Letting Go

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Chapter 31

I sigh loudly, I have been in my room since this morning and I am feeling very hungry, my pride won't let be leave this room.

I just don't know what they will all think of me now, are they going be scared or worst throw me out.

"take a deep breath " Tiara suggests rolling her eyes.

I took a deep breath claiming my nerves "wait, where have you been"

"just resting my paws, you know after that incident I just needed to rest," she says smugly.

Before replying someone walks in "what do you want?" I ask with a fixed glare on Lawrence.

"it seems you are too embarrassed to leave your room," he says walking towards me with toast bread and glass of milk "so I took it upon myself to bring you breakfast " he grinned triumphantly putting the food on the nightstand.

"I am not hungry so take it away" but my stomach had other plans by grumbling loudly.

He just chuckles pulling me to sit on the bed before giving the plate to me.

"will you eat or just keep glaring at the food," he asked with raised eyebrows.

"I told you I am not hungry, " I say smugly.

"you look pale and slim do you know I don't like skinny girls, " he says smirking.

"Britta is skinny but you dated her and I don't care about what you like," I say nonchalantly.

"just eat your food or I will make you eat it," he says warningly, and I very well know he will do as he says and also I am too hungry to give any sassy comment.

I eat the food in silence with him making sure I eat every single bite, I gave him back the plate and glass, he left my room but came back one minute later.

"get dressed I am taking you out"

"you don't give me orders, I am going nowhere with you," I say working into the bathroom.

I did my daily routine, knowing he is still in the room I get ready in the bathroom.

I brush through the tangles of my hair, putting my hair into a ponytail before wearing my undies and a cello high wasted boyfriend jeans and oversized boyfriend shirt.

I walked out to find him lying on my bed comfortably "leave now I need to sleep "

"you look cute, so are you ready let go," he says with arched eyebrows.

I scowl at him" you don't seem to get that I am going nowhere with you " I say sighing.

I walked towards the bed trying to pull him off the bed but he just raised his hand pulling my hair out of the ponytail making my hair fell freely on my shoulders "what was that for"

"I don't like you packing your hair that way," he says like a little pup deprived of his favorite sweet.

"This not the first time you have seen my hair in a ponytail, " I say confused what up with this guy.

"then we were not together and now we are," he says in a duh tone.

"who said we are together? " I ask stupidly when the answer is obvious.

"you just behaving stubborn let go now," he says standing up from the bed.

"okay let go and to where exactly? " we left the room towards his car and to my luck no one saw me leave the house.

"where are you taking?" I ask getting frustrated with him ignoring my questions "I hope this is not another way of you getting back at me ?".

"get down " what going on in this head of his "what! "

"We are here get down," he says leaving the car, what a jerk.

He came towards me and intertwined our hand together pulling me towards a gate, he types some code, immediately the gate opened my mouth literally fell on the floor the view was wow, a waterfall surrounded by trees and grasses with birds on each tress, this site is amazing.

"wow this is wonderful, O moon goddess I can't believe this" how did he ever find this place.

"come sit here" he pulled me down on a pile of leaves "I always come here to cool myself, take a run or think," he said looking ahead.

"What is the reason for bringing me here," I ask still in amazement of this place, I always like being surrounded by trees it gives me the sense of living.

"I don't know, maybe to show you something I love doing, " he says with a blank face.

"okay" we fall into peaceful silence with only the sounds of birds and leaves blowing through the wind.

"I once had a dream in life," I say breaking the silence between us, he glanced up at me before throwing stones in the air "my dream was to be like my mum, Ma once told me how she took care of the pack, fighting for the weak and those in need, she was a good Luna that everyone we remember," I say staring at nothing in particular.

"what made you give up on that dream ?" he asked.

"My mum was never a murderer, she never killed anyone but yet I killed her," I say wiping a lonely tear away " no matter how I dream I can never be like her, she had a pure heart while my heart is dark as my dreams, so what was the use keeping dreams "

"you need to let go of your pain to feel what happiness is" he took my hands holding it tightly looking me in the eyes " holding it down here can be suffocating," he says pointing towards my chest.

I felt hope with his words, can I be saved from my demons?.

I was surprised when he picked me up carrying me over his shoulder "put me down, what are you doing ..." before I could continue he put me into the cold water "you will so pay for this" I yell pulling him into the water with me.

I laugh trying to run away from him "I will get you" he says running after me in the water.

He grips me by the waist before twirling me in the air, I laugh loudly, I never had this much fun, I can't remember the last time I laugh genuinely, this man keeps making me break my promises first making me cry now making me laugh.

He puts me down standing on my feet " can you do something for me?" he asks staring into my eyes intensely.

"what ?" I ask meeting his gaze cautiously.

" just keep laughing and smiling this way even, if it's only for my eyes because seeing you smile like this makes my day," he says grinning happily.

"I can't keep that promise, " I say sincerely.

"I will always be the reason you laugh" he keeps making promises he will never fulfill because I know how it always ends.

"I can see it in your eyes," he says

"See what?"

"you don't believe me but I never break my promises"

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