Letting Go

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Chapter 33

I can't believe she is back, I became numb from what going on, what is she doing here of all places, she one of person who made me give up on ever having friends.

I push her away like she an acid burning into my skin, her eyes became cloudy with hurt, but it was gone within a second, she grinned widely "what are you doing here bestie?" she asks once again.

What is she trying to do pretending we are best of friends "the last time I remembered we are not friends so how can you be my bestie " I say smirking since she wants to play this game then let it begin, she will never affect me the way she always did, this kate is different.

" come on Kate, that all in the past now," she says warily.

What nerve-racking this girl is "Grace you seem to forget what I did to you and your family too easily " I say smugly with a smirk playing on my lips " but let me give you a piece of advice...... Don't try anything stupid with me because I will make sure your entire generation is killed, and trust me you won't want to see me angry" I say meaning every word, she flinches from my words.

I am actually not very proud of what I did or anything I did in the past, but If it means putting her in her place I will do it without regrets.

she thinks we are in good terms but we are far from that.

"It seems you guys know each other, but I will still give an introduction, " Levi says breaking our intense argument with a suspicious look my way, I forgot anyone was in this room, I hope they didn't hear the killing side of this argument.

"Kate this is Grace," he says pointing towards Grace before pointing towards me " and Grace this Kate".

Ma came towards me giving me a look that I should come with her, I trail after her towards her room but not after giving Grace a death stare.

I took a seat at the edge of the bad with her " what is she doing here ?" I ask confused and irritated.

"I don't know but you have to be careful of her," she says warily.

I nod before leaving since she needed to take a rest.

I left her room towards Lawrence office, I need answers to these questions bubbling inside my head.

I knocked before hearing a deep voice to come in, I walked in taking a sit in front of his desk but he refuses to acknowledge my presence " I need some answers "

He glances up giving me a questioning look before going back to his laptop "on what? " he asks after a few minutes of silence.

"What is grace doing here ?" I ask hitting my nails on the hardboard of his desk.

"you guys know each other, from where exactly ?" he asked with raised eyebrows starting at me intensely.

" I ask you a question first, " I say glaring at him.

"okay no need to be defensive, " he says laughing lightly "she came here two years ago saying she was thrown out of her pack by her best friend who was jealous of her, we took her in but she decided to move on with her life traveling every now and then " he explains.

what? a jealous best friend, what a stinking liar she is.

"she is a nice girl but we don't get along, I just dislike her for no reason," he says nonchalantly "now answer my question" he demand.

"it a long story," I say looking everywhere but him.

"I have all day" he urges.

"she part of my past, that how much I can tell you,", I say looking at my laps like it was the most beautiful part of me.

He stands up from his chair coming towards me, he swirled my chair around facing him before cupping my face looking into my eyes intensely, he was so close that if I move a little we will end up kissing "you can tell me anything I will be here to listen, you can cry I will be here to wrap your tears away".

He brushed strands of hair from my face before placing a kiss on my forehead "but I won't force you to tell me anything when you ready you can always tell me"

"Thanks, I should be going to my room now it getting late already "

I left his office towards my room my thoughts and memories fleshing in my mind.

Before I could open the door to my room a voice stops me " Kate, can I talk to you ?" Grace asks warily standing in front of me glimmer of tears in her eyes.

"yeah, but be fast about it, " I said as coldly as possible.

"I know you will never forgive me for what I did but please give me a chance to prove I am truly sorry, " she says pleading.

"sorry?, I heard the wonderful story you made up," I say with hatred and amusement towards this backstabbing bitch in front of me " your jealous best friend who threw you out of your pack" I laugh bitterly.

"because the last time I remember you were the jealous best friend who loves money than her own sister " I snap at her feeling anger rising in me.

"I had no choice but to lie, I was desperate for a place to stay, " she says raising her voice.

"so the best thing for you to do is play the victim," I say not believing the nerves of this girl how can she stoop so low, but what can you expect from someone like her.

"When I left the pack things became hard after my parents disowned me, I became a rogue fighting for my life," she says with tears flowing from her eyes "I wanted to come back and ask for your forgiveness but I know you will never forgive me, but when I saw you standing there hope build up in me maybe the moon goddess is giving me one more chance to correct my mistakes just maybe I can get my sister back," she says sobbing so hard.

I felt like holding her and telling her I forgive her that I know how it felt trying to correct your mistakes but it just too late now for that " it too late now, that Kate you once know is gone and buried " I say before shaking my head sadly.

"you killed that Kate the minute you betrayed her so forget you were ever sisters because she never coming back," I say giving her one last look before entering my room closing her out of my life and closing those memories that surface the moment I set my eyes on her today, in the deepest part of mind.

The tears I managed to hold back fell freely from my eyes, I rest my back on the door covering my mouth from making any sound.

I cried in silence, crying for my lost, it was just like the first day I found out of her betrayal, she was just like the rest always laughing and smiling but you will never know there are your enemies.

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