yelled frustrated.

You can't really blame me, he is really getting on my nerves with him ignoring me and all, what got him so stressed out.

"Are you done ranting ?" he asked with a raised eyebrow staring at me with amusement.

Amusement ?, does he find this amusing, I just feel like slapping him so badly "you think am ranting, wait until I really get into action" I say angrily.

"Okay, what will you like to do ? " he asks calmly.

"what will I like to do ?, let see," I say placing my index finger on my chin thinking, "why don't we watch a movie ?".

"That sounds good, " he says with a nod.

After waiting for a few as he arranges a few files we make out way into the movie room "what would you like to watch ?" he asked looking through the movies.

"a comedy-drama will do," I say sitting on the couch.

Lawrence sat beside me after putting a movie title unknown to me.

We seat in silence not really focused on the movie play before I suddenly blurt out the first thing on my mind, "what are we ?" I ask the question on my mind because I don't know if he accepted me yet or are we just friends with # tag mate.

"what?" he asks confused.

"What are we Lawrence?, am I your mate or just a friend, " I ask staring at him, I really wish he accepts me as a mate and not just a friend.

"you are both to me, my mate, friend and my other half," he says sincerely.

I looked into his eyes, my heart was beating so fast I felt it will come out, he accepted me.

" why wouldn't he accepts us when we are so cool," Tiara says jumping happily.

" you back," I say grinning widely in my head.

"yes, bitch miss me?"

" sure did" I replied with a smile.

I stared into his eyes I couldn't help but look at his lips and imagine kissing those pink lips, how it will feel place on mine.

I subconsciously leaned into his touch as he stroked my cheek with one hand the other brushed a strand of hair from my face.

His lips touch mine sending a wave of electricity in me and sparks flying everywhere.

He kissed me gently like my lips were delicate, he sucked, nipped and nibbled slowly on my lips making my eyes close welcoming the sparks.

I moaned into the kiss, he tilted his head to the side slipping his tongue into my mouth, we fight for dominance which he won.

We slowly pulled away needing air, I was breathing heavily from the kiss.

That was wonderful, he just took my first kiss. I blush from that thought focusing my gaze on my hands.

I looked up but he was no longer in the room, I felt disappointed for him leaving like that without a word.


I spent the rest of my day in my room thinking about the kiss we shared, it was more than I imagined, his lips felt soft on mine sending waves of lust in me.

"I can't just sit here " I murmured to myself.

I walked into his office but he wasn't there, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and Tiara getting restless " what is going wrong Tiara ?" I ask disturbed for her weird behavior.

" I don't know, I feel something is happening to mate," she says calmly.

I made my way into his room without knocking. I was shocked and felt betrayed by what I saw in front of me, knocking away my source of air.

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