Letting Go

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Chapter 41

This past week has been so stressful with everyone busy going about the coronation arrangement.

Aunty Melanie has been of great help, very cool and friendly maybe that the reason she and my mum were best friends but no one knows anything about the legend yet it for security purposes because you can't possibly trust anyone, don't get me wrong I trust my girls and everything but I made a promise not to let anyone know.

This week has also been great I get to spend time with my girls and if you are wondering Becca is back and she had a great time, Ethan's parents loved her, she will be a wonderful Luna I can feel it.

Today is the coronation and I am so nervous not only am I going to be the Luna queen but also get to see my father and brother since every other pack is invited.

But the good news is that the king's pack accepted me as their Luna queen and it means a lot.

I haven't seen Lawrence for a week now because of its custom for the soon to be Luna queen to be separated from the Alpha king until the coronation.

It driving me crazy not being able to hold him, touch or hear his voice, och' maybe I am feeling way too much because of the mate bond.

"Kate over here " Grace calls bring me out of my thought.

I am currently in the royals clothing shop helping my girls chose a gown since Ma, Elisa and aunty Melanie decided to chose my gown and I can't possibly argue with them.

"yeah I am coming you don't have to yell," I say laughing.

I Walk into the changing room to found Grace wearing a blue off shoulder long gown reaching her feet with lace long hands and a long cut reaching below her hip" so what do you think ?" she asks twirling around.

"you look gorgeous in that gown but the coronation color is black with a mix of any other color," I say raising my eyebrow.

"I know, it just so beautiful and I am getting this gown for maybe a date or something, " she says awkwardly.

"Whatever you say but I hope that date is with Jack, " I say with a smirk.

"Grace have you seen ...omg you look beautiful, " Lillian says looking at Grace with wide eyes.

"Yeah, you look gorgeous am sure Jack will fall on your feet after seeing you wearing this gown," Becca says with a wink.

"Thanks, girls," Grace says blushing slightly.

"but you are not wearing that to the coronation, right? " Becca asks looking through the gowns she and Lillian brought into the dressing room.

"no, I love this gown so I am taking it," she says smiling mischievously.

I wonder what she up to "enough of the talking because will have things to do and places to be " Becca says clapping her hands.

"bossing Becca is back, " Lillian says with a dramatic sigh while we all laugh.

I miss this.


"hurry up girls " Elisa yells coming into my room, she decided to bring some makeup crew and hairdresser to do mine and the girls' hair and makeup even when I insist on doing my own thing she refuses saying we should look our best.

"Kate your gown is here okay," she says leaving the room.

The girls left after doing our makeup and hair, we got dressed in our different gown (picture below).

Kate outfits.

Lawrence outfits.

Lilian outfits.

Anderson outfits.

Becca outfits

Ethan outfit.

Grace outfits.

Jack outfit.

Alex outfits.

Elder Mathias outfits.

Melanie outfits.

Levi outfits.

Elisa outfits.

Thomas outfits.

We got ready since the men left an hour ago leaving we the ladies, Becca, Lillian and Grace left in one car while Elisa, ma, and aunty Melanie left in another and me leaving last with a guy named Marcus as my driver.

We arrived at the venue for the coronation, Elisa told me this please has normally been used for the coronation or big events.

We went through the back not to gain attention, he packed in an empty space, immediately the car came to a stop someone knocked on my window.

"Marcus can you please bring it down"

"yes ma," he says before bringing the window down.

"Lillian is everything alright? " I ask confused.

"Yeah everything is alright but you have to stay in the car for few minutes because Alex and Melanie will accept to being in this pack " she explains.

"Okay," I say with a nod.

"After that, I will come to get you and by the way, you look gorgeous and the most beautiful lady here" she winks before leaving.

I stayed in the car for thirty minutes before I saw Lillian, Bacca, and Grace walking towards me.

Marcus opens the door before helping me out "thank you " I say with a smile while he replies with a nod and left.

"let go, you are going through the front door, " Becca says.

We walked towards the front door, two guys stand to guard the door and others on patrol for security purposes.

"Kate are you alright, " Grace says holding my hands.

"Yeah, why? " I ask bite on my lower lips.

"you look nervous and you keep fiddling with your bracelet while biting your lips," she says softly.

"you know me so well," I say sarcastically gaining an angry look from her "okay I am nervous, " I say sighing in defeat.

"you don't have to be nervous, " she says with a smile "you are Kate the bravest girl I know, the baddest girl, so girl, go in there and show them who the queen is," she says grinning.

I laughed at her words " thanks that really helped a lot" I say hugging her.

"that enough everyone is waiting to see the Luna queen, " she says pushing me towards the door before leaving.

I nod my head for the door to be opened.

Immediately the door was opened I set my eyes in a room full of supernatural beings from all over, and the room was decorated in black, gold, white and grey it was beautiful.

My eyes were fixed on the man sitting on his throne and a crown on his head, he was looking handsome as ever with his white, gold tuxedo and black pants.

our eyes lock together like we were the only ones in the room.

I smile before getting on the platform with the help of Elisa.

I stand looking down at everyone grinning widely "Kate Darby David do you accept to be part of this pack, to fight for this pack and to care for every member of this pack?" Thomas asks looking into my eyes intensely with a simile

"I do" I reply.

"do you accept the power of a Luna to guide and be a mother to this pack?"

"I do"

"Do accept to be the queen of this kingdom to guide and be a queen mother to all"

"I do"

"do you accept the power of a queen to guide and be a mother to all supernatural beings ?"

Wow, this a big responsibility "just say yes" Tiara says frustrated.

"I do"

He turned around to look at Lawrence "your highness can you please come down" he says while Lawrence walked down from his throne before standing close to me.

Thomas took a knife and a bowl "Kate bring forth your wrist" he says

I did as he says, he took my wrist slit it with a knife allowing the blood to drip into the bowl before doing the same to Lawrence.

He mixes the blood before pouring it into the burning fire.

"Elisa" he called, she walks towards us with a crown in her hands.

"my dear go on your knees, " she says

I go on my knees, she places the crown on my hand before helping me up.

"fellow packs and this kingdom here is your Luna queen Kate Darby Clifford " she announces while everyone stands on their feet and bow.

I grin widely Kate Darby Clifford wow "you look beautiful " Lawrence whispers into my ear.

"thank you don't look bad yourself, " I say smiling.

He sits on his throne while I sit on the smaller throne by his side.

"I am so happy, " I say grinning happily.

"I kept my promise, " he says with a smirk.

"what promise? " I ask confused.

"To always make you happy," he says winking at me.

"Thanks," I say meaning my words because without him I would be lost.

After all, having a mate can be the most wonderful experience ever.

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