Letting Go

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Chapter 32

We drove back to the house in comfortable silence, Lawrence keeps glancing my way from time to time.

Immediately I opened the door I was pulled into a tight hug by Lillian and Becca.

They release me from the hug, really they ain't mad at me " you girls are not mad ?" I ask voicing out my thoughts.

"no, how can we be mad when you helped in getting rid of her," Lillian says grinning happily.

"what do you mean getting rid of her? " I ask walking towards the kitchen to dish myself something to fill my empty stomach, don't blame me I can't get over food.

"Britta left this morning because you bruised her ego badly," Becca says taking a sit on the stool while Lillian follows her action.

I should be happy right, she finally left me in peace but I am feeling kinda bad...... Nah I am so happy, I did a little happy dance in my head.

I dish myself some scrambled eggs and rice taking a sit opposite Lillian.

"so where did Lawrence take you to?" Lillian says wriggling her eyelashes seductively.

"nowhere in particular, just somewhere he loves" it's actually not a complete lie, I didn't get to ask him the name of the place.

"you guys are a thing now? " Becca ask, she took a spoonful of my food, I scowl at her as she tried to take another spoonful.

"of course they are, it obvious, they mate even though she tries to ignore the fact that they are meant to be together," Lillian says sounding frustrated with me and Lawrence love life.

"We are just trying to get along since we can't run away from the 'mate pull' " I say putting more emphasis on the word mate pull.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night, " they both say smugly.

"are you girls trying to taunt me ?" I say playfully glaring at them.

They both laugh loudly as a reply.

" Is everything okay between you and Anderson?" Bacca asks suddenly making Lillian tense up.

"yes kind of, he just being stubborn, "she says with a frown looking everywhere but us.

"What happened between you and Anderson? " I ask not knowing what going on since I was too locked up in my own little world.

"he is angry because I want out with Edward, " she says looking sad and about to cry.

"who Edward? " I ask looking lost.

"he is a guy I met in a club when I and Becca went clubbing last week, " she says fiddling with her nails " I want out with him yesterday and we shared a friendly hug"

"so he smelt him on you and now he thinks you cheated on him," I say understanding where she is going with her story "just do something to gain his trust back, like getting this guy to tell Andersen the truth on what happened " I suggested.

"Why don't you try, it will surely work," Becca says in agreement to my words.

"you have his number right? " I ask taking my empty plate to the dishwasher.

"Yeah, I will call him right away and solve this once and for all because I really miss him," Lillian says rushing out the room, I gave her a thumbs up.

After she left me and Becca stayed in comfortable silence before deciding to watch a movie with her choosing a comedy and me a horror movie, we argued for few minutes before deciding on a romantic movie instead.

It was the most boring movie of my life, I was holding my anger in because I felt like putting off the TV but Becca seems to be enjoying it since she kept laughing and behaving like a lovesick puppy.

"Okay enough of this, " I say putting off the TV.

"what was that for ?" she asks with raised eyebrows.

Before I could reply Levi entered grinning widely sitting on the couch with Becca "what got you in a good mood ?" she asks giving him a look.

"Nothing, " he says laughing lightly.

"now I am curious, come on tells us" she urges.

I took a sit on the armchair staring at him in amusement "it for me to know and for you to found out" he says smirking.

"He just asks his crush out on a date," Anderson says walking towards us with his hands wrapped protectively on Lillian's waist, I guess they are over their argument.

Becca smiles at Lillian " shut up Anderson " Levi retorted.

"what is it then?" I ask feeling uneasy like this surprise is not something I would like.

"as I said it for me to know and for you to found out, " he says leaving the room.

I felt disturbed something is about to happen, something that is really disturbing, I push that feeling back, it must be something not even worth this headache.

"so you finally figured out she was telling the truth after all ?" I ask in amusement.

"I can never get mad at her for a long time," he says placing a kiss on her forehead with so much adoration.

"where is Lawrence and Jack by the way?" I haven't seen Lawrence since we got home.

"Lawrence doing some pack work with elder Mathias and Thomas while Jack is training the warriors, " he says nonchalantly.

I nod my head has a reply, I wonder where Ma went she is pretty busy these days.

"Okay I should be leaving now," Becca says getting up from the couch "let go then, I will see you off," Lillian says tagging me along.

We walk in silence for a few minutes feeling the wind blow around us "when will you be leaving to see Ethan parents" I ask curiously breaking the silence between us.

"maybe next week, we were supposed to go this week but since he is busy we postponed it," she says.

"you know I am actually nervous, " she says truthfully.

"Obviously you are going to see someone you know nothing about ..." I say before Lillian cut me off.

"is that supposed to help her," Lillian asks not impressed.

"you didn't let me finish, I was trying to say it normal for her to be nervous because immediately they set their eyes on her it will be love at first sight, " I say smugly.

Lillian gave me a look of are you serious right now "what she is saying is just be yourself and then they will come to love you"

"Thanks, you girls are the best, " she says laughing loudly.

"Okay, we should be going back now," Lillian says waving Becca a goodbye, we walked to the mansion to hear laughter and shouting coming from inside.

What is the occasion "what going on ?" Lillian asks seeing everyone laughing happily and Ma having a look of panic in her eyes, while Lawrence having an irritated look.

"she is here," Levi says running towards the door yelling happily.

A girl with gray eyes and black hair falling freely on her shoulders with sky blue dress reaching just above her knees.

She smiled widely looking like a runway model, she looked towards my direction grinning widely before walking towards me.

"hey bestie what are you doing here ?" she says hugging me tightly.

I know this girl, she the same girl from my past, past I chose to forget all about.

Now my nightmares are no longer only at night but also when I am wide awake.

Britta is out of the story for now😹

How do you feel about her leaving angry 😡, sad 😔 or very happy 🤣?

This new girl does she bring good news or more trouble for Kate and Lawrence.

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