Letting Go

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Chapter 40

Previously :

"I am someone you should know and also someone you shouldn't know, " the lady said with a wide smile fading into a mischievous one.

What going on here.

Present Kate pov:

She walked towards me pulling me into a hug, she sniffed in my scent before pulling back "you look just like your mother " she says grinning widely.

"y-you k-k-know my mother?" I stuttered bewildered.

"yes dear she was my best friend, " she says smugly "you were just a few hours old the last time I saw you"

She pulled me into a hug before walking towards Ma pulling her into a hug" it has been so long Alex " she pulled back with a smirk "still looking so young" she says winking.

"you here? " Ma asked confused.

" I am back because it time to get ready, " she says giving Ma an understanding look.

"Okay then, I will show you to the royals," Ma says before giving me a look to follow, I trailed after them like a lost puppy.

We walked into Lawrence's office to found everyone going through the arrangement, Lawrence on his office sit and Mathias on one of the chairs opposite Lawrence while Lillian, Grace, and Levi sit on the couch looking through files and Thomas with Elisa sits opposite talking with Lawrence and Mathias.

'och' this was the reason I left and they are still here oh moon goddess I need your help.

I was snap out of my thought by what Ma said " your highness this is Melanie, Kate aunty"

"What?, my aunty?, I don't even know her or what going on here " I whisper quietly so only Ma could hear.

"we will discuss this later but for now play along " she mind link.

"It's my pleasure meeting you, " she says bowing her head with respect.

"you are welcome, but what your reasoning for being here? " Lawrence asks.

Ma was about to reply but aunty Melanie beat her to it, she walks towards Lawrence taking a sit opposite Lawrence "I am here to make sure the legend is being fulfilled " she says nonchalantly looking at everyone confuse faces.

"What legend? "Elisa asks with a frown on her forehead.

Aunty Melanie glance at Ma before glancing at elder Mathias "can everyone leave expect Alex, Mathias, Kate and Lawrence " she demands with her eyes turning between her natural gray to blue.

Elder Mathias gave a nod for them to leave.

I look at her bewildered" who are you if I may ask ?" I ask frustrated.

"clam down Kate always inpatient, " she says with a shack of her head "come here Kate "

I walked cautiously towards her "listen to everything I tell you" she says while I nod in reply "you know about how your mother died right? " she asked warily studying my face.

"yes," I say looking down at my feet not finding the courage to look at her, maybe she going to blame me for her best friend's death.

She told me about how she left me with Ma becoming a rouge for 3years and discovering herself while keeping an eye on everything I do "I spend time going through legends understanding why everything happened " she says sternly before taking my hands in hers.

I wrap my tears away before glancing at Lawrence, he gave me a nod and a small smile.

I glance at Ma asking for assurance, she gives me a weak smile.

"Tiara, what do you think? "I ask her for advice.

"I think we should give her a chance because we promise Lawrence we have forgiven everyone that hurt us" she suggests.

I contemplate over it before making a decision "I will give you a chance " I say smugly, a wide smile appears on her face "but I have questions for you"

"you can ask anything " she replies grinning widely.

"What legend do you speak of, " I ask frowning slightly.

I feel my leg getting numb from standing for so long, Lawrence stands up before pulling me into his lap.

I sigh " I am called the keeper while Alex here is Kate's guardian and Mathias Lawrence guardian " she explains.

I look at her confuse, what does she mean by guardian or keeper "what do you mean ?" I ask voicing out my thoughts.

"a keeper is able to read the outcomes and stand by the chosen and a guardian is a protector and gives guardians " she explains.

"so why is Ma my guardian when I am not even the chosen one? " I asked confused.

"you are" she replies before taking out a large book with a brown cover and a title writing in bold letters 'legend of the write lycan' it reads.

She explains on how I am a white lycan and not a werewolf and how everything I want through was all writing down in the legend about me going through pain, heartbreak and betrayal for strength, how Lawrence and I are special and most powerful to save everyone "so you trying to say my life experience has been put down and planned ?" I ask cautiously.

This just too much to take in one day...wait a minute "why are ain't you surprise? " I ask Lawrence.

"I...er..." he stuttered not finding the right word.

I turn around to study his face" what are you even saying ?" I ask with a raised eyebrow waiting for a reply.

"you see Kate the thing is..." he says nervously before cutting him off "wait a minute you know about all this" I gasp in shock.

"it not what you think Kate," he says but I cut him off once again.

"so you know about this all along," I say angrily jumping off his lap" I am the only one who doesn't know about this, you all didn't feel it fit to let me know about all this," I say yelling.

"Ma you were with me all my life but you couldn't tell me, it feels like my life was a lie, it feels like I am the biggest fool here" I yell more my fangs and claws coming out has anger envelopes me.

"Kate calm down, " Ma says walking towards me.

"calm down," I say laughing bitterly "you all lied to me and you of all person should know how much I despise lies "

"I always know the moon goddess hates me but. this " I say mumbling the last part to myself " this all too overwhelming, my life has been a joke, my life has already been planned and I have no say on what I want" I say quietly to myself.

I fall on my knees bring my hand to my face seeing my claws out" anger issues, Kate control your anger or you might do something stupid " I muttered to myself.

Someone hug me, I look up to see Lawrence hugging me" MI Vida I am here for you," he says looking into my eyes "your Ma was doing what best for you, she never wanted to hurt you "

"I..." I try explaining but he cut me off.

"You trust me right ?" he asks staring into my eyes intensely.

I say with a frown "of course I trust you" he laughs before kissing my forehead.

I looked up to elder Mathias, aunty Melanie and Ma looking at us with dreaming eyes " I am sorry for my outburst, I have a hard time controlling my anger" I say apologizing.

"no problem dear so are you ready ?" aunty Melanie asks while Lawrence pulls me up on my feet.

"I think I am ready for this," I say while contemplating my options.

O moon goddess help me.

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