Letting Go

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Chapter 35

I release him from the hug " I heard what went on between you, Grace, Becca and Lillian " he says warily after a few minutes of silence.

I refuse to look at him because I know he surely takes sides with his sister "you know Lillian says those things in anger, she doesn't think of you that way" he says holding my hands.

"I understand " I reply coldly knowing where all this is going.

" I am always here for you, tell me what going on in that mind of yours," he says softly before bringing my face to look at him " I am dying to know what going on, it makes me feel helpless that I can't even help because you won't tell me anything or let me in," he says, his eyes grow wistfully and of pain evident in his voice.

"Kate you need to tell him, it now or never," Taira says tiredly " don't you think its time to let go, to let someone take the wheel "

"Please do this for me," she says before going to the back of my mind.

I free my chin from his hold looking forward " what hurts me more is my expectations " I glance at him before looking back at the water flowing freely " expectations that one day my dad will look at me with love, will care for me that just one day my brother will laugh with me not at me, just for one day my brother will fight for me and not fight me for someone else " I say remembering the first day I found out the alpha was my dad.

Flashback .................. When Kate was just 6 years

"Ma" I yelled running down the stairs towards the kitchen " stop running in the house Kate" Ma yelled from the kitchen.

"Ma come on, I will be late for school, " say trying to climb on the high stool.

Ma pick me up placing me on the stool before kissing my cheek making me giggle "my little girl is now all grown up, okay now eat up" she says trying to feed me my cornflakes.

"Ma you said I am a big girl now, so let me eat alone," I say taking the spoon from her, it was a little difficult eating alone, the cornflakes on the table and floor, she scolds me to eat gently but I survived anyway " I am going bye, " I say jumping from the stool.

"Kate I am taking you to school, so wait let me clean this up," she says stopping me in my track, I turned around and give a scowl.

" Ma, I am taking the bus with Grace today, " I say before running towards my room to get my bag pack.

I came downstairs to find Ma waiting for me by the door with my lunch pack in her hands "Ma you can't take me to school, the alpha son Hunter will make fun of me again" I say pouting.

" no, you are getting late let's go," she says holding my hand taking me out before putting me on the passenger seat of the car.

A few minutes we arrived at my school, a new day of bullying from Hunter and his friends.

She opens the door for me before placing a kiss on my forehead after giving me my bag pack and laugh pack.

"don't get into trouble again " she warns, I just can't help it because I tend to fight back when provoked.

"yes" I laugh before running off to my class.

"look who will have here," someone says pushing me, I just know this must be Hunter, alpha Janes son his mother died 6 years ago at least that what I heard, his father is very wicked and cold, I have only seen him once.

" can you please leave me alone today, " I say glaring at him, he is a senior to me by three years.

"why will I do that when it fun disturbing you, " he says smirking.

"Katie over here " my best friend Grace or more like a sister, we have been friends since one-year-old her parents are very close with Ma.

"if you excuse me," I say walking towards Grace sitting at the far end of the class.

"Gracie," I say grinning widely before taking a sit with her.

" have you check the assignment ?" Grace ask bringing out her books.

The rest of the class went okay if okay means trying to avoid Mia, she is my enemy always clinging to Hunter.

"We are taking the bus, " Grace says snapping me out of my thought.

We walk to the field where the bus normally stops.

"Hey, Kate and what is your name again? " Mia ask with a disgusting look on her face.

" you are not worth knowing my name, so run along" Grace retorted pushing Mia lightly by the shoulder.

She fells on the floor while I and Grace laugh, she growled angrily before dusting the dust on her clothes off.

"that serves you right, " Grace says trying to control her laughter before I could get what going on Grace was on the floor holding her mouth which is bleeding right now.

I punch Mia so hard she falls on the ground holding her bleeding nose " now you go home and cry to your mum and leave us alone " I yell trying to hold in my anger.

I helped Grace to her feet before we could leave the scene I was pulled back by an angry Mia " you talking about a mum do you have one? wait a minute you killed yours, or maybe you can run to your dad the alpha, oh your dad hates you, so what can we do" she says dramatically walking towards me only a inches away from my face she smirks " you are all alone"

She yells the last part before walking away, the tears fell freely " don't let her get to you" Grace says trying to console me.

We make our way into the bus, I was silent throughout the ride looking through the window at moving trees trying to get my mind off what just happened.

Immediately the bus came to a stop I run inside the house towards my Ma room.

"Ma" I yelled trying to wake her up.

She jerked up in shock seeing tears in my eyes, I hug her crying " Ma what Mia said is it true ?" I ask after calming down.

She releases me from the hug before bring me downstairs to the kitchen giving me a chocolate bar to eat " what did Mia say? " she asks warily.

"she said I killed my mum and I am alpha Janes daughter," I say sniffing.

She looked at me intensely contemplating something.

End of flashback ..................

" she told me about my mother and how she died, " I say glaring down.

" I was happy, confused, I needed more answers so I run to my pack house to see my alpha "

" he was furious to see is six years old daughter, " I say laughing bitterly " he blamed me for his loss for making him miserable "

It was silent between us before he spoke " you and Grace were best friends, so that means you are the jealous best friend she told us about " he says confirming his doubt.

"no that not the true story just part of what she wants you to believe, " I say as I toss stones into the water.

"After I find out dad was the alpha, I tried my best to be a good daughter, someone he had pride in, but everything I do was useless "

"I decided since he already hates me and anything I do is worthless why don't I try to getting his attention, maybe by getting into trouble he will notice me," I shrug.

"It worked but not in the way I expected, I got punished and flogged and sometimes locked in the dungeon"

"Ma became so worried and Grace tried to make me change my ways but like always I was stubborn until one day I found Grace sleeping with my brother at her place "

Flashback ..................... When she was 15 years.

"I am sorry" Grace plead guilty with tears in her eyes.

"no problem, I understand just please stay away from him, he uses girls like toys," I say wiping her tears away before grinning widely at her " why don't we go shopping " I yell happily.

"not now, maybe tomorrow, we are having dinner together so I need to help my mum," she says with a frown.

"I can come with you to help your mum" I suggest.

"no" she yelled immediately " I mean you can't, I just want to give my mum a surprise, " she says warily, I know she is hiding something from me because she refuses to look at me in the eyes.

But I choose to drop it, when she ready she will surely tell me" okay if you say so " we both left my room towards the living room where Ma was watching a TV show, she loves watching this TV show a lot" Alex, I will be going now," Grace says before kissing Ma on the cheeks and saying goodbye leaving in her car.

" Ma I will be back soon okay, " I say taking her car keys from the center table in the living room.

"to where exactly?" she asked glancing up at me with raised eyebrows before going back to the TV show.

"I have something to take care of," I say leaving without waiting for her reply because if she knows where I am off to she won't let me.

I park in front of the packhouse, I need to give Hunter a clear warning to stay away from Grace.

I stepped into the house ignoring the stares from some of the pack members.

"I feel Gracie presence here, " Tiara says suspiciously.

" her car wasn't parked outside, "I say confused.

I walked past the kitchen hearing Grace's voice, I stopped to see if my ears were deceiving me but it was my best friend sitting talking and laughing with Hunter.

"I told her it was just a mistake, " she says smirking proudly.

" and she believed you? " he asks smiling.

"yes she has always been foolish, " she says laughing loudly.

"just bring more information about her and you will be my Luna when I become alpha and dad will continue to feed your family, " he says stroking her cheek pulling her to him, he kissed her harshly while she wraps her hands around his neck bringing him closer.

I was so furious to see my own best friend, someone I trust betrayal me for power and money.

End of flashback.....................

"since I was stronger compared to other wolf or lycans it was so easy for me to destroy her life in just one day"

"I made her parents choose between life and her but of course they chose their life because they were so angry with her for betraying our friendship and most importantly the family name," I say nonchalantly.

"I made sure she regretted ever betraying me, I vowed never to trust anyone or show emotions and to never have a friend"

"Ma tries to stop me but it was too late I was going to show Hunter I am not an easy target, I injured him to the extent that he spent months in the hospital," I say as tears fell from my eyes, remembering and talking about the painful past is like living your nightmares once again.

"I was flagged and chained with wolfbane for a month until Hunter was well enough "

"The day I hated and believed my dad was dead was when he tortured me mentally and physically, " I say sobbing bitterly he hold my hands tightly giving me assurance that everything is getting better, he is here to hold me.

"I was just a sixteen-year-old girl, my grandma was kidnapped by a rogues after attacking my pack thinking she was the Luna, I begged him but he refused to help, I pleaded I told him I have no-one else but he didn't give a damn," I say with hatred towards a man who brought me to this world.

"I promise him I bring her back if is the last thing I do, it didn't take me time to find her, I find her in a building surrounded by trees and middle of nowhere, she was chained like a dog and was in her own pool of blood," I say breathing heavily feeling the anger just remembering what they did to her.

"I killed everyone both man and woman no-one was left, I killed over 50 werewolves "

"When I came back to my senses I was covered in blood, werewolves lying dead, the alpha and some pack warriors came, I don't know how they found me but they did, he looked at me in shock and confusion seeing all the dead bodies and wolves everywhere"


"You killed all these werewolves? " he asks shocked looking at me with disbelieve.

"I always knew you were an abomination, you are a disgrace to werewolves " he glowered, I fell on my knees pleading for him to understand "take her to the darkest part of the pack where murderer like her are kept" he ordered.

End of flashback .....................

"I was dragged away by some warriors, I was constantly reminded that I am a murderer" right now I know I am a crying mess.

He hugged me tightly " do you know what hurts more? " he asks but before I could answer he replied " holding all the pain and heartbreak in here, it might hurt letting it go but what hurts more is keeping it lock-in"

He released me from the hug looking intensely into my eyes " you have to let it all go, learn to forgive because the more you hold on to the painful past the more you keep feeling hurt" He says tucking a stray lock of my hair behind my ear.

"letting go brings peace and heals your broken heart "

Do you think is better for Kate to let go or have revenge.

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