Letting Go

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Chapter 7

Kate pov:

Opening the door to the room, the queen size bed calls for me, I walk into the bathroom taking a long-needed shower before going into the walk-in closet to change into my pajamas before going back into the room.

I sigh tiredly welcoming the softness of the bed, I roll a couple of times finding the perfect position to sleep in.

It really has been a stressful day for me with all the unexpected events.

I guess the moon goddess never gets tired of surprising me.

I am so confused and still in shock, what I am to do with this new development?, this is a very big step for me to take, I am not even prepared to accept a mate into my messed up life.

How am I to handle this bond growing between us? How? "Tiara you know we don't need him right?" I ask more to myself than to her.

" We do Kate you have to accept that," she says softly.

"no we don't, remember we only need grandma not anybody else, after all, we both agreed to never crave or want the pain and heartache that comes with this thing called a mate but already you are falling without getting any acknowledgment from our mate "

"I can't just run into his hands like a damsel in distress, I don't think so, "I say getting irritated, she feels because he is her other half that gives him the right to treat us like trash, he even orders everyone to keep us being mate a secret.

I can't fall for this mate pull, I refuse to be a fool and another sad victim to this bond.

I can't end up like my dad," I know but try seeing it from my point of view he is our other half, soul mate and he will never hurt us just give him time and he will love us the way we deserve" she says calmly, unbelievable.

Anger builds up inside me from her careless use of words "enough of this, I can't submit or wait until he decides to see me us as his mate, I am not letting this bond grow between " I say groaning angrily.

"I can't have this conversation with you when you being hotheaded," she says harshly.

"and also not when you are being a bitch and a lovesick puppy, " I say harshly cutting the mind link.

I balled my fists screaming loudly letting my frustration out before being interrupted by a knock on the door.

I sigh hoping nobody heard me screaming "come in the door is open " I called out to the person behind the door or rather an angry lady behind the door.

Ma steps into the room looking angry if this was a cartoon show I am sure smokes would be coming out of her ears and nose "young lady we need to have a serious conversation about your cold and nonchalant attitude " she says with a look of don't you dare argue with me.

But I being me I did"If it's about my so-called mate, then we are not having any discussion, "I say stubbornly facing my back towards her.

"Kate your really getting on my last nerve. "she says walking towards me before sitting on the edge of the bed " and no it's not about your mate you can handle that yourself"

Thank you, goddess, she could trust me with that"so what about? " I say resting my back on the headboard while placing my hand on my lap.

" I came here to tell you I will be here for you if you ever need me," she says taking a deep breath.

I fiddle with the covers trying to keep my eyes from her worry-filled eyes " your cold attitude and like of respect towards the royals bothers me, it makes me feel like I did wrong with the way I raised you " she says holding my hands in hers.

Her words pierce my soul, her feeling disappointed is a feeling I never want to experience from her, I move towards her taking a seat beside her "Ma, I am so sorry but this just the way I am " I say meeting her gaze " I feel the need to be dominant and not give them the right as royals to step on me" I took her hands in mine.

"I know this is going be a hard thing to go through but you are stronger than this, I have watched you since birth, you can make discussion for yourself but please dread cautiously" she runs her hand across my chin with a smile " look my baby girl is no more a child but a grown woman "she says with tears in her eyes.

"you know when I look at you now knowing that you found your mate I discovered it's about time to let you go," she says with tears running down her cheeks.

I flinch seeing the tears roll down her cheeks, I pull her into my tight embrace " Grandma I am never leaving you, how can you think of such rubbish. " I say as she rubs her hands up and down my back" you are my everything I love you ma, after the way he looked at me with disgust and treated me badly I will never let it get to me more or less my heart, " I say pulling away staring into her eyes.

"I love you so much ma," I say wiping the tears from under her eyes.

"I love you too sweetheart," she says with a wide grin.

" Okay enough, go to bed we are having training tomorrow morning by 6:00," she says grinning before standing to leave.

"so fast we just arrived today, give me one more day to get to know this place please," I plead giving my puppy dog eyes hoping it we give her a change of heart.

Keyword hoping "no that won't work on me go to bed now, goodnight dear," she says while locking the door after her.

'goodnight' I mumbled at the close door.

I close my eyes to a say a little prayer " please moon goddess let tomorrow be a great day, even if I should know best and please don't ever surprise me this way again " I mumble pulling the covers over myself.

After rolling in bed for few minutes I gave up finding it hard to sleep so I try calling for Tiara " Tiara I am sorry about the way I spoke rudely to you it was very inappropriate "no reply, I have been trying to get Tiara to speak but nothing is changing her mind. Always acting stubborn.

"Tiara. Tiara" nothing she must be very angry at me to ignore my calls.

I finally fell asleep into a land called dreamland.

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