Letting Go

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Chapter 43

It has been three days now and it feels like the longest days of my life with Hunter getting on my nerves.

I am still wondering if he is here for training or to piss me off, it amusing and entertaining to everyone but not to me when you are on the receiving end.

But what can I do than to ignore his stupid self.

"Kate" Becca calls through the mind link.

"yes? " I ask.

"where are you? " she asks, her voice sounding tired.

"I am with Lawrence in his office doing some work, " I say nonchalantly reading through the files while Lawrence focuses on his laptop sighing every now and then.

"oh Queen duties, I wish you luck " Lillian adds laughing.

"Why don't I send for help since you are the beta female," I say mockingly.

She was silent for a while before I and Becca starts laughing "whatever, but if you really need my help just mind link me okay" she says.

"I will do that," I reply "what are you girls up to? " I ask suspiciously.

"don't know yet, maybe watch a movie or go shopping, " Becca says nonchalantly.

"I am actually helping Anderson with an errand, " Lillian says before cutting the link with us.

"Okay bye, I have a lot of work to do now, " I say before blocking them out.

I sigh loudly rubbing my temple, I glance up to see Lawrence concentrated on his laptop before looking down at the file left to be signed.

I wondering how Lawrence does this every day.

I spent hours arranging and putting a signature on labeled documents, Anderson and Jack later join us after doing there assigned works.

I sit on the floor India style with a cup of choco iced cream watching a movie I am not interested in.

I have no idea where Ma or Aunty Melanie are, not even the girls where about.

"virago..." Hunter called placing himself on the couch staring down at me.

"och', I am really not in the mood for you right now so go away," I say irritated before taking another bite from my wonderful iced cream.

"you really hurt my feelings with the words you say," he says faking hurt.

"I am glad you feel hurt," I say spitefully staring at the TV trying to ignore his presence.

"let's play a game," he says suddenly.

"not interested, " I say shrugging.

He sauntered towards me before sitting on the floor with me" come on Kate it just a harmless game with me your brother not a stranger" he says warmly with pleading eyes.

"you tell me because I really don't know," I say with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay, just this one game," he says with a frown.

"Is this another plan because I don't get why all of sudden you are here and asking to play a game with me?" I ask suspiciously.

"I know am not the best brother but I am trying here " he raises his voice frustrated.

"I just have one question for you," I say staring at him intensely trying to figure out what going through his mind " why? "

"why?_ why, you are asking why," he says raising his voice anger evident in his eyes.

"yes, I am asking because it is confusing, why so much hate towards me and now you are acting like we are best of friends, " I say calmly.

I will never admit it to anyone that I love my brother so much even when he hurts me countless times but this hope of one day he will hold me and stand by me never goes and it keeps haunting me.

"I don't owe you any explanation," he says harshly before leaving me bewildered.

I looked down at the melted choco iced cream "It seems I will keep you for later" I say smugly taking the ice cream into the kitchen.

"Hey Gracie, " I say putting the ice cream back into the freezer.

"Kate you here I was thinking you went with Lillian, " she says while closing the book she was reading.

"I was thinking the same but anyways what are you doing? " I ask taking a seat beside her on the stool.

"nothing just trying to pass the time, " she says nonchalantly.

We talk for a few minutes before she left saying Jack called for her.

I left the kitchen towards the field trying to get my mind off the argument I had with Hunter.

He was just so confusing and difficult to read, just like my dad always cold and distant.

He hates showing and saying what he feels, maybe it runs in the family.

"your highness, " a lady with brown long hair and black big eyes says with a bow.

"Kate, " I say smugly.

"what? " she asks nervously.

"Just call me Kate and what your name? " I say with a smile trying to ease her nervousness.

"Aria your highness, I meant Kate, " she says nervously "I will like to speak to you about my daughter "

"let go over there then we can talk, " I said pointing towards a bench.

She trailed after me towards the bench "so about your daughter " I say sitting on the bench.

"she has heard a lot about you, how you are a great fighter, bold and very intelligent lady, " she says with a simile.

"wow, this the first time I actually heard someone talk about me in such admiration, " I say sincerely.

She laughs lightly "tomorrow is her 16 birthday and I will love to surprise her with your presence "

"What is her name? " I asked in amusement, it always a good feeling seeing a mother care so much for her children.

"Sadie " she replies with a smile.

"okay, what time and place? " I ask loving the idea.

"I will be at the mansion by 4:00," she says warily.

We exchange goodbyes "Kate let go for a run," Tiara says demanding.

"a little run would be good to ease my mind," I say walking deeper into the forest.

I move closer to a tree stripping off my clothes but before I could get undress I heard a cry for help.

"Help me, help me, please "

"this voice sounds familiar " I mumble to myself.

I followed the cry for help going deeper into the forest "where are you? " I called out but the voice keeps calling out for help.

"where are you?"I called out once again desperately.

"Who are you to ask such questions? " the voice echoed sending waves of fear in me.

I twirl searching for the source of the frightening voice "who are you, show yourself right now " I say with command lancing my voice.

"Kate, Kate, stop trying to act boldly every time, we both know you are so scared to lose your worthless life, " the voice says laugh echoing through the forest.

My fangs and claws inject, I tried moving but it seems my foot was tied to the grass, I tried once again but no result" what are you doing to me?" I growled my eyes turning red with anger and frustration.

"I am doing nothing you are the one bringing this upon yourself, " the voice says having pleasure in my suffering.

"whoever you are let me go" I glowered holding on to the little strength in me.

"Why will I do that when this very entertaining, " the voice says getting louder "this is the beginning of your punishment, " the voice says harshly with so much hate.

I tried mind linking Lawrence and everyone but my mind was blocked out from reaching anyone.

What this ?, moon goddess please help me It can't end this way not now, not ever.

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