Letting Go

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Chapter 28

I was shocked, my heart thundered in my chest to see the one who called me his everything, who stole my first kiss, kissing someone else, Britta my worst enemy.

I shouldn't be hurt this way because it was meant to happen all along, it was too good to be true, I was being stupid to try putting my walls down.

He looked up noticing my presence, his face was blank of all emotions while Britta had a satisfied smirk on her face.

I should walk away from this, but my body was stiff, confuse and bewilder.

" if you don't mind could you close the door when leaving, because we are actually busy here" she snickered.

I walked out with my remaining pride. I trudged slowly towards my room feeling my heartbreak with every step I take away from my mate.

"Why did you leave the room just like that?" Tiara yells angrily at me.

"what were you expecting me to do ?" I ask laying down on my bed tiredly.

"you can't just let that whore take what ours" she growled.

I snorted at are words" he not ours, he made that clear by kissing her"

Before I could understand what was happening Tiara pulled me into the back of my mind" Tiara you can't do this, let me have control " I yell trying to get control of my body.

"Ma I need your help, Taira is about to do something stupid " I mind link getting frustrated by Taira, I have never had difficulty in getting control back, but right now I am losing my strength the more I try the more she gets stronger.

Ma came rushing into my room looking worried "Kate are you ar---" she stops looking at me in shock, eyes wide and mouth open.

I know the reason she like that, It not a good site seeing my eyes blood red with long fangs, long claws with a white hairy body.

"what going on Kate ?" she asks warily carefully walking towards me earning growl a from Tiara.

"Tiara is tr-trying to g-gain con-control? " I say my voice coming out raspy.

"what going on ?" she asks with confusion clear in her eyes.

"can you ask this question later " I yelled frustrated with what happening.

"Okay, I will lock the door while you try to hold her in," she says leaving the room in light of speed.

I heard the click of the door to signal it lock.

I sigh tiredly forcing my leg into the bathroom " I need a cold bath" I mumbled.

I strip out of my clothes and get into cold water.


I waked up in the bathtub feeling the water warm on my skin.

I let the water drain before walking out of the bathroom with a tower warped around myself stopping in front of a full-length mirror of the closet.

"Kate you can't let him get to you" I muttered to myself looking at myself closely in the mirror" you are a very strong woman, so, hold it in there"

"stop giving yourself prep talk and do something to show him he missed out" Tiara suggest.

"what do you mean by that," I ask confused.

"let dress up sexy to make him feel jealous," she says proudly.

"yeah let do this, but come to think of it I never knew you were this smart," I say taunting her.

"say what you want" she scoffs.

I check my closet to find something sexy that says I am not a bitch but I can be one.

I pick out ( I am not good in the description) and I leave my hair straight falling down my back.

I left my room satisfied with my look, I walked into the living room to find Thomas, Elisa, Lillian giving a disgusted look to Britta who is clinging to Lawrence laughing loudly.

"I just feel like killing this slut so badly," Tiara says with hatred in her voice.

I coughed loudly to gain their attention "Lillian can we go shopping? " I ask calmly as possible.

Lillian looked at me with wide eyes while Lawrence bole hole into my back which I choose to ignore "you what to go shopping?" she asks in shock.

I can't blame her, remembering the first time she asks me out for shopping, I told her I don't do such things but many things change during the past few months.

"yes just need some clothes " I reply smugly.

"okay let go," she says standing up from the couch.

We walked out of the mansion going towards her car "how are you doing Kate?" Jason asks running towards me.

His eyes got darker looking me over, I felt self-conscious with the way he looked at me " okay?" I reply sounding awkward.

"You stood me up on our date, " He says with a frown.

Oh, I forgot about my date with him" sorry it slipped my mind, I am so sorry " I replied guiltily.

"no problem, do you have anything doing tonight ?" he asked.

"no, I guess," I say unsure.

"will you mind going on a date with me tonight? " he asked looking nervous.

"yes, I will love to go on a date with you" I know, I sound like a girl who just got asked out on a date by her crush but my expression is nothing like that.

"I will pick you up at 8:00" he grins widely before leaving.

"wow, going on a date" Lillian shrill.

I forgot she was even standing here, I roll my eyes at her " It just a friendly date "

"Nonsense, you have to look good but we have to tell this to Becca, " she says triumphantly.

We got into the car going to Becca's place, we reached in 30 mins since her place isn't far from the mansion.

We didn't bother knocking since the door was open we made our way inside to see Becca watching a TV show making before making ourselves self-comfortable "Becca guess what " Lillian says with a smirk plastered on her face while Becca raises her eyebrow in question" Kate has just been asked on a date".

"seriously, Lawrence ask you on a date" she blurted out, Lillian gave her a look" no silly she was asked by a guy named Jason"

"but she has a mate," she says confused.

"yes she has, but her mate is a jerk, " she says wistfully.

Are they trying to ignore me" am right here girls"

"Okay, we are going shopping for a sexy dress to spike him" Lillian announce.

"let me get dressed," Becca says going up the stairs.

She came back wearing black pants and a red shirt with her hair put into a ponytail.

The drive to the mall was the longest drive of my life with Lillian and Becca chatting on what I should do and shouldn't.

Immediately we entered the mall they dragged me into the spa saying " your skin should be sparking " for crying out loud it just a friendly date and not my marriage ceremony.

After that, we entered a boutique and into the dressing section trying different dresses with them give me a look of disapproval anytime I try on a dress.

We finally decided on a black dress and black heels, they even got me new set makeup.

We reached the mansion at 5:00 " my legs are killing me" I grumbled falling on my bed tiredly.

"I will do your makeup while Becca will fix your hair" Lillian announces.

Three hours of pulling of hair, applying of different things on my face that I lost count of and putting on this killer heels.

I stand in front of a few length mirrors, the tips of my hair was curled and put in a messy bun and makeup is smoky eyes and pitch Colour lipstick, black dress showing my curves with V neck paired with black heels.

I am looking different and it a good different "you look beautiful " Lillian says grinning widely with pride.

"We got it girl " Tiara yell happily.

"Are you okay with this date?" I ask feeling uneasy.

"yes, but don't do something we both will regret, " she says grinning mischievously.

"let go now don't keep your date waiting, " Becca says with a smile.

I entered the living room to find Jason waiting patiently, he is wearing a blue suit with blue pants his hair is swept backward-looking neat.

His eyes turned darker with lust, he gives me his hand to help me down the stairs " you look gorgeous " he whispers into my ear.

"you don't look bad yourself "

"what going on here " I twirled around to see Lawrence shooting daggers at Jason.

"your highness, " Jason says showing submission.

"as you can see we are going on a date" I dragged Jason out of the room not waiting for his reply.

"you alright?" he asks looking worried.

"yes I am perfectly fine" I shrug.

"come this way," he says directing me towards a car.

"wow, you don't need to impress me you know that right, " I say looking at the beautiful black jaguar C-x75, I don't know much about cars but this car was Wow.

"get in," he says opening the door for me before entering into the driver's seat.

The inside is even better, the drive was not awkward but Jason seems he not really much of a talker.

He drove us to an expensive-looking restaurant, thank the moon goddess I was dressed for this.

We were directed to our seat " would you like anything ? " a lady in her twenties, blonde hair put in a bun, sea-blue eyes says with a welcoming smile.

I looked up to Jason giving him a sign to give our orders.

He gave the lady our orders" so tell me a little about yourself" he says sipping a little water from his glass.

"Nothing much, you know my name I live with the Royals, " I say smugly.

"come on nothing else," he says with a smile.

"no, what about you, a mate ?" I ask curiously.

"no, if I had a mate I won't be here with you" that true but unfortunately I have a mate but I am here with him.

Soon our orders came, we talked more I came to know he lives with his parents two siblings, loves singing for a fighter like him weird.

I had fun he took me to his favorite place it was beautiful and he even sang a song for me, he is a great guy but I can't seem to stop thinking about Lawrence no matter how hard I try.

"wake-up Kate " I felt Jason trying to wake me up, I opened my eyes but shut it back as the sun was bright in the sky, we must have falling asleep talking.

I got up before picking my heels from the ground" what is the time? "

"8:00 am" he replied.

"what ?" I was really shocked " I had so much fun with you, could you please drive me back to the mansion now "

He nodded, we walked back to where his car was parked.

He opened the door for me like a gentleman before going over to the driver seat "can we do this another time? " he asks pulling out of the park.

"seriously I had fun with you but we can't do this some other time " I replied sincerely, I can't keep his hope up when I know it will only hurt him.

"is it because we are not mated? " he asks with hurt and confusion in his eyes.

"it's not that, you are a great guy and any woman will be lucky to be your mate but I am not ready for this," I say looking into his eyes.

"I understand " he replied looking back at the road.

The rest of the drive was full of tension between us "okay thanks once again" I say as he pulls in front of the mansion before I could get out of his car he pulled me back kissing me forcefully.

I push him away " what was that? " I ask out of breath.

"I am so sorry, " he says pleading.

I ignored him before walking into the mansion" everyone looks the whore is back " I twirled around to see everyone staring at me with something in there eyes unknown to me ( Thomas, Elisa, Alex, Lillian, Levi, elder Mathias, Anderson, Jack, Lawrence, and Britta).

"How was your date, I hope you enjoy your first time" Britta continue with a smirk.

"The last time I remembered I don't owe you any explanation, and if you forget the slut here is you," I say harshly.

She took slow steps towards me" you have to show me respect you whore" she yelled slapping me so hard.

I was pushed to the back of my mind as Tiara took control before I could blink.

This not good.

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