Letting Go

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Chapter 37

"Heat, how can this be now for crying out loud" I clenched my stomach in pain.

"I don't know, I felt it earlier today but I took it as something else when I felt it again I was able to hold the pain until you got in the room," Tiara says in pain.

This pain is so unbearable, my body feels like it on fire "oh moon goddess help me get through this " I cry in pain.

I trudged slowly towards the closest searching for perfumes "this meant work" mumble tiredly.

I opened some of the bottles before pouring it everywhere in the room " what is this for, Kate? " Tiara asked confused.

" This is to reduce the scent of my heat," I say nonchalantly before walking into the bathroom, stripping off my clothes I got into the cold freezing water.

"don't you think we should call Lawrence " Tiara suggest warily.

"no, we can go through these three days alone, nobody has to know "I exclaim in pain.

"Why do you always do this ?" she asks angrily "always acting like you need no one when in reality you are just acting to be strong" she yelled blocking the link.

"now she leaves me alone to bear the pain thanks a lot " I murmur.

The water feels warm, I clamor in pain feeling hot, the solution to this is mating with Lawrence but I can just call him and say 'I am going through heat please leave what you are doing and come let's mate ' " no I can't do that" I got up from the tub I wrap myself in a towel.

I bite my lips feeling the pain increase immensely, I could already taste my blood.

I squirm my body in pain, the only sound heard is my outcry.


I groan getting up from the cold floor of the bathroom "I must have fallen asleep during the pain" I mumble getting into the shower when through with my daily routine I change into gray sweatpants and black sweater.

I look into the long length mirror, I look pale, eyes dull and lips dry my fangs and claws were out, even though I try to take it back it refuses to pull back.

I trudged slowly towards the room, laying down on the bed tired " I survived, 2 days to go" I say with a sigh.

"Kate are you in there ?" Ma asks yelling from outside the door.

"What should I tell her" I mumble contemplating " y-yes, um ...just resting" I yelled back not even recognizing my own voice.

"Are you ready for training ?" she asked.

"no can we skip today's training? " I ask warily " can you tell everyone not to disturb me for today and tomorrow ?"

"why is that and also you didn't come for dinner yesterday?" she asked suspiciously.

"I just need to be alone," I say casually.

"Okay," she says sounding suspicious before leaving.

"what was the reason for not being honest? "Tiara ask calmly.

"because if I should tell her she will surely speak to Lawrence about it," I say smugly " and also thanks for your help yesterday, " I say sarcastically.

" you are so welcome, " she says smirking.

I ignore her before getting comfortable on the bed trying to ease the pain I am feeling right now, I toss and turn on the bed trying to ease the pain but it seems to increases as the time pass.

I sigh feeling the urge to claw my stomach out, the urge was so strong but obviously, I can't do that so instead I claw at my pillow.

Immediately anger took over me making me forget about the pain, I claw and tear everything my hands touch.

"Kate" someone called from outside the door, I growl at the door "what do you need ?" I ask sounding irritated.

" Alex asks me to bring you something to eat, " she says warily, must be a maid.

"I am not hungry so take it back," I say as I clenched my fists trying to hold my anger at bale.

My breath is heavy and I am not yet satisfied the need to pass put it anger is overwhelming.


I felt restless like something is going on "your highness do you have anything to say" alpha Edward (alpha of moon pack ) say snapping me out of my thoughts.

I am currently in moon pack with Anderson, dad, and Pa with some warriors settling the dispute between moon pack and black moon pack.

Since I left my pack yesterday my mind has always been on Kate, how she is doing ?, if she alright, I can't help it, she is driving me crazy.

"Since everything is settled and everything is going on well, the current alpha should get ready to step down for their sons," I say keeping a blank face and a cold voice.

"yes your highness " the agreement and files were signed it took 2days instead of the 3days as planned "so we will take our leave now"

"can't you stay for dinner tonight?" asked Beta Nathan.

"yes why not, we will love to join you for dinner " dad reply before I could even decline the offer.

I gave him a look before giving a nod to proceed.

The dinner was okay taking on the progress of the pack and members, alpha Adrian (alpha of black moon back) has always been a pride and greedy men trying to mate me with his daughter and that was never going to happen.

I toss and turn trying to get some sleep but it seems my body is depriving me of one.

I sighed getting up going into the bathroom, the packhouse does not have big like mine but it presentable.

I splash little water on my face before going back to lay down, I thought about calling or texting Kate but she might be asleep right now.

What about if I text mum, no that won't do.

It took me 2 more hours before I fell asleep.


"Thanks once again your highness " Alpha Edward says smiling.

We left in different cars back to the mansion, I have been worried and feeling weird "you have to hurry " Travis suggests pacing in my head.

The pack house to the mansion is a 4 hours drive, I pack my car before entering into the mansion "how was the meeting? " Jack ask immediately coming towards me with a smirk.

"where is Kate ?" I ask dismissing his question "wow you should at least answer my question " he says forming hurt.

"she is in her room she refuses to eat or even leave her room," he says concerned and worried.

"what must be going on with her? " I mumble to myself with different scenarios going through my head.

I walked towards her room, I sniff the air feeling excited or you can say getting horny it was stronger getting to the front door of her room.

I knock once hearing no reply, I force the door open breaking the lock, I was beyond shock everything is destroyed claws mark on the wall, broken glasses, and wood.

A loud growl snap me out of shock, I turned around to see the most beautiful creature if it was anyone in my shoes right now will surely run for their life but not me.

Her chest rises and falls, claws and fangs out she looked dangerous and at the same time sexy.

I took a cautious step towards her, my eyes getting darker as I sniff in the air she must be going through her heat.

Wait a minute her heat, why didn't I think of that " are you alright ?" I asked stroking her cheek, her skin was warm under my tough, she became tense for a minute before relaxing, her claws and fangs returning back.

"you are back," she says finally finding the words to say before hugging me tightly.

"yes, but are you okay? "I ask one more time releasing her from the hug she shake her head saying no.

I carry her in bridal style towards my room, I lay her on the bed before walking towards the bathroom to get dry clothes but she pulled me back "please take this pain away " she says pleading.

"you are only saying that because of the heat," I say trying to hold myself from marking her as my own.

"no, I need you right now, " she says pulling me closer.

"Are you sure, I don't want to do something you will regret, " I say warily looking into her eyes, she looks so pale.

"I am very sure, I have been waiting for this time for a long time and this is the right time," she says placing a kiss close to my lips " Lawrence make me yours"

I need no other invite, I capture her lips in a warm passionate kiss.

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