Letting Go

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Chapter 48

Kate pov:

"I feel uneasy, "I say pacing around the office while Lawrence sits watching me intensely "something is about to happen, I don't get why he is on his way here and what his message means. Something is really fishy" I sigh running my hand through my hair in frustration.

"calm down Kate, " Lawrence says calmly walking towards me.

He places his hand on my shoulders making me relax "he literally said I won't survive this time" I say resting my head on his shoulder.

He lifts my chin looking me in the eyes "we are ready for anything that going to come our way" he says with a smile.

I feel like am not even ready for what comes my way" we are going to get through this together" he says sensing my fear "don't stress "

I simile weakly "okay let get this over with," I say pulling him out of the room towards the field where everyone is training.

"Kate over here" Becca yells waving from the field where she is training with Ethan.

I left Lawrence side walking towards Becca and Ethan "Kate I need your help" Becca says glaring at Ethan playful who has a smirk on his lips.

"and for what exactly, "I say hiding my smile.

"Ethan is getting on my nerves because he thinks he has more skills in fighting than me," she says between clashed teeth.

"I have skills just admit it, Becca, " he says smirking pulling Becca closer.

Always competitive but what can I say it all love" you have skills Ethan when it comes to fighting " I say, Ethan grin widely while Becca frown at me " but my friend here" I simile mischievously wrapping my hand on Becca shoulder "has skills in other aspects " I wink making Becca blush.

"I know she does, " Ethan says laughing.

"shut up," Becca says hitting Ethan on his belly lightly.

"you highness Alpha Janes is close to the border with his warriors calling for war" I receive through the pack mind link.

"okay keep him from crossing the border, Anderson, and Lillian move everyone to the safe house" safe house? I didn't know there is a safe house" Jack get all the warriors and come with me" Lawrence orders through the mind link.

"I am coming with you, right? " I ask, "there is no way I am leaving this for you alone" I mind link him privately.

"Kate you stay back, I can't let you come with me," he says pleading.

"no, you said we are in this together so why are you leaving me out of this," I say getting angry.

He was silent for a second before replying" I can take care of this don't you worry "

"I am coming with you," I say not giving him any more thought to my decision.

"you will stay here" he orders using his power "Hunter get Kate, Becca, and Grace to the safe house before joining us okay"

"Levi go with mum to the safe house while Alex, dad, Melanie, and PA come with us" he orders.

He walks towards me kissing me on my forehead before shifting into his lycan running into the forest with the warriors tailing after him.

I plead with Lawrence through the mind link but he blocked me out, I tail after Hunter defected with Lawrence command.

I helped the children and women into the safe house with the help of my girls, Hunter left after bring me into the safe house, he assured me everything will be taking care of but I still feel I am needed there and not here.

"you have to love something for you to protect it" the moon goddess words echo in my mind.

"Tiara what can we do? " I ask reaching out to her.

"We are one with him and he can't do this without us," she says.

"We have to do this" I strip off my clothes before shifting into my large white lycan running out of the safe house through the forest.

The trees pass in a blur, my paws digging into the soil as I run at full speed.

The smell of blood and dirt fill my nostril, I almost gag but hold it in, I shift behind a tree before putting on my clothes.

I follow the sent towards the border, dead wolves both in human form, I look around to find Ma black and white wolf fighting off a wolf while aunty Melanie helping a much smaller wolf than her honey brown wolf.

Everyone fighting and wolves getting killed, my dad's pack were getting the upper hand using their strength and number.

My dad's pack was never good when it comes to fighting and they were small in number but from what I am seeing that has changed.

Something cut my eyes from the corner a large brown wolf jumping in an attacking way towards Lawrence.

I use my strength jumping in the right angle catching it before it could get anywhere closer to Lawrence.

I pull myself up from the wolf, Lawrence rush towards me standing protectively in front of me.

He bites the wolf by the neck before turning around to face me, he growls at me "I ask you to stay back" he mind link.

"Oh, you are welcome because I just saved your life" I snap sarcastically glaring at the white lycan standing in front of me.

"Lawrence let her be, you are one that means you need her" aunty Melanie mind link.

Lawrence groans while I simile winning this round" you better be careful" he warned.

"I will, you are talking to a very good fighter here, " I say smugly but was cut off by the most annoying voice ever.

"now the whole family is complete " Alpha Janes says walking towards us with a devilish smirk.

"what is all this alpha Janes, "I say between clash teeth.

"What is this?" he asks forming innocence "this my revenge, " he says with cold eyes, anger radiating off him.

"you were the one who tried to kill me," I say in shock and bewildered.

Tears running down my eyes has the only hope of getting a fatherly love came crashing down "what did I ever do to you. Why do you always hurt me" I yelled not caring how valuable I look in front of him.

Everyone shifts back to their human form.

Silence surrounds us everyone watching the drama unfold, Lawrence tries wiping my tears away but I stop him from doing so.

I am tired of acting strong, I want him to see the pain he cost me "you took my mate away and you ask me what you did" he says raising his voice.

"DAD" Hunter yells walking towards us with eyes dark with anger.

"stop there you know what she did and you choose to forgive her," he says stopping him from going closer to me.

"dad all the anger is killing you," he says walking towards me ignoring his father's order" I can't leave like that anymore and I am not letting you hurt her. You've done enough " he says lacing his hand with mine.

"he is no longer himself " aunty Melanie tells everyone through the mind link.

"what does that mean," I asked confused.

"the goodness of darkness feeds on his anger for you using it to get control of his mind," she says eyeing him in disgust.

"what can be done? "Lawrence ask.

"you can only set him free by cutting through his heart," she says warily.

" We can't do that" don't get me wrong here, I know he is trying to kill me and all but I can't end his life. He deserves a second chance after all" maybe I can get him to understand this all wrong" I say sincerely.

"I believe there is love still in his heart for me," I say nonchalantly.

"if you are done chatting let me know, " he says in a boring tune.

"dad " I called gaining his attention.

"I have told you countless times I am not your father, " he says harshly.

"you are my dad. You brought me to this world "I say softly walking cautiously towards him" I know you believe I killed mum but ..." I paused waiting for him to say something harsh.

He says nothing so I continue "I was just a Pup who needed a motherly love, a mother to care, a mother I could cry on, a mother who I can learn from" his eyes softened while staring intensely into his eyes tears flowing freely from mine.

"you lost your mate while I lost my mum. You feel pain but do you feel the pain of not being good enough, pain that no one we ever love you not even your family" I say pouring my feelings out without a care in the world and it feels good.

"I feel that pain and it hurts badly, it hurts to always act strong when all you need is someone to cry on," I say wrapping my tears.

"I always wish you could love me as your daughter, I tried gaining your attention and the only thing I could think about was to get in trouble if that the only way for you to see that you have a daughter and not just a son"

"you blame me for the death of your mate, I blame myself forever coming to this world," I say taking his hands in mine.

"Dad this is your daughter who loves you with everything, who craves for your attention and love" I hold his hands tightly staring at him with pleading eyes.

"I need you in my life has my father and guardian, " I say with a smile.

His eyes switch like he was conversing with his wolf but it must be the goodness of darkness" stop this you witch " he snapped holding me by my neck lifting me off my feet.

The smile still on my lips" I'm sorry that I only ever mess things up, I'm sorry that I have a bad attitude, I'm sorry I'm a waste of space, I'm sorry I'm a waste of time, I'm sorry I'm such a burden, I'm sorry I'm a huge fuck up, I'm sorry I can't do anything right" I say calmly as possible holding on to the last of my breath has the pressure gets tighter.

Lawrence and hunter tried rushing towards me but was stopped by aunty Melanie and Ma.

"I'm sorry but I forgive you," I say letting go of my anger and hate.

Tears roll down his cheeks as he releases his hold on my neck, I fell on the ground holding my neck to ease the burning sensation and get much-needed air into my lungs.

"my pup, " he says looking at his hands like it was foreign to him.

My eyes widened in shock, he just called me his pup, he fell on his knees hugging me tightly like it was the last.

We cried together, he pulls back staring at me intensely "I am sorry for what I have done to you" he pleaded.

"I forgive you," I say sincerely.

"my son, come here" he calls for Hunter.

Hunter rush towards us joining in the hug" take care of your sister okay" he says with a simile.

"I will" Hunter reply with a smile.

He looked up towards Lawrence" thank you for putting a smile my daughter's face, be with her always " he says while Lawrence reply with a nod "thank you, Alex, for taking care of her and teaching her all that she knows I can never repay you for your kindness" he says.

"It was my duty," Ma says with a nod.

"thank you all for being the pillar to her life" he glances back at us with a smile "Hunter I want you to lead the pack with integrity never follow my part because you will lose everything in the end," he says patting his shoulder softly.

"Kate it time," he says softly.

"time for what? " I ask warily in confusion.

"you have to kill me" he exclaimed.

"w...what why will I do that? " I ask shock.

"Kate this only thing you can do to set me free," he says pleading.

"no, I can't do this, " I say shaking my head in disbelief.

"Kate listens to me you have to do this " Hunter says holding my hand.

"I can't hold on anymore she is gaining control "he exclaimed.

"Okay," I say, my claws inject out pushing into his chest ripping out his heart has my fangs dig through his neck.

He groans in pain as tears run down from my eyes, whining at the pain.

Cries of agony fill the air" no, no, no"

I remove my fangs feeling his lifeless body under me, Lawrence pulled me into a hug.

I cry bitterly, Lawrence hugged me tightly sending hope through the mind link "it aright" he said playing with my hair.

I release him from the hug nodding my head in reply, I walked towards Ma hugging her tightly "it okay my dear" she pats my back.

"so what next?" Anderson asks warily.

"it not over yet," aunty Melanie says has the clouds grow darker and smoke clouds everywhere.

"she's here," Ma says in fear.

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