Letting Go

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Chapter 9

Kate pov :

I wake up to the sound of someone knocking on the door, who could that be by this time

Deciding to ignore whoever is behind the door by getting comfy hoping the person leaves.

After constant knocking on the door, I groan angrily walking lazily towards the door to have a serious conversation with the person behind the door.

I pull the door open to find grandma dressed in her training outfit with her angry stare directed at me.

oh, moon goddess training I forget about the training today, I was hoping she would forget all about it but I guess not.

"Good morning grandma, how was your night?," I ask innocently opening the door wider to let her in.

"Don't hey me we have training go get ready," she says with a not taking any step into the room.

"Okay ma," I say closing the door at her face while stuffing a yawn with my hand.

I enter into the closet deciding to skip bath until after training.

I pull together black sports bra and black matching leggings from my new set of clothes then pairing it up with a colored jacket and black sneakers (picture below)

Satisfied with my look I walk out closing the room door behind me facing the angry look of my grandma" let go I was able to get the map of the palace. Here is the training room" she says showing me the map pointing towards a little box circled in red marker with a letter under indicating the training room.

we follow the direction on the map, once again this mansion is so big with a different wing.

We got to the training room in no time( picture of the training room below)

The room is beautiful with exercising equipment everywhere, this place is well equipped with things unknown to me but I am willing to try every equipment here.

Ma places her bags on the bench by the corner of the room before stretching her hands and legs " let start with a cardio" she says clapping her hands together in an ordering manner.


Right now I am currently laying on the rug of the training room tired and thirsty, my muscles ache.

MA really did push me over my limit today teaching me killing and attacking strategies, but with Tiara, still angry with me is not happening at all.

Ma walks towards me looking all sweaty but relaxed "take this. You are through for today since you are already so tired "she says giving me a bottle of water.

"thank you ma," I say sitting up, I finish the water within seconds before pushing my weak and aching body from the training room to my room.

Feeling all sweaty and stinky I got under the shower before doing my morning routine.

I wrap a towel around my body before walking into the walk-in closest.

I decide on a white tank top, black pencil jeans and strap black and white button-up shirt.

I leave my face bare of any makeup, I let my hair fall on my shoulders then paring my outfit with brown leather boot (picture below).

Feeling satisfied with my look I walk out the closet planning on finding something to eat.

I walk out shocked to find Lillian sitting comfortably on my bed with her signature smile in place.

what does she want now?, I really need a less dramatic day "no offense but can I help you ?"I ask watching her cautiously.

she smiles excitedly looking up at me" I came to get you for a tour around the palace" she explains before walking towards me" I can see you ready let go" she says literally dragging me out of the room.

Goodbye to my less dramatic day.

while walking through the hallways my stomach growled loudly gaining her attention and some pack members walking by.

she turns to look at me smirking" it looks like we have to feed you first come with me" yeah captain obvious, how embarrassing.

we walk towards the second wing where the private kitchen is located, walking in to find the kitchen empty.

she directs me to take a seat on the kitchen stool by the counter before watching her prepare scrambled and beacon while she continues talking about things I have no interest in.

I sigh audibly as she places the scrambled egg and beacon into a plate before placing it on the table"eat up now I have places to show you" she says filing a glass with strawberry yogurt before taking a seat on one of the stools.

"Yeah, I can't wait for that, "I say Sarcastically.

I eat silently while Lillian screws through her phone.

A tall beautiful girl with red-dyed hair dressed in wash ripped jeans paired with a crop top showing off her well-toned belly.

"hey, Britta, "Lillian says with a fake smile while watching her every move cautiously.

"How are you doing?" She says ignoring the wary look on Lillian's face before casting her judging look on me " and who is this?" she asks giving me a once overlook not looking pleased.

"she is the new girl," Lillian says before standing from the stool, "let leave," she says walking with fast steps out of the room expecting me to follow her.

I place my empty plate and cup before running after he "who is that girl?, and by the way this new girl as a name" I say catching up to her.

she looks tensed up" that was Britta. stay out of her way okay," she says still increasing her Steps.

weird but I let it go anyway I will surely found out who she is to Lillian.

"So where are we going to now?" I ask awkwardly sounding lost.

"to watch a movie or anything you would like to do," she says training returning back to her cheerful self.

"Okay, I think we should watch a movie," we made our way towards the private Tv room meant of the royals.

We walk into a big hall with large plasma and chairs around, a center table well decorated with flowers the and walls were colored with gray, black and white bringing a comfortable vibe.

She walks towards the plasma taking the Tv controller from the shelf below the plasma "so under which genre will you like to watch" she says switching the Tv on.

"maybe horror," I say smugly taking a seat on one of the couch.

she looked me in a way that says I just killed her favorite movie actor " are you serious, no way are we watching that. let watch a romance movie instead, " she says placing her self on the couch closer to me " I love romance movie" she says smiling widely.

"Why then did you ask me if you already made up your mind, "I say glaring playfully at her.

"I thought you would say a romantic movie not horror " she shrugs.

"typical girls things, " I say rolling my eyes at her, she ignores me deciding on a movie.

I am really liking this movie, a few minutes into the movie a man walks gaining our attention.

He as short brown hair, black eyes looking like he just in his twenties.

Lillian rushes towards him sensing his presence pulling him in a tight hug "how have you been Lillian, miss me?" he asks showing his perfect white teeth.

"elder Mathias! fine and yes I missed you a lot" she says going in for another hug.

"and who are you, pretty lady," he says looking towards my direction while letting go of Lillian.

"Kate David, "I say standing up from the comfy couch.

"Okay then you must be the one who was sent to us from Alpha janes," he says stretching his hand for a handshake " nice to meet you dear" I accept his hand in a handshake feeling a fatherly comfort from him.

He smiles with a knowing look in his eyes "Lillian please take me to your father" he says looking serious and in a business mood.

"okay. Kate sees you later" she says leaving the room with him walking behind her.

I think this movie is over for now.

I should go see what grandma is up but I don't know where her room is located.

"you can use her scent," Tiara says making her self know.

"thanks and I am very sorry for yesterday," I say apologizing.

"I am sorry too," she says cutting the mind link.

I followed the scent up towards the last wing is located before locating a room.

Not taking my time to knock I push the door open locking my eyes with something I wish are didn't.

Standing in front of me is my so-called mate and the girl from earlier called Britta making out with her hand wrapped around her waist while her hand wraps around his neck.

He must have felt my presence because his eyes open locking with mine in an emotionless stare.

I refuse to look weak in front of him I raise my head up closing the door leaving them to enjoy each other company.

I don't why I followed his scent instead of ma's own but I wish I didn't.

So this is the reason he refused to acknowledge me as his mate because of that bitch but I will not let him get to me never.

I hope Tiara sees clearly that he doesn't want us.

I decide walking towards my room instead while making different plans on how to get back at him.

The game is on.

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