Letting Go

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Chapter 44

"Tiara, can you hear me? " I ask my voice sounding weak.

"yes, but I am losing my strength, " she says before pausing momentarily "let me take control "

"what? " I asked confused.

"you can't hold on any longer so let me take control, " she says understandably.

I pulled back giving her control, she whines calling for help but I doubt anyone will hear us.

"Kate sorry I can't stay longer to see you die slowly but not too worry Lawrence will join you soon," the voice says faking sympathy.

"don't you dear hurt Lawrence " she growled angrily "I will find you and make you pay "

"very funny, but you will not live to find me," the voice says sternly "I will make you suffer, everything you love will be destroyed" the voice snickered.

"And I will bring your mate down with you, " the voice says harshly making its presence unknown.

"no this can't be happening "Tiara clamor "it over, there is nothing we can do," I say falling freely on my knees accepting defeat.

"We can't give up now, everyone fate is on us," she says pleading.

"look around Tiara we are losing strength which means we have little time to live" I succumb to the pain.

"I can't believe you are saying this, " she says dumbfound "I won't let it end this way, everything will be destroyed if we don't fight this," she says with a shaky breath.

She growled angrily, eyes turning gold " moon goddess give me strength, I need strength " she cried out in pain.

"Kate I need you to give me your strength" she demands.

I complied welcoming the darkness that clouds my mind.

Tiara pov:

Strength envelop me, I tried moving once again but my legs were stuck.

I tried running in full speed but nothing it's stuck, I tried everything I could think of, my strength reducing and everywhere surrounded by darkness showing how late and worried everyone is.

I sigh loudly rubbing my aching waist and legs until an idea stroke me, I use my claws digging the sands around my legs.

I dust my legs removing the remains of the sands on my sneakers before jumping on a tree close by "I have to go through the trees " I muttered.

I jump through trees ignoring the ache of my bones "almost there you can do this Tiara" I say seeing a view of the mansion.

I did a little dance of victory reaching the door of the mansion.

I am standing here tired, weak and confused, such everyone is waiting and worried but I can't tell them anything when I am confused myself.

Oh moon goddess what to do, maybe telling a lie and then try to figure it out myself. that could work.

Tiara you can do this Kate is depending on you.

I raise my hand to push the door open but stop myself from doing so. What will I say when a question about what happened to Kate and the bruises on my legs and hands.

"Stop this thought" I groan pushing the door open to see everyone with worried and panic evident on their faces.

"Kate where have you been? " Elisa says anger lacing her voice.

"she is Tiara and not Kate, " Lawrence says harshly looking into my eyes with anger "her eyes are gold and not amber"

I forgot about that little detail "so young lady where have you been? and why are you in control ?" Ma asks with a raised eyebrow.

"We found ourselves in deep trouble and she got weak trying to get us out of the situation we got ourselves in," I say trying to stop my beating heart.

"and what kind of trouble? " Ma asks suspiciously.

"we...er...I" think of a way out Tiara "we got lost in the forest " it was partially true.

"and what were you doing in the forest by the way ?" Ma says not completely convince.

"Can you stop asking this questions, I am here ain't I, " I say sounding frustrated, my muscles are tense and aching, I am dizzy from standing so long and I really need to take a bath because I feel dirty.

"virago can you for once think about others and not always about yourself, " Hunter says glower.

"you have to understand Kate is weak and not present right now, she needs all the rest she can get and all these questions are not helping," I say pleading.

It's hard not telling them the truth but it all for the best, until I know what going on I can't say anything.

"Okay, Lawrence take her to your room" Elisa demands.

I gave everyone a weak smile before Lawrence carries me bridal style towards his room.

He put me on his bed before placing the blanket on me.

I look into his eyes not being able to keep it in anymore letting the tears roll freely on my cheeks.

He stroke my cheek, sensing Travis take control I hug him crying " Travis we almost dead today" I say feeling the need to come out clean.

"What? " he growled angrily pulling from the hug.

I hold his hands making him calm down through the mate bond "I don't know who it was but the voice sounds familiar " I told him everything how we got into the forest, the unknown voice and the power that radiates through the voice.

"We have to let Melanie know about this" he suggests sounding angry and fears still evident in his voice.

"no, I will let them know when Kate is awake, " I say warily.

"Okay but you need to be careful, " he says brushing the strands of hair behind my ears.

"you really get me worried today, I wasn't able to reach you or feel you, " he says regret lacing his voice " I shouldn't have let you out of my site"

"you are not to be blamed," I say trying to blink black the tears.

"the thought of me losing you and not be able to help you kills me, " he says pulling his hair harshly " I should have been there "

"Travis please don't blame yourself, your words are hurting me, " I say taking his hands from his hair holding it tightly "Travis you will never lose me, I survive today with the help of the moon goddess and she will keep helping me" I pull him into a deep kiss exploring his mouth with my tongue.

I pulled away resting my forehead against his "I will kill whoever tries taking you away from me before he can come anywhere close to you" he says cradling my face with his hands.

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