Letting Go

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Chapter 47

Kate pov:

I groan my eyes hurts, my muscle aching, I blink trying to adjust to the brightness from somewhere in the room.

I rise my body to a sitting position, I am locked in a big birdcage, my clothes change from my nightwear to a white plain dress.

"What going on here?"I ask Tiara but receive no reply.

I tried reaching to her but felt empty inside, I move in a kneeling position the bright light coming from a little hole.

I hold the cage with one hand and other trying to reach for the light" help me, is someone out there" I yell but my cries echo back hunting my thoughts.

"Lawrence, ma, aunty Melanie. Anyone "I clamor, feeling loneliness creeping in the depth of my heart "please" I whimper.

"Kate" a soft voice echo around me"you have to fight because everyone is in danger" the voice continues.

"Can you please help me whoever you are"I call out.

"You are the only one to help yourself"

"Who are you? and why can't you help me " I wrap my tears before sitting.

"I am the moon goddess but you have to free yourself because the goddess of darkness is coming " she explains.

"You are the moon goddess?" I ask surprise and in shock "wait a minute you mentioned something about a goddess of darkness," I said flustered.

"We are opposite forces, she trying to kill you and Lawrence causing destruction to everything and my beloved children, " she says with hate lancing her voice.

"Then what am I doing being locked here by who knows who?"

"You have to let go of all the hate in you before you can be free," she says warmly" you are cage in hate and anger that is overwhelming everyone around you"

"I don't get you," I say confused.

"You have to love something for you to protect it," she says, her voice fading into my mind.

I shudder in fear has the only light coming into the room enveloped in darkness.

I tried to keep my eyes focus but it felt like I am being drawn into an endless depth of darkness.

I jerk up from the bed panting, I twirled around trying to get myself together.

This is Lawrence's room, I reach for the water on the nightstand feeling sourness in my throat.

I gulp the water before placing the empty glass back on the nightstand "what just happened" I muttered under my breath bewildered staring into space.

"Kate you need to find Lawrence now"Tiara demands.

"Why? Is everything okay?" I ask with panic.

"I can't feel Travis," she says sadly.

I rush out of the room following Lawrence scent which leads down to an empty hallway.

The hall lead to an underground chamber, I felt goosebumps and fear from the chilling cold.

The walls cracked, dark without any sign of light expect from the fire lamp hanging on the walls.

The more I go deeper the more Lawrence sweet scent fills my nose increasing the beating of my heart.

Waves of shock run through me but not from the condition of this place but from the site in front of my eyes.

I close my eyes tightly letting the tears go, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves and the breaking of my heart.

I opened my eyes once again welcoming the shocking site.

Lawrence locked in the dungeon looking deadly and ready to kill, half in human form and half a lycan.

Claws in both hands and legs, clothes torn and stained with dry blood, he sits in the end corner of the cage head bowed and chest rising and falling as he breathes heavily.

I use my shaking hand to cover my mouth and the other holding the gate for balance has my legs feel like jelly.

He raises his head noticing my presence, his blood colored eyes stare at me in bewilderment and shock.

"Kate?" His voice sounding strange and husky.

I turned, looking towards the guards standing at the door staring at me in shock and fear "open the gate " I demand glancing back at Lawrence.

The guards did as I say with shaky hands, I walk into the cage towards him.

I kneel in front of him taking his hands but he growls loudly pushing away from him" Lawrence it's me, your MI Vida " I say softly moving closer.

He stared at me intensely growling under his breath before turning away from me, Taking a deep breath I walk closer placing my hand on his shoulder hoping he feels the spark of our bond.

His body tense under my touch as the only sound heard is the rumbling of his chest and the sound of my heart beating loudly.

I move my hand clutching his hand between mine "Lawrence please look at me" I whisper feeling more tears run down my cheek before feeling his hand raising my chin to meet his eyes.

His eyes flick searching my eyes with such intensity as he could not believe I was standing before him.

I watch as tears run down his face breaking my heart taking his hands from mine, he cradles my face.

I close my eyes leaning into his touch, I rest my forehead against his running my hands through his hair "Lawrence we can't let her win" I say simply opening my eyes to focus on his.

His eyes were back to the hazel color I known, fangs and nails back in their places " I felt lost when you dead" he says taking my hands has tears row down his cheeks "I thought you dead?"

"the moon goddess help in bringing me back," I say with a sad simile.

He kisses me lightly on the lips "thanks for coming back" he says with a smile.

I kiss him feeling different emotions at once, we pulled away with a smirk "you need a bath, let's go " I say extending my hands to him.

He took a bath doing his daily routine while I went to the kitchen to get him something to eat.

No one was in the kitchen which was weird "where is everyone? "I mumble confuse.

I dish out Scrambled eggs, toast bread and two cups of tea before going back into the room.

He was dressed in a black leather jacket, Blue Jeans, he stands facing the large windows with hands tucked in his jeans pocket, eyes focus on the trees outside.

I place the tray on the nightstand before walking towards him hugging his back "you scent good" I say sniffing his jacket placing a kiss on his right shoulder.

He chuckled "what a compliment, " he says turning before placing a light kiss on my lips.

"you have to eat before it gets cold, " I say brushing invisible dust from his jacket.

He intertwined our hand together pulling me towards the bed, he places the tray between us on the bed" eat up" he urges.

We ate in silence for a few minutes before Lawrence decided to break it"I don't understand " he said with a frown.

"understand what? "I ask with raised eyebrow taking a sip from my cup of tea.

"you were lifeless when I tried waking you two nights ago, " he says

"the same person who tried killing me in the forest strangled me to death in my sleep," I say nonchalantly, I explain to him how I walked up in a birdcage, what the moon goddess told me.

"We need to get ready for what is to happen next," he says intensely.


We laugh and talk as we ate but I had a feeling it won't last long.

We walked into the living room to find everyone's fear and confusion evident on their faces "Kate? is that you? "Grace ask rushing towards me before pulling me into a hug.

She pulled away tears running down her cheeks, I wipe her tears " you don't expect me to go without a fight" I say with a smile.

Lillian and everyone hugged me, Becca, Lillian and Grace cried so much I even have to stop myself from crying along with them.

Ma hugged me tightly tears rolling down her cheeks "don't you ever do that " she scolds "you gave me a heart attack "

"I am here now and never going anywhere without a fight "

Aunty Melanie told me what was going on, the border patrol got stronger, everyone has been notified to get ready for war at anytime soon.

"training is going on as we speak " Anderson informs Lawrence on the strategy and requirements.

"Kate " Hunter called from the couch.

"yes? " I ask focusing my attention on the strategy Lawrence handed to me.

"dad is on his way here he just mind link me," Hunter says warily looking everywhere but me.

"why is he coming here? " I ask suspiciously.

"he didn't say but he says I should pass this to you, you won't survive today and he will make sure of it"

"What is that supposed to mean? " I muttered under my breath feeling disturbed.

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