Letting Go

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Chapter 39


"OMG, mum we need to start preparation " Lillian shrill happily, I tell you she happier than me on this.

I am currently stuck in the dining room with, Elisa Grace and Lillian for the whole day since Becca went with Ethan to his park I am sure saved by one.

it not like I mind or anything but if they could stop planning on how my love is complicated, it seems like my life is a romantic story where the boy sweeps the girl off her feet, make her smile and have a happy ending together.

I sigh loudly, I should have listened to Lawrence when he asked me to spend the day with him, but no I have to insist on spending the day with the girls but now it feels like I am going to spend my day planning my wedding day.

"Kate, are you even listen to anything I am saying? " Elisa asks glaring at me before glancing back at Ma giving her a mischievous smile.

I hope what they planning is good for me and my health " I was lost in thought " I say sincerely.

"I hope you thinking about Lawrence, " Grace says with a wink.

Oh, this girl " so let talk about your coronation" Elisa says seriously "so any suggestions? "

" coronation ?" I ask confused, I am not dumb I sure know what coronation means but it not every day you get mated to the Alpha King and I am sure it wasn't in my list to become the Luna queen and I am so not ready to be the Luna queen and rule these people.

Oh, moon goddess what have you gotten me into, and why didn't I think of this 'och'.

"Yeah, it is an occasion held to crown the new Luna queen, " Lillian says in a duh tone if only she knows what going through my mind.

"yes I know but when will that be ?" I ask curious, I hope to have more time to get ready from all these complications.

"Tomorrow, " Elisa says mellowly "the blue moon is tomorrow so it will be the perfect day for your coronation "

I jump up from the chair with wide eyes "Tomorrow that barely enough time to do anything" I say shocked.

"no need for you to get all worked up me and Alex have it all under control, " she says smiling "and the girls are here to help"

"no way, it impossible," I say holding the anger forcing to come out.

"Kate you have to understand, it is the blue moon meaning more strength," Ma says trying to reasoning with me " if you are worried about the preparation it all under control "

"and also this pack needs a Luna queen and not only this pack but all werewolves, lycan, and other supernatural beings, " Elisa says looking at me with pleading eyes "this pack has been without for a Luna queen for so long "

I was so furious with these people, how can they just push this on me, it just too soon, I need to get used to all this first.

I glance at Grace and Lillian who are looking so uncomfortable being here right now, I also feel the same way " what going on why the tension? " Lawrence asks walking into the dining room with Levi, Anderson, Jack, elder Mathias and Thomas laughing loudly.

It seems someone still founds this day funny " we are just letting Kate know here that her coronation is tomorrow " Elisa says smiling.

"I can't believe this, " I say walking out of the room with Ma calling after me.

These people are just too much just expecting me to wake up one morning and discover I have been giving so much power and responsibility.

I walk into my little privacy know as my room "wow that was fast" I say looking at the clean and neat looking bedroom, after all the destruction I did to this room I was thinking it forever condemned.

I lay on the bed getting comfortable but was disturbed by someone coming in, oh just to think I will have little privacy but at least it Lawrence "yes how can I be of help ?" I ask with raised eyebrows.

"they are so many things you can help me with," he says smirking before sitting at the edge of the bad "I need to speak to you"

"I know, is it about the coronation ?" I ask getting up before sitting close to him.

"yes, I know you are nervous, I felt your nervousness and anger that was the reason I came to see what was going on," he says holding my hands in his.

"oh" that all I could find to reply to him.

"I know it hard on you if you want I will make mum leave it until you ready, " he says smiling.

" Thanks, I just need some time to accept all this," I say staring at everywhere but him.

" 'MI Vida ' look at me," he says softly.

I looked at him " you will be a good and caring Luna queen " he says smiling making me blush.

"Okay enough of this I need to talk with Lillian and Gracie, " I say getting up smiling, he pulled me back on his lap " you are making me feel jealous, " he says with a smirk.

"Are you getting all possessive ?" I tease with a smirk playing on my lips.

"you should know I am very possessive of what belongs to me," he says kissing my nose "okay let go before I take you right now," he says playfully.

We walked out hand in hand towards the dining room where everyone is present laughing, me and Lawrence took our sit.

"Kate I am so sorry I try pushing this on you so I have decided next week will be your coronation, " Elisa says grinning widely.

I sigh lowly giving her a small smile back at least it something "I am also sorry for getting angry " I apologize.

"no problem dear, " she says with a smile.

It went on like that discussing and taking note of things needed, I am a little excited about the coronation. Keyword little.

I hear a knock on the door but since I am in the living room and close to the door I chose to answer it instead.

I opened the door to find a young lady with black hair and looking to be in her thirties " yes ?"

"Kate I need you for something, " Ma says coming into view but immediately she saw the lady by the door her eyes grew wide "what you doing here?" she asks shocked.

"Alex it been long, " she says with a smirk.

"you know her? " I ask confused looking at Ma shock expression.

"yes I know her," she says warily looking between the lady and me.

"who is she ? and why is she here? " I ask frustrated she should just get straight to the point.

"I am someone you should know and also someone you shouldn't, " the lady said with a wide smile fading into a mischievous one.

What going on here.

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