Letting Go

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Chapter 29


I took control pulling Kate back, this slut slapped me, I twirled my head to the side before looking back at her straight in the eyes.

I snickered loudly " I let you walk over me, Kate keeps letting you do whatever you like but you cross all lines and it now its time for your punishment "

"you should learn how to talk to your future queen," she says proudly.

"Why don't will all see who is best here ?" I ask calmly even if I felt like ending her worthless life "you set up a fight with Kate right but it was postponed until Kate gets better "

"Since Kate is better and I am here now why don't we end what you started, " I say mischievously," what do you think Lawrence ?" I ask not actually asking for his permission.

I walked towards him in a slow predatorial pace, "Tiara stop this now" Ma orders sternly.

"why Ma I am just having some fun, " I say with a pout.

"Kate --" I cut him off before he could say anything "Tiara" I correct.

"what going on here? and who is this Tiara" Lillian says suddenly.

"that should be me, I am Tiara Kate wolf " I grinning widely "okay enough of this chitchat, " I say taking Predator steps to my prey dragging her forceful outside the mansion, I push her roughly into the field.

"let play a game" I suggest with a smirk "since you are a lycan and I am a werewolf you get a head start and you can use any weapons or even shift"

I put my hair into a ponytail, I rip the back of my dressmaking it the same length as the front.

"Okay let start " I heard bone-breaking signaling her shift, a black small size lycan jump on me, I grip it by the neck throwing it backward.

She tried attacking with her claws but I was able to block her attack, she tried again, this time I hold her by the hand breaking the bones, she screamed in pain.

She kept attacking which I blocked with ease Breaking more bones as we gained more audience, everyone watching in both amusement and fear" you broke the wrong parts of me, you broke my wings and forget I had claws" I say coldly flashing my fangs and claws while throwing her across the flood making her whine.

"Tiara listen, to me you have to stop this " Ma shouts trying to get my attention.

I ignored her walking towards Britta who is bleeding badly and whining in pain" don't worry about breaking me or making me sad because you can't break something that already broken and sadden someone who is already sad " I pick her up swirling her hand backward then the other grip her neck tightly with my claws digging into her flesh.

"shift now" I growled loudly making everyone kneel with their heads down in submission from the power of my voice expect Lawrence of course.

She shifts back "breath your last, " I say with a smirk.

"Taira you can't let your pain make you do this, let her go please" Ma pleads once again before I could snap her neck.

I lock my eyes with ma as pleads for me to let Britta go, what am I doing, guilt warm my heart almost knocking me off my feet.

Guilt and pain push through my heart making me whimper in pain.

"I so sorry, " I say giving Kate control back.

Kate POV:

Tiara gave me control back "sorry, "she says sadly blocking me out.

I looked up to see my claws digging into Britta's neck feeling disgusted I let her go, I look around to see some scared, while others shocked and some both emotions of their faces "someone take her to the pack doctor " I say to nobody in particular but two guys came carrying her away.

And all of a sudden I felt really tired like the world has drained me of everything that I had.

"Kate are you okay? " Ma ask rushing towards me

I ignored her walking towards the mansion feeling my demons clawing at my heart hungry tasting for any murderous emotion.

Lawrence POV:

I was really surprised to see Kate do only what I know I could do.

She walked into the mansion looking embarrassed and weak, her eyes filled with regret and an emotion unknown to me.

"Lawrence I need to speak with you, " Alex says warily.

I watch Kate I worry as she walks out of my view before focusing my attention on Alex, "okay" I lead her into my office after dismissing everyone and reassuring everything was okay.

"what do you want to speak to me about? " I ask with a raised eyebrow.

She remained silent for a few minutes before speaking "Kate is a lycan" she blurted out.

"What?, but you said she hasn't shifted yet," I ask confused.

"she sifted at 13 years and kept it a secret for fear of discrimination, but she doesn't know she a lycan yet," She says looking everywhere but me.

"why keep it from her and also lie to me and everyone?" I ask because I find no reasoning hiding it from her, I was just 13 when I shifted also.

" it for her own good and I kept it from you because it her story to tell not mine" she explains" she needs your help"

"my help ?" this woman is so confusing, what I really need now is to see and speak with Kate about everything happening with her, me and this bond.

I don't know what made me do such things, it hurts me to see her in pain but I can't seem to know how to stop it.

"She got such a good heart, she really does, it's just been broken a lot", she says sadness consuming her features.

"she very broken that she can feel it, I mean physically feel it, she not sad anymore, she is numb," she says sternly.

I watch are silent as she speaks," she keeps everything locked down making her drown in them, she is losing herself in the pain she feels and does not see this joy anymore"

"she was meant to save and not to be saved, the only one that could bring her back is you, are another half," she says pleading.

"How can I do that?" I say frustrated " I am so confused, I don't understand what going on, "

"You just have to listen to her, by getting her to tell you are past, by getting her to lead you to her demons, fears, and nightmares"

"if you can't do this we are all doomed," she says sadly before leaving me to my thoughts.

" We can't let this happen, " Travis says worried pacing in the back of my head.

"this all my fault, kissing Britta just because I needed to clear my mind " I sigh frustrated with myself.

After Travis took control and kiss Kate, I was angry and needed to get my mind from thinking about the kiss.

And Britta was a good distraction, even though I felt digested kissing her.

When I saw that asshole all over her it made me angry, I had to control myself from ending his life there and then, and he had the nerves to kiss her, I will make that excuse of a werewolf pay for touching what mine.

I need to fix my mistakes, I can't afford to lose Kate not now not ever because she mines.

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