Letting Go

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Chapter 46

Lawrence pov:

I jerk from sleep feeling immense pain in my heart like something was pulled away from me.

My breath became heavy my heart pang in pain, I turned to see Kate asleep just like an angel she is.

I brush strands of hair from her face "wait a minute "I mumble placing my hands on her forehead.

"her body is so cold" I muttered under my breath.

"Kate wake-up you must be feeling cold" I called but no movement from her.

I tried shaking her shoulder but nothing "is she... No, it can't be" I exclaimed pushing away negative thoughts.

I brought my index finger under her nose to get any sign of breathing but nothing.

I jump off the bed before holding her wrist checking for a pulse but felt nothing, she was lifeless.

I drop her hand moving back in shock and confusion, Travis whine has my heart thundered in my chest and my heart ripping into pieces.

Tears run down my cheeks, I howl falling on my knees.

"Lawrence what going on I felt myself losing someone and here you are howl and in tears" mum ask rushing into the room scared and surprised.

Everyone rush into room confusion and concern evident on their faces.

I felt so weak and dead my life was taken away all of a sudden "Kate. Kate. wh-what w-wrong with her she n-n-not getting up "Alex stuttered brush her hand through Kate's hair.

Melanie walks towards Kate lifeless on the bed before taking her wrist" she dead" Melanie whisper sternly not believing her own words.

"no, it can't end like this " Grace cries out loudly felling on her knees while Jack tries to console her by hugging her tightly.

Anderson consoles Lillian has she breaks down in tears while dad hugs mum tightly as she cries and PA and Levi by the bed telling Melanie and Alex to pull themselves together.

Hunter growl in agony digging his claws into the palm of his hand's blood drip on the floor.

I felt a pang in my heart both physically and emotionally drained.

I rise to my feet, I glance at the lifeless body of Kate before rushing at of the room ignoring their calls.

I entered into the gym my eyes red, claws and fangs out my breathing heavily as my chest rises and falls.

I punch the punching bag with so much force breaking it off the hook.

I continued my torture, my body aching but I don't care because I feel dead the pain in my heart so much more than the ache of my bones.

"why?" I cry in anguish "why do you have to take her from me moon goddess "

I felt the urge of killing and destroying anything that comes my way.

My tongue taste for blood, I made my way out of the gym founding any scent of blood.

I walked towards the movie room to find three young pack warriors taking and watching a movie "their blood won't be enough to quash my taste " I say sounding different and feeling different.

But before I could get to them, two hands pulled me back with force, I growled at who stopped me from completing my quest.

"I can't hold him any longer " Anderson cried out as I try pulling his hands off me.

I felt something being injected into me before losing consciousness.

Melanie POV:

Lawrence was drag into the cells after losing consciousness.

Everything can't be over I feel it but with Kate dead Lawrence will be miserable and become a deadly beast.

Whenever a lycan loses its mate the lycan will become a killing machine seeking blood.

And if this happens to Lawrence it doesn't help but course destruction to everything.

"I need to say something, " I say taking a sit in the dining room as everyone did the same, I told them about the legend " but the legend never said anything about the chosen male being a king or the girl dying, " I say in confusion.

"what do you mean," Hunter asked.

"what I am trying to say is the legend is different from what is happening now," I say warily.

"But I don't understand what going on here Kate can't just die this way," Mathias says resistantly.

"the goddess of darkness must have a hand in what goes on, " I say with hatred.

"who is this goddess of darkness?" Anderson ask.

"she controls evil and darkness in the world, she vowed to destroy the moon goddess and her children"

"This was the reason the moon goddess send Travis and Taira to protect and guild her children but the goddess of darkness decided to kill them both "

"the moon goddess was so desperate to keep them away from the goddess of darkness, she place a course on them filling them with hatred for each other and only the mate bond could bring them together "

"the goddess of darkness saw this and took advantage of the hatred in the girl's heart filling it with darkness and anger for the world, the goddess of darkness could only destroy the world if Travis and Taira dies"

"can't the moon goddess stop her from causing destruction ?" Lillian ask.

"it was too late for her to do anything but she was able to bless them with a guardian to protect and guild when its times for the goddess of darkness comes to kill"

"but if they were to save the world why will the moon goddess let Kate die this way? "Levi ask confusion lacing his voice.

"you can't understand the mind of the moon goddess, " I say simply.

"but since Kate is dead does that mean the goddess of darkness is going to attack soon? " Levi ask in worry.

"yes but I feel she using someone for her evil deeds because she can't kill Kate that easily in her sleep without the moon goddess fighting for Kate's life," I say contemplating different scenarios in my mind.

"who can this person be? "Alex ask.

"The question we should ask ourselves is what going to happen next?" I say succumbing to defeat.

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