Letting Go

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Chapter 45

Kate pov:

"My head hurts " I muttered rubbing my forehead.

"am I dead yet? " I blink my eyes to adjust to the light coming from the window.

"Tiara where are we? " I ask in a panic.

I look around confused, this is Lawrence room but how did I find myself on his bed.

I was almost dead before I blanked out "Tiara what going on? " I exclaimed in pain, my head hurts from so much thinking.

"relax Kate everything is alright, "Tiara says warmly.

"what happened, I don't remember anything, " I said resting my back on the headboard.

"I actually find a way to get us out of death, " she says nonchalantly.

She explains how she escaped and told Travis everything that happened.

"and Kate don't you think it time for you to get ready for the birthday party " she smirks her playful side coming to play.

"what? " I asked confused.

"the lady?. Her daughter?. Birthday?." she asks in a duh tone.

I look at the clock place on the nightstand "it almost time I need to get ready before she comes" I say rushing into the bathroom.

" it so obvious, so get lazy ass ready because we need to make a great first impression as a Luna queen," she says proudly.

I choose to ignore her sassy comment, I did my daily routine.

I walked into the closet with a towel wrapped around me, since my things were moved into Lawrence room and so was my clothes (outfits below), before pulling my hair into a high ponytail.

I stepped into the room to find Lawrence laying lazily on the bed, his legs crossed, hands behind his head and eyes close.

He is looking so handsome with a denim jacket just like mine, a white T-shirt and black ripped jeans.

I could not stop the urge to kiss him so I walked towards him and place a light kiss on his lips.

Before I could stand up he pulled me down my nose touching his.

His eyes focus on mine, a smirk playing on his lips and hands wrapped around me holding me in place" you could have just asked for a kiss instead of stealing one " he says with a raised eyebrow.

"uh, I was ...er.... forget it just let me go," I say faking hurt.

"What?, why will I let you go when it feels good holding you close to me," he says teasingly.

"I am hungry so let me go," I say trying to wriggle out of his hold.

"not to worry I brought something for you to eat, " he says pointing towards a plate of Mac and cheese on the nightstand.

He releases me from his hold before placing the plate on my lap" thanks " I say with a smile.

"Are you feeling okay? "he ask worriedly.

"yeah, I am feeling good " I replied taking a bite from my food.

He kept glancing at my hair and then my face with a frown on his perfect face "what? " I asked confused.

"why is your hair in a ponytail? " he asks his frown still in place.

I gave him a confused look "because I like it that way. why? " I ask.

He sighs "I don't like you putting your hair in a ponytail "

"Are you saying I don't look good with a ponytail ?"I ask with a scowl on my face.

"no you look gorgeous with it but I like seeing the full length of your hair," he says pouting.

I laughed at his expression "okay I understand but I am not losing this ponytail " I say matter of fact.

I place the empty plate on the nightstand before turning my attention back to him "a lady I met yesterday invited me to her daughter's birthday and she will be here to pick me up in few minutes " I say with a wide simile.

"who is she? " he asks.

"Aria and her daughter's name is Sadie "

"I am going with you," he says leaving no room for argument.

I sigh loudly "okay let go she will be here soon," I say taking the empty plate before pulling Lawrence towards the kitchen.

"Kate I hope you feeling okay now? "Elisa ask concerned.

"yes I have never felt so great, " I say with a simile.

"excuse me, your highness, a lady is here asking for you," a girl with brown eyes and black hair says, eyes focus on the floor.

"okay thanks," I say with a simile while she raised her head a smile on her lips before rushing out of the room.

I place the plate in the dishwasher before walking towards the living room with Lawrence trailing behind me.

"Hi Aria," I say walking towards her before pulling her into a hug.

She pulled back with a smile before bowing down in respect to Lawrence "your highness "

"I know you invited only me but he insisted on coming along, " I say with a smile.

"no problem, I am sure Sadie will be so happy seeing you two," she says with a grin.

We arrived at her place within 30mins since her place was a little far from the mansion.

Her house has a warm atmosphere and decorated with flowers and few people were invited since it was a little family party.

"your highness " a girl looking like a much younger version of Aria run towards us in surprise.

"you must be Sadie, "I say with a sweet friendly smile.

"yes, OMG you are here " she shrilly happily.

"your mum invited us, so how is the birthday party going ?" I ask looking around seeing everyone eyes on us.

I looked at Lawrence to see him smiling with his hands tucked in his pocket and amusement in his eyes.

"it's going well and is the best birthday ever," she says grinning happily.

Sadie was a fun girl to be around with, Lawrence got comfortable talking with the guys.

It was wonderful, I actually needed to get to know more people in my life.

"That was wonderful, " I say falling flat on the couch, we just got home from the party.

I promise Sadie I will teach some of my fighting styles to her and she was so happy and sad when it was time to leave.

"it looks like someone had a good time today, " Jack says smirking entering the room.

"yes, you should have seen Lawrence dance," I say laughing while Lawrence sending me a playful glare.

I actually force Lawrence to dance since he was behaving so grumpy "that will be a scene to watch " Jack says laughing.

"Oh look at who is talking, I can't believe you were scared of your own shadow" he retorted.

"It was just a misunderstanding, I was thinking my shadow was someone else," I say smugly.

It not my fault the light was dim, the moonlight was the only light seen through the room and I mistook my shadow for someone else.

"Sure it was," he says not buying my story.

"Whatever," I say rolling my eyes.

I left him going towards our room, I change into my nightwear before laying on the bed.

Later Lawrence joined me on the bed, my back facing him while he places his hand on my waist pulling me closer to him.

I fell into a deep sleep.


"wake up bitch " a voice called.

I blink looking around but all I could see is darkness "you survived my last attempt but not this one" the voice growls harshly.

I felt a hand around my neck holding tightly cutting the air from lungs "leave me" I say trying to pull the hand away desperately.

"you must die and no one will save you," the voice says has my eyes beings to give away and body getting weak.

I tried to wriggle but the hands on my neck got tighter if that was possible "help me please " I manage to chock out before welcoming my fate.

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