Letting Go

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Chapter 42

My cheeks hurt from grinning so widely, Tiara can't stop jumping in my head.

I was welcomed with smiles and cheers, I talked with different pack alpha's, Luna's, beta's and Gammas and some of the pack members.

Lawrence was by my side all along, he smiled and welcomed everyone.

"can I have this dance ?" Lawrence asks grinning widely.

"you can your highness, " I say laughing lightly, I took his hand moving towards the dance floor, he wraps his hands around my waist while my hands wrap around his neck.

Everyone stops dancing watching as we dance slowly to the soft music playing, our eyes locked intensely smiling sweetly.

I can't stop admiring the way his eye spark as the light shines in the room, the thread of hair resting on his forehead, his lips drawing me to them, the way sparks run through my body when he touches me.

The way he makes me feel when he is around me, I never once believe I will feel this way or ever be happy again.

"Thank you," I say placing my head on his chest hugging him tightly trying to keep the tears from coming.

"for what ?" he asks stunned one hand brushing my arm and the other wrap around my waist.

"for everything," I say burying my face into his chest.

"it is my duty to protect you and I will keep doing so," he says raising my chin up making me look into his eyes filled with love and respect.

"'MI Vida' I love you don't you ever forget that, " he says searching my eyes.

I pulled him into a kiss, our lips move together showing how we feel.


Lawrence left to talk with some alpha's while I can't find the girls or even the boys anywhere in the big hall.

I am currently dishing myself some food you can't blame me when your stomach keeps grumbling you just have to listen.

"Virago" Hunter called walking towards me with that stupid smirk of his, I hate when he calls me that but will he ever listen no, of course, saying I deserve it because of the way I treated him after finding out his plans with Grace.

I gave him a scowl, he walks towards me smirking, he looks the same way with his black hair looking mess like he ran his hands through constantly just the way he always does, saying he makes him look handsome.

His gray eyes just like my dads staring back at me, he is dressed in a black tuxedo and black pants.

"what?" I ask walking towards an empty table, I place my food on the table before drawing a sit out to sit on.

"What a nice way to greet your brother you haven't seen for months, " he says sarcastically taking a seat beside me.

I glare at him "the last time I checked you were happy I was leaving"

"virago... Come on, I actually miss you" he says wrapping his hand over my shoulders "I miss making fun of you with your angry and sassy reply," he says with a smile.

"like I will believe you and stop calling me that," I say pushing off his hand but his grip was tight not painfully tight but in a gentle way.

"what? virago? " he says with a smirk.

"how I wish to punch that face of yours " I mumble under my breath but of course he heard damn werewolf hearing.

"see that why I call you virago always angry," he says laughing.

But before I could give him a sassy comment someone made his presence known, someone I am not ready to meet or ever be ready "what do we have here" Dad says taking a seat opposite me with his face emotionless as ever.

"Dad" Hunter says glancing at him before looking at my face for any sign of anger.

I simile weakly at dad but I got a hard stare for a reply " I send you here but you ended up seducing the Alpha king and becoming the Luna queen " he says coldly, his words should have stopped getting to me but hearing what he thinks about me made my heart hurt" very impressive "

I looked down at my food losing my appetite, I felt anger building in me but it wasn't mine, I looked around seeing Lawrence already staring at me he must have felt my sadness, I gave him a nod to assure him everything is okay, he gave me a smile before his anger subsides a little.

"Dad not here please, " Hunter says softly.

He glared at Hunter before putting his focus back on me "get ready for your surprise tomorrow " he says giving me a last look before leaving the table.

What surprise?. oh, moon goddess help me "Bye virago, " Hunter says leaving the table.

I look down at my food "thanks for making me my loose appetite " I mumble sarcastically picking my plate from the table, I throw the remaining of my food in the waste bin.

I walked towards Lawrence "can we go now I am really tired " I say with a smile trying to hide my irritation.

He nods taking my hand before saying goodbye to his guest, we walked to his car waiting by the entrance.

He opened the door for me to get in before getting in giving his driver a sign to drive, he pulled me on top of his lap before bringing his face to my neck breathing my scent in"what did you dad say that got you all tense up?" he asked, his breath on my neck sending my heart into overdrive.

"Nothing, he was just being his usual self, " I say casually.

He didn't reply or talk throughout the drive home, we reached the mansion.

I sigh because I am barely holding myself from jumping Lawrence.

The driver opened the door before helping me get down, the house was silent since everyone was still back at the party.

Immediately the door of his room closes Lawrence pulled me into a deep intense kiss.

He breaks the kiss looking into my eyes as we breathe heavily, his eyes clouded with lust "I have been longing to do that" he says before pressing his lips to mine hungrily.


I wake up feeling happy since Lawrence had some pack work he left early, I entered into the bathroom doing my daily routine.

I left my hair fall freely on my shoulders before putting on Jeans, black crop top and a sweater.

I walked out of the room going towards the kitchen.

I walked in to find Levi and Ethan eating breakfast but what left me shocked was the last person I never expected to be here standing with a mischievous smile "what are you do here?" I ask stunned, here is Hunter in the kitchen when every guest was expected to leave yesterday after the coronation.

"you really have a nice way of greeting me," he says sarcastically taking a bite from his toast bread.

"Oh, I am so sorry where are my manners can you please tell me what are you doing here ?" I ask smiling before taking a glass and filling it with orange juice.

"virago no need for you to be proactive," he says smirking "I am just here for training"

"what? " I say in shock while spilling my juice on the floor.

"I am here for training, " he says again drawing each word.

"why?" I don't want him here with me, him being here means trouble for me, our relationship is not like a loving brother and a sweet sister relationship but the opposite.

We don't get along, we are soul enemies "because I need the training to be a better alpha than dad, " he says smugly.

"your ego must have taken a fall," I say rolling my eyes.

"so you two can't stand being under the same roof ?"Ethan asks in amusement.

"you two are very entertaining to watch "Levi adds laughing.

I and hunter send them a playful glare before I focus on cleaning the mess I made.

"Katie..." Grace called entering into the kitchen, oh this is not good, she has no idea Hunter is here.

She stops in her track in shock and fear looking at Hunter who didn't even spare her a glance or look affected seeing her here.

I pull her out of the room towards the back of the mansion where I saw her the last time I went looking for her.

I sit on the bench pulling her down with me, I look into her eyes she looks confused "he came here for training "

"what?" she asks leaving the trace she was in.

"hunter, he came here for training so don't let him get to you," I said smiling warmly.

I sniff the air feeling a slight difference in the air, I glance at Grace once again "your scent is different " I say confuse, pink blush creep up her cheeks as she smiles dreamingly.

"you completed the mate bond," I say grinning widely "I am so happy for you"

"Thanks, " she says smiling happily.

I grin happily before hugging her tightly.

"like Lillian would say, welcome to the mated group, " I say laughing.

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