Letting Go

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Chapter 38


He hovered above me kissing me passionately like my lips were delicate and his favorite lollipop.

I can't believe this, I swear if this is just one of my dreams only moon goddess knows what going to happen.

Who even cares if this a Dream this feels so real, his lips on mine feels so soft and taste like mint " mmm" I moan into the kiss.

He breaks the kiss looking at me with eyes dark and filled with lust and something else I can't pinpoint.

He raises my shirt over my head, he looked at the mark on my chest in shock, I tried to cover it from his view feeling self-conscious under his intense gaze "you have this too? " he asked rubbing on the mark of two lycans.

" what? " I ask confuse feeling sparks as he continues to rub on the mark.

"I have this mark on my waistline," he says with a smile " yours is beautiful," he says pulling my shirt off before throwing it on the floor leaving me with only my bra and sweatpants before kissing my lips, his hand cups my chin tenderly, while the other stroking my cheek, kissing me sensually and passionately.

He nibbled on my lips and gently sucked on my tongue, our tongues war against who will be dominant which he won, of course, twirling it around every corner of my mouth.

I moan in between the kiss, one of my hands slid into his soft hair tugging gently and the other found its way to his chest running my hand over his chest.

He kisses along my jawline to my neck, he sucked, nipped and nibbled making me moan lowly.

I felt his fangs graze my neck sending shocks of pleasure into my body, his fangs dip into my neck marking me as his.

I hold on to his shoulders and bit inside my cheek feeling the pain become intense, I whimper softly but soon it subsides making me moan loudly in pleasure while my wolf jump feeling connected to her mate.

He licked on the mark before meeting my eyes " mine" he says huskily before kissing me.

I break the kiss before pushing him down with me on top straddling him, I kiss his neck and suck on his sensitive skin making him groan in pleasure.

I look into his eyes licking my fangs before pushing the full length of my fangs into his skin, he growls in pain before groaning at the sensation.

I pull my fangs out before licking at the mark, Tiara beam in pride marking her mate as ours"yours".

I pull away looking into his eyes, I never expected to ever hear these words from anyone except my Ma but hearing it sends butterfly flying in my stomach "I love you 'mi Vida' "

I can't believe this he says he loves me, he loves me what should I say, what I feel is love right "I love you too" I say grinning happily.

Never once have I felt this way, it crazy to think I will ever experience love or even feel it.

I kiss him pouring all my feelings into the kiss.


I wake up to feel a weight on my hip and someone breathing on my neck sending waves of pleasure into me.

I turn around to find Lawrence sleeping his hair covering his eyes, he looks adorable and peaceful.

I push the hairs from his face tracing his sharp jawline, blush creeps up my face remembering what we had yesterday "you always look cute when you blush " he says in his morning voice making me blush even more.

I use the blanket to cover my face from him while he just chuckles pulling the blanket off my body leaving me naked.

I scowl at him before taking the blanket from him "you don't have to cover up I have seen it all" he says taunting me while laughing.

" not to worry I can always walk around naked " I retorted with a smirk.

In a flash, he pins my hands above my head and his eyes going dark in lust with a smirk playing on his lips " you do no such thing because your body is only for my eyes and pleasure " he says possessively.

I kiss him showing him I am all his " wow it beautiful " I say amazed tracing my mark on his neck where it meets his shoulder.

It's exactly like the one on his waistline and on my chest but the only difference is the crown on both the lycans.

"yours is beautiful," he says kissing his mark on my neck making me moan lowly.

"I need to take a bath, " I say pushing him off me.

He growls lowly before getting off the bed showing all his manly glory, I can't still believe this all mine.

"Yeah I know having all this, girls sure will be envious," he says reading my thoughts.

Since we are now mated we can feel each other emotions and hear each other thoughts " get out of my head" I yell throwing a pillow at him which he easily catches.

He laughed walking towards me, lifting me off the bed with the blanket wrapped around me "you know I have legs right ?" I ask as he walks us into the bathroom placing me on the counter before setting the tub.

He spread my legs apart before standing in between wrapping his hands around my waist "MI Vida" he said softly before kissing my neck.

I wrap my legs around his hip pushing my neck backward to give him more access.

He carried me from the counter putting me into the tub, he looked at me with lust-filled eyes before attacking my lips in a demanding way.

I will never get tired of his lips on mine because this man kissing me with his everything is my everything.


I look through the picture on my desk taking by my men who were watching over her.

Her heat ends today, I heat is unusual coming late and not expected, I pick out a book going through it before found the explanation to this.

"Heat of the chosen " I read taking necessary points needed.

The bond is might be accepted and grow immensely in strength, understanding between them must be developed for her heat to take place.

This heat will bring them together breaking all boundaries, she will experience heat in different ways going through pain, anger, and lust, showing strength and wisdom.

The beginning of something new or start to something dangerous.

Lovely and also something dangerous which will also bring peace and war.

I close the book " London " I called.

He rushed into my office "yes ma" he says cautiously.

"get ready we are all leaving," I say before dismissing him.

"The war is near," I say thoughtfully.

So what do you think?

Lawrence and Kate are now marked and mated.

Put your fancy dress and shoes because our Luna queen is about to be crowned 👸.

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