Letting Go

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Chapter 49(The End)

Kate pov:

"she's here," Ma says fear lacing her voice.

The clouds grow darker by the minute, blackbirds flew from the clouds surrounding a particular spot than a lady with white long hair and black dress step through the forest.

Her eyes white and big black feather wings on her back, she gave a signal and a bird flew resting on her wrist.

This unknown creature gives me goosebumps, eyes focus on us with a devilish smile.

She walked towards us, power radiating from her, her every step sending fear into us and she knows it because are smile never flutters.

"Who are you?" Lawrence orders no sign of fear but of confusion and anger.

The unknown creature laughs like she heard the funniest thing ever" you deeply hurt my feelings Travis " she says before glancing at elder Mathias with a smirk " it seems like you didn't do your duty effectively"

"but not too worry I can help with that," she says walking confidently towards us "I am the goodness of darkness and it so splendid to be in front of you all"

She walks towards me staring into my eyes with distaste and anger, she uses are index finger in lifting my chin up " I was thinking, instead of killing you why don't I give you a chance, join me" she says maliciously.

"with your strength, we can build an empire together, because I see a girl who deserves more and not just this pitiable feelings," she says in disgust.

"I can never fell for your devilish schemes, " I say harshly "I will pass because I rather not end up like you, bitter and a total scumbag " I spite coldly.

Her finger digs into my skin drawing blood out, I hiss in pain while Lawrence growl in a warning for her to release me " you better think twice before I end your life and this time you won't resurrect" she says maliciously bringing my chin higher, I could feel the aching of my bones.

I wrap my hand round her hand on my chin digging my claws into her skin.

She releases her hold slapping me so hard the air knocks out of my lungs, I fall on the ground clutching my face feeling the hotness of the slap which will surely live a scar for few days.

Lawrence growl angrily going for the attack but was pulled back by elder Mathias.

She picks me up with a smile on her lips" it looks like I have to teach you on how to show respect "

She claws my stomach making me hiss from the pain "Kate holds on for few minutes " Tiara informs me sadness lacing her voice.

"what going to happen in a few minutes? " I exclaimed.

Before she could reply I felt pain run through my body from the claws digging into my sensitive flesh " I love hearing you cry in agony, it gives me joy" she said laughing.

Lawrence rushes towards my side pulling me away from her before she could bite into my neck " I am so sorry you will be alright okay" he said placing my head on his lap trying to stop the bleeding.

Light surrounds us clearing the clouds, the moon goddess came through the cloud " you have done enough take her away" she orders.

Write wolves run towards the goodness of darkness putting her into a chain and pulling her into an unknown place while ignoring her cries" let me go "

I feel weak has darkness clouds my vision "Kate, don't close your eyes" Lawrence whisper brushing my hair has tears run down his eyes betraying him.

I cough trying to keep my eyes open but it difficult when all I want to do is sleep and forget all this ever happened, that my life was a fairytale and not a nightmare.

"I can't, let me sleep okay just for few minutes" I plead feeling exhausted and drained both physically and emotionally.

"don't you die on me Kate, you have to keep your eyes open. Anderson calls the pack doctor " he yells.

"I am here, let me see," the pack doctor says kneeling in front of me going through his medical kit.

Everyone watches intensely with tears in their eyes "take this " the moon goddess says handling a small liquid bottle to Lawrence has the doctor tries to stopping the bleeding "she should drink it, it will stop the bleeding and give her strength " she says with a smile.

Lawrence takes it from her with a grateful nod "drink this " he says placing the bottle near my lips.

I drink the whole content in the bottle, the bitter liquid brings my taste bladder back to life with the bitterness level.

I close my eyes for a few minutes feeling my energy renewed and my heart feeling whole and different like I have no worries.

I opened my eyes to see Lawrence's face filled with concern.

He hugged me tightly before helping me on my feet, my hand wrapped around his shoulders for support.

The moon goddess says with a smile on her face "thank you for saving my children "

"We should be the one thanking you," Lawrence said with a smile.

"Just remember everything I do is for the best and well-being of my children, you should guild and lead them in the way of honesty and love"

She turns towards Ma and elder Mathias "you two deserve the love of a mate" she says with a smirk "Mathias you shall be Alex mate to love and protect her and Alex you do the same "

Ma blush while elder Mathias smile lovely at her "I always knew they will end up together " I whisper to Lawrence laughing lightly.

"Hunter I bless you with the strength to lead your pack and a mate to stand with you," she says staring intensely at Hunter while he bowed in appreciation.

"Melanie live your life doing good deals and share the love because you are blessed with a heart filled of love," she said walking towards Aunty Melanie and holding her hands.

"I will do that," she says with a smile.

She left Aunty Melanie side walking towards me and Lawrence "love and selflessness that what you both need"

She looked at everyone with a smile "I always will watch over you all because what is a mother without her children" she says.

Everyone bows as she walks into an unknown place, she turns looking at me "your mum is proud of the woman you've became, I never once hated you" she says disappearing.

I smile feeling happy and freedom overwhelm me, we all change into our wolves and lycans before running back to the mansion.

We Celebrate our victory, I receive hugs and gratitude from everyone.

I walk hand in hand with Lawrence into our room to change for the party of our success with our kingdom and other packs.

I grin widely locking eyes with Lawrence with a grin of his own.

I've only just realized how utterly exhausted and drained I am after living in a near constant of fight-or fight for so long.

I'm so done feeling like everyone is tired of me or doesn't want me because I learned being hurt is one of the ways to find your strength.

That crying doesn't indicate that you are weak because since birth it has always been a sign you're alive.

I have learned tears are words that the heart can't say and pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser.

And forgiveness makes you better but repeating the same mistakes makes you worst.

"When I look at you I see my hope, my salvation because you help me build the woman I am today," I say with a simile.

He pulled me closer wrapping his hands around my waist and my hands around his neck" you are my Mi Vida, you show me there is more to life than what you see" he says with love in his eyes.

"I love you with my whole life," he says his eyes sparkling from the lights.

"I love you," I say with a smile "Thanks for teaching me it never worth holding on to the pain but letting go means strength, " I say locking his lips with mine.

This doesn't mean it over but the beginning of something new and maybe dangerous because I love taking risks.

Like what Aunty Melanie said after the end of the battle "we are glorious we will no longer be afraid only through pain can you achieve your greatness, the impure are the untouched, the unburned, the unslain. Those who have not been torn have no valve in themselves and no place in this world!"


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