Letting Go

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Chapter 34

"Ouch" I groan getting up from the hard floor, I must have fallen asleep here now my neck hurts including my waist.

I feel anger bubbling inside me, o moon goddess don't let anyone provoke me because I don't know what I will end up doing today.

I trudged slowly towards the bathroom, stripping off my clothes before step into the warm water easing my tense muscles.

"Kate be fast, we are having training today " Ma yelled from outside the bathroom door.

"yes, you can go I will meet you there" I yelled back " I should always try to lock that door" I mumble to myself.

After spending time washing my hair and body I did my daily routine before stepping out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around me.

I change into my training outfits before leaving my room towards the gym where Ma was setting up things for training.

"you are here, okay let begin," she says adjusting the weight lift.


After hours of boxing and begging Ma to let me rest she finally agrees, I left her in the gym towards my room for a warm shower when I was done I change into white jeans and black crop top.

"now to feed you," I say patting my flat stomach.

I entered into the kitchen, I prepare a plate of toast bread and jam.

"she will refuse to help, just forget it " Grace voice says to someone before Lillian enters into the kitten.

"you are just the person I am looking for," Lillian says taking a sit on the stool with Becca and Grace trailing behind her.

"for what exactly?" I ask with raised eyebrows taking a bite from the toast bread and jam.

"Grace here is trying to impress Jack " Becca answers for her grinning mischievously.

"she just found out yesterday that there are both mates and she has always had a crush on Jack so now it a dream come through for her," Lillian said with a wide smile.

"and so what my role in all this? " I ask nonchalantly before taken my empty plate to the dishwasher before facing Lillian's angry face.

"I want us to have a girls time and you can also help Grace In getting ready," she says glaring at me.

"I am not interested, so you can do whatever you like, " I say leaving the room "your lost " Lillian yelled after me.

I walked into the living room to find Tomas and Elisa calculating something or that what it seems like.

"Kate, can you help me with something " she called putting down the note pad in her hands.

"yes?" I say actually ask her.

"go through this for me," she says giving me a huge book looking over 3 years old with a brown dusty cover "check the accuracy when you did bring it back to me okay"

I took the book from her, checking through the unknown numbers, it all about packs distributions.

I sigh getting to work "I can't believe I am stuck with this, I need to calm down before this anger raises more, but this work is meant for the king and not me for crying out loud " I sigh loudly gaining the attention of the pack members in the movie room" sorry, please continue, " I say laughing awkwardly.

"can you stop grumbling this also going to be your work as a Luna and queen " Tiara yelled angrily.

" Finally I am through " I yelled jumping up, two hours of sitting here or is it one hour, who cares what matters is I am finally through with this stupid book.

I find Elisa in the living room still working but Tomas is no way to be found"here, I am trough " I say putting the book on the table in front of her.

"Thanks, dear, you saved me from this work," she says tiredly.

"is this work not met for Lawrence and Anderson to actually do?" I ask taking a sit on the couch with her.

"yes, they left saying he has work in dark shadow pack," she says placing some files on the glass table.

I helped her in arranging the remaining files and books before transferring them to the library in Lawrence office, I never knew they was a library in here am I saying a huge library with different kind of books or you can say books of past legends and books unknown to me, I will surely find the time to go through all these legends.

" Thanks, sweetie, you can take a rest now," she says with a sigh.

I really need to go for a run it has been long before I left Tiara out, I think this is the right time to let some anger out.

I pass through the movie room where Lillian, Becca, and Grace were watching a TV show.

"Kate, let watch a movie, " Becca says calling out to me.

"I don't feel like watching a movie," I say coldly leaving the room but before I could leave Grace yell after me.

"is it because I am here, I can leave if you don't like me being here," she says walking towards.

"can you stop behaving like the victim here," I say harshly feeling my anger rising to the surface.

" Kate can you please give me a chance to prove myself," she says with tears streaming down her eyes. What going on here a pity party or what? " I need you to at least listen to my reasons before judging me the way you do"

Seeing the tears made me lose my cool, I pin her to the wall with my hands on her neck " shut up before I end what I should have ended a long time ago" I growled in her face.

I was pushed with force away from her by Lillian and Becca " what your problem ?" Becca yelled angrily, she walks towards Grace helping her up leaving me stunned by their reactions.

" I know what you problems are, Grace, told us everything about you," she says pointing a finger towards me " that you were once her best friend," she says with so much hurt.

I look at Grace's face to finding hurt and confusion.

"you always fighting those around you, sometimes I am scared you will get angry and kill me, I have tried to be nice and understanding but it not my fault your dad hates you so much" she growled loudly releasing all her anger and frustration on me.

Becca glared at me while Grace try to speak but was cut off by Lillian " you are a murderer who kills when someone provokes her"

I am shocked but I understand all she saying is nothing but the truth " I am sorry " I say my voice barely above a whisper.

"I am a murderer " I whisper to myself, maybe if I hear it coming from me it will make the pain lesser.

"Kate don't listen to what she is saying, she just angry, " Grace says trying to reason with me.

"I understand people always say what they feel about you when angry" I smile weakly at them before leaving the mansion towards the forest.

I shift into my white wolf, I need somewhere to clear my head.

I know the right place to go, I run in full speed feeling the wind blow through my fur and paws until I came to a stop at the gate of Lawrence waterfall.

I put in the pin since I memorized his pin the last time he brought me here.

I sat down on a rock close to the waterfall " Kate don't cry, you are a strong woman, you can hold it all in like the way you always do " I trailed on giving myself prep talk to stop the tears building in my eyes.

I tried doing this for a few hours watching the water flow freely, only if my life was so easy.

"I am always here for you," Lawrence says taking a sit on the rock closer to me.

"you here?, how did you know I was here?" I was so deep in thought I didn't know when he entered.

"forget about that, what going on? " he asks concerned.

One look at him made the tears I try holding back come flow freely from my eyes like the waterfall, this man seems to break down the walls I put around myself.

I got up and give him a tight hug, he seems surprised for a few minutes before hugging me back.

I hug him like my life depends on it, and for real my life depends on him, because the hope that someone is always there to hold you when you fall.

What are you expecting from the next chapter?

I think it time for Kate to open up to Lawrence, what do you think or is it too early for that 🙄.

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