His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 8: Regret

Luna’s POV:

Making my way towards my drawer, I looked through the many films that I had and became indecisive on what movie Eli and I should watch. But the feeling of Elijah’s hand grabbing my shoulder made me flinch as I turned to look at him...

“Luna, I’m sorry...but something important came up. I promise I’ll make it up to you though, okay.”

He explained apologetically while planting a sudden kiss on my forehead!

“Where are you going?”

I asked him in a disappointed pout while crossing my arms.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about, just stay here and I’ll call you later tonight. Make sure you lock the door when I leave.”

He said in a reassuring smile as he held me tightly before leaving...

The sounds of his footsteps grew faded as the echoing of the door could be heard being shut right after. I immediately felt lonely again... being home, all to myself. It becomes almost suffocating. But I shouldn’t let that overtake me, so I looked over at the clock and was shocked to see how late it was getting! I didn’t realize how much time had passed, but then again...I guess when you spend time with someone you love...time doesn’t seem to matter.

However, I’m very curious about who he was talking to on the phone earlier? Flooding myself with questions, I heard a faint ringing coming from my kitchen! It was my phone! I forgot I had left it in my bag! Sprinting down the hallway, I grabbed my backpack from the kitchen and began searching for my phone before answering it...

“Hello, Alexa? How are you calling me right now? I thought your parents took away your phone?”

I asked her as I made my way back to my room...

“Hey, I know it sounds surprising but I was able to convince my parents to give me back my phone...as long as I promise to keep my grades up this time! Lucky me! Anyways, I called to ask if you wanted to go to the party tonight...I know I asked you during lunch, but you should really come! It will be fun...”

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t feel comfortable being around people who drink-”

“I promise you it will be fine, it’s not like everyone just goes to get drunk, this is your chance to meet people and make new friends. Come on, please! For me! Your best friend that you love so much!”

Alexa pleaded, releasing a sigh, I looked out the window to see the many stars already covering the night sky. Maybe...I should go, it would be a good distraction. Better than being home alone...

“Okay...fine, I’ll go. But I’m not drinking or dancing-”

“You’ll come! Really?! Oh my god! I love you so much, you won’t regret it! I’ll have my boyfriend drive us over in a bit, see you soon!”

“What?! Hey...Hello?!”

Before I could say anything, she had already hunged up on me. Looking down at my phone, I rubbed my tired-like eyes before I decided to get ready. Hope I don’t regret going, I don’t wanna second guess myself but...Eli did tell me not to go. Then again, he didn’t tell me where he was going tonight...should I let him know that I’m going to the party? It’s not like I’m going alone. But as I tried calling him, I kept getting sent to voicemail. Strange, he always answers my calls?

“I guess I’ll just send him a message...”

I said to myself as I made my way outside the house, locking the front door, I began to wait until Alexa’s boyfriend pulled along the driveway. Though I would occasionally look back at my phone to see if Eli had read my text...

My attention was then brought towards the sounds of a car suddenly honking! Looking over at the driveway, I immediately smiled at the sight of Alexa poking out her head through the passenger window as she waved me down! Making my way towards the car, I stopped in my tracks the moment I saw what Alexa was wearing, her short skirt, and crop top didn’t leave much to the imagination. I’m surprised she can wear that so confidently, I can never. Though I am jealous of her perfect figure...I’ll forever just wear jeans and simple shirts for the rest of my life...

“Luna! I’m so happy you decide to come with us! It’s gonna be so much fun!”

She said with excitement before giving me a bear hug!

“Oh! This is my boyfriend Chris! Chris, this is my other lover, Luna.”

Alexa kindly introduced us as she pulled away from our quick embrace. Giving Chris a friendly smile, he reached out his hand and I kindly shooked it before taking a good look at his appearance. I have to say, he’s actually really good-looking. I can’t tell who would be taller, him or Eli...

“It’s very nice to finally meet you, Alexa has been talking non-stop about you. I hope you’ll take good care of her...”

As I said that, I realized I sounded like some kind of parent. Eww, what’s wrong with me? I hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of weirdo now!? No wonder I’m so anti-social, I can’t make good conversation with people without sounding awkward...

“It’s nice to finally meet you as well. Are you guys ready to get going?”

He asked with a smile as I watched Alexa grabbing onto his arm. It’s weird, but the age gap between these two is fairly big. Since he’s in college, It’s obvious that he’s a lot older than eighteen. And with Alexa being only sixteen...I do worry if he’s taking advantage of her. But no matter what I say...I don’t think it will make much of a difference. I could see just how much Alexa really likes this guy. So I’ll just be as supportive as I can...

“Yeah...I’m ready. I’m just a bit nervous...this is my first time going to a party.”

I said to both of them as we entered Chris’s car...

“There’s no need to be nervous, just try to enjoy yourself,” He said before starting the engine.

“Yeah! Besides, you’ll be with me so don’t freak out.”

Alexa quickly worded in, watching her put on some lipstick. I decided to do the same thing, the only difference was that mine was lip balm...

“Yeah, you’re probably right! I’ll try and have a good time...”

I responded with confidence as I placed my seat belt on.

The drive wasn’t too long surprisingly, pulling along the sidewalk, I stepped out of the car. Though the image of what I was seeing blew my mind! So many cars were parked outside this one house! I could only imagine how many people are inside, the loud music could be heard vibrating inside my ears as we got closer to the house. Are we supposed to knock or something? My question was soon answered once Chris opened the door!

“We just walk in?”

I asked Alexa, she then led me inside the house as I grew a bit anxious...

“Yeah, it’s not like people are gonna hear us knocking.”

She said in high laughter, though it was becoming difficult to hear with how loud the music was!

Entering the house, all I saw was a sea of people everywhere! Many were seen dancing and grinding up on each other really inappropriately...it’s almost as if they’re having sex but with clothes on! How can people dance like that and not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed!? Lord knows I would be!

As I continued to follow Alexa and her boyfriend through the crowd of people, we made our way to what seems to be the kitchen. All I saw was liquor upon liquor and red plastic cups everywhere, I already made it very clear to Alexa that I will not be drinking. I hope she hasn’t forgotten, turning my gaze towards them. I was stunned to see that they were already making out! Looking away, I felt my cheeks flushed...they really don’t waste any time. If Alexa is having sex, I hope she’s smart enough to use protection. If not, I should probably give her the talk later when we’re alone...

Unsure of what to do, I grabbed a bag of chips and began snaking away. I know I should take this time to meet new people, but that kinda seems impossible with how drunk some people are. As I started to look around, I was wanting to find a place to sit. It was starting to become awkward just standing next to my best friend and her boyfriend making out. I’m beginning to feel like a third wheel almost, I need a breather...

“Hey Alexa, I’ll be back! I need to use the restroom!”

I yelled at her through the loud music as I leaned close to her ear...

“Did you want me to come with you!?”

She raised her voice back in response...

“No, It’s fine! I won’t take long!”

I said to her, leaving her and Chris alone. I made my way through the sea of people, in search of a bathroom! Though it was kinda hard to see with some lights being dim and other lights flashing on and off constantly. Though I was suddenly caught off guard by someone grabbing on my hand tightly! However, I grew panicked the moment they began pulling me in their direction! Unable to make out their face with this horrible lighting, I tried to pull myself away from this person! But it only caused them to tighten their grip even more! This isn’t good! I need to do something quick!

“Let me go you pervert! I swear, I’ll kick you in the balls!”

I yelled out my threats, but that didn’t stop him from pulling me towards the back door, which led to the outside of the backyard! Why is this person bringing me out here!?

“I...mean it! I’m...gonna do it!”

I cried out as I felt my voice trembling! Though I calmed down the instant I saw people outside as well, at least I won’t be alone out here. But what the hell does this person plan on doing with me?!

“I’m sorry Luna, but you couldn’t hear me in there....so I had to bring you outside. What are you doing here anyway? I thought you said you weren’t coming to the party?”

Hearing him finally speak, he released my hand as he turned himself around to look at me.

“Ren!? Oh, thank goodness...I thought it was some drunk idiot being a pervert or something...”

I gasped out in relief.

“So... you’re not going to kick me in the balls then?”

He said chuckling as he placed his hands in his pockets.

“Yeah...forget I ever said that... but I am sorry about threatening to kick you...down there,” I said apologetically. I can’t believe I said that to Ren!

Giving out a sigh, I ended up explaining how I ended up coming here. And to Ren’s surprise, he giggled as we both watched the chaos of what people were doing. From watching people jump into the pool in their clothes, to others just passing out on the cold floor. This scene really isn’t for me...

“I see...so that’s why you’re here. Well, in any case, let me show you to the restroom. It’s upstairs, but we’re gonna have to make our way through a lot of people...so I think it’s best if you hold my hand so we don’t lose each other.”

He said as he stuck out his hand, letting out a nod, I was hesitant at first but decided to take his hand. But the feeling of his palm touching mine felt so warm. Ren then gave me a reassuring smile, avoiding his gaze, I looked back down at his hand that was holding mine. I couldn’t help but feel a bit shy for some reason. Was his hand always this big?

As we made our way through the crowd of people, we were finally able to reach the upstairs. The music wasn’t as loud up here like it was downstairs. Soon Ren and I began to conversate about the party and how he was thinking about leaving in a few minutes, maybe I should just go home as well? Since we were so deep into our conversation I didn’t even realize that we were still holding hands...

“The bathroom should be just around the corner here. Luna...umm, my family is planning on throwing a BBQ this upcoming weekend...and I was wondering if you wanted to come....”

All I heard was Ren’s words fading away...because at that very moment when we made that turn in the corner. Everything had stopped moving for me...I could no longer hear what Ren was saying anymore, even the music in the background sounded insignificant. My body stood still, motionless to the point where I felt I could no longer breathe. My heart stung with every beating and my eyes began to blur as I watched the person in front of me...breaking me into tears of heartache!

Ren realizing that I was longer paying attention to him, he looked at me with concern and confusion. His eyes followed my gaze to where I was looking at. It was Eli...his body was backed up against the hallway wall with a blonde girl leaning close to his chest! I watched as Elijah gripped her shoulders as the girl had her arms wrapped around his neck. What I witnessed made my heart drop as I saw both of their lips touching one another...

The reality hit me when the pain in my heart wasn’t stopping. This wasn’t a horrible nightmare that I was having, it was real! Feeling the many tears escaping down my cheeks, I immediately let go of Ren’s hand and began to run the other way!

“Luna, wait!”

Continuing to run down the hall, I stumbled a few times trying to make my way down the stairs. I couldn’t look back, I wouldn’t. I didn’t care who was calling out to me, I just wanted to get away from here...I regret it...I regret coming here!

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