Letting Go

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Chapter 36


I release her from the hug before cupping her cheeks in my hands I stroke her cheeks looking into her eyes full with pain and loss, those sparks I saw when she laughed was gone.

" my name means pure but my heart is not pure but dark and filled with hate," she says softly bringing her head down in shame.

" Everyone has a painful past but is how you deal with the pain that shows how strong you are" and I am taking from experience it brave enough to hide the pain but braver in letting go of what you feel.

" so that means you have a painful past? " she asks sock as she avoids my gaze.

"My father was not always this kind and free, he started training me at the age of six years" I breathe deeply as the memories clouds my mind "I never received any love all he cared was to build me up to be a king, the only person who was able to save me when it gets tough and made me smile was elder Mathias "

" my father kept on with this until I was taken away by his most trusted, his brother and his mate, " I say moving my hands from her cheeks before clutching my fist angrily by my side.

"calm down Lawrence, " she says placing her hands on mine, just the mention of my name from her lip made me relax.

"they took me away because of their selfish aims of taking the kingdom from my dad, I was starved, bitten and forced to fight for my life just a 12-year-old boy deprived of love and care for a year," I say while taking sharp breaths.

" no one came to save you? " she asks, angrily and confusion lacing her voice.

" Elder Mathias came but before he came I ended their worthless life because I shifted at 13 years making it so easy," I say smugly.

She looked at me with wide eyes and mouth gape in amazement " I was never the same after that, I became cold, emotionless and losing myself slowly in regret, but elder Mathias was they to pull me back to the surface " I say smiling at her, she returns the smile.

"thank you, " she says getting me by surprise " for what ?" I ask confused.

" for being here for me when I needed someone, for pulling me up," she says grinning widely, as she did so her eyes spark, I gaze down at her full lips just thinking about those lips on mine.

I move closer as she does the same staring intensely at my lips, I capture her lips in a passionate kiss pouring love and lust into this kiss, I lick her bottom lip asking for permission but she refuses to grant, finding another means I slip my hands to her ass squeezing lightly, she let out a low moan taking this opportunity I slip my tongue in, twirling my tongue around every corner of her mouth, her hand sinks into my hair tugging gently making me groan into the kiss.

Feeling the kiss getting more demanding I pull away before resting my head on hers we stare into the depths of each other eyes.

"as much, as I will like to mark you it won't be in the forest, " I say winking, blush creeps onto her cheeks before hitting my chest playfully.

I have something for her " wait I brought you something " I say bringing out a gold charming bracelet with I love you tag on it.

I took her hands in mine before fixing the bracelet on her right wrist "I want you to always put this on to remember that I am never going anywhere " I say waiting for her reply.

Her amber eyes wide in shock " you got this for me thank you" she says grinning happily.

Should I tell her what she really is ......, no it not yet time for that " 'MI Vida' {Spanish meaning my life} I will be traveling tomorrow for pack work, I will be away for three days" she frowns few minutes before smiling.

"okay" she replied nonchalantly.

We spent time talking before heading to the mansion.


I am really tired, after all the emotions I felt today, I look down to my wrist, it so beautiful I can't believe he gave me something like this and I feel so happy and special.

"Oh, moon goddess, " I say sighing before falling on the bed welcoming the darkness of sleep.


I waked up this morning feeling happy my cheeks are hurting from grinning so widely, I just feel alive like something is being lifted off my shoulders.

I was able to skip training, I did my daily routine leaving my hair freely on my shoulders and applying lip gloss to my lips I got ready into a Mexican dress Lillian gave me a black dress with flower design around the neck and down reaching above my knees.

Satisfied with the way I look leaving my room, I need to settle something with Grace but the problem now Is I don't know where her room is " you can use her scent to find where she is" Tiara suggests.

I follow her sent towards the back of the mansion where I saw her sitting Indian style on the grass with her hands crossed around her body.

She senses my presence making her stare at me with wide eyes and her mouth gape in shock.

I simile at her before sitting close to her on the floor.

"Kate what are you doing here?" she asks warily still looking shocked.

"I forgive you, " I said grinning widely.

"Kate I am so sorry that Lillian said does hurtful word to you, it all my fault but I told her everything that happened she angry with me and refuses to speak with me ..." she trails on not finding the courage to look me in the eyes.

I hold her hands in mine gently " Gracie I forgive you" I say one more time to get her attention.

" Kate please ...wait what y...y... you f... for... forgive me?" she asks surprised not believing what she heard me say.

"yes, but if you don't want my forgiveness I can always hold grudges," I say with a smirk playing on my lips.

"NO" she yelled immediately with fear evident in her eyes.

"I miss you so much, " I say sincerely meaning my words, I really missed her even though I try so hard to hide it.

"thank you, I miss you too you don't know how your words bring me peace," she says with regret taking me into a hug, I immediately hug her back.

She pulls from the hug "so Katie, I have so much to tell you" she spoke in a shrill voice grinning widely.

"We are back baby! " I yelled as we both laughed.

"I miss this, sisters, " she says as she brings her pinky out, I wrap my hand around her pinky "sisters," I say locking the bond just like old times.

"it time to do something crazy!" she says pulling me up with her.

We walked into the living room to find Lillian, Becca, Ethan and Levi all laughing "Kate can we talk to you? " Lillian ask nervously.

"yeah sure," I said glancing up at Grace giving her a confused look before looking back at Lillian.

They both lead me into the kitchen "I am so sorry for what I said to you, I never felt scared that you will blow up on me once" she says looking down in shame while I kept my gaze focus on her.

"We should have never judged you that way without knowing what you been through but if you can please forgive us, " Becca says warily looking into my eyes for any reaction, I kept my face blank.

"I will forgive you both if you can both forgive Grace," I say smugly taking a seat across from them.

" I forgive her," they both say nervously.

"Okay then but ..." I say smirking mischievously at them.

"But what ?" Lillian asks warily.

"but will need to get all these sad faces off and have some fun, " I said grinning widely.

"Okay by me," Grace says laughing loudly.

We talked, laughed and do crazy things, if I should write on my best day this day would be on my list.

Now we are teasing Grace and Jack actually Lillian and Levi are the ones teasing them while I and Becca just couldn't stop laughing since Anderson and Lawrence left this morning it kind of boring.

"so when will I become an aunty? " Lillian says smirking making Grace blushed a shade of red.

"you have to stop teasing my friend here," I say between laugh.

"Kate you need to leave here now" Tiara warned.

"what going on? " I ask confused.

"just leave here now to your room" she warned like she was in pain.

"I will be in my room, " I say rushing out of the room immediately I close the door of my room before pain shoots in the midsection of my abdomen, my body heat up like it's on fire making me scream in agony.

"Please let it not be what I am thinking, " I say warily.

Thank you all💕.

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