His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 9: Alcohol

Elijah’s POV:

“This is such bullsh*t!”

I said to myself angrily as I made my way out of Luna’s house. I adjusted my manhood in my pants and began walking towards my truck. Stepping inside I turned on the ignition and glanced back at Luna’s bedroom window. I started to feel the guilt that was building up inside me. I’ll have to find a way to make it up to her, it was my idea to stay with her tonight after all. I began to pull out of her drive-through and started to make my way towards the party.

“Eric just had to get sh*t faced, didn’t he! F*cker is lucky I owe him.”

I said complaining as I continued to drive through the night. If it wasn’t for him taking the blame off me TP-ing the principles house last year I probably would have been expelled for sure, and I couldn’t fathom that. I wanted to be able to go to the same school as Luna that following year. So I owe Eric that much to at least pick his drunk ass up.

It didn’t take long to reach my destination if anything it took longer to find a parking spot. I forget how packed Luke’s parties get every year. After finding a parking spot I reached over the passenger seat to get my leather jacket and began putting it on. I made sure to look at my rearview mirror to fix my messy hair that Luna disheveled a few minutes ago while fixing my hair my eyes soon started to wander around my neck to where the hickey, Luna had given me. I couldn’t help but form a smile.

“Baby, I think I’m becoming a bad influence on you. You’re starting to become a perverted bunny that likes to bite.” I said to myself smirking as I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the headrest.

“I wish you were here with me right now, what I would kill to just bring you with me where I’m going after the human world,” I whispered the words quietly, hoping that it could come true.

“Tch...' hope’...I think I’m the complete opposite of that f*cken word.”

I said answering my thoughts. I then stepped out of the truck making my way towards the house. I didn’t bother to knock, I just opened the door and let myself in, as to no surprise it was exactly how I expected it to be. Nothing but liquor, b*tches, and weed, only making it that much more clear that I don’t want my Luna around stuff like this, especially to these types of parties no less. So I’m glad I didn’t tell her where I was going tonight because this isn’t the atmosphere that I want her to grow up knowing, also I didn’t want her to worry about me coming to this place. I’m no stranger when it comes to these parties but I could never tell Luna what I have done in the past, I want her to remember how she sees me now.

Scanning each room, I was trying to see if I can spot Eric anywhere, the sooner I find him, the sooner I could drop his drunk ass off at his place. It was a bit hard to focus with the loud music vibrating in my ears and everyone around me wasn’t making it any easier with their loud obnoxious laughter.

Feeling annoyed I decided to go check outside to see if there was a possibility of him being passed out in the backyard, hopefully, he is so I can stop playing this ’hide & seek” thing already. Just as I was about to open the screen door that will lead me to the backyard I felt someone grabbing my upper arm. I glanced back and saw that it was Priscilla, she looked incoherent in the eyes but flirtatious in her body language. Her t*ts were practically popping out of her tank top and the small tight skirt that she was wearing was barely covering anything at all.

“HeY Eli BaBy! I Misssssed Youu soooooo much! Let’s Go play upstairs yeah!?!! I promise I’ll give you the best blow job ever!” She said leaning her bust against my arm, I could smell the strong scent of alcohol leaving her breath as she brought her face closer to mine.

“Priscilla, get the f*ck off of me, you’re drunk. Go find some other guy to blow off, I’m busy right now.”

I said to her annoyed as I loosened my arm from her hold, I didn’t even bother giving her another glance as I made my way outside. Looking around all I saw were half-naked guys and girls in the pool. However, when I looked at the very corner of the pool, I saw Danny sitting down in a chair with two girls on his lap. I gave him a wave and saw that he waved back, I started to make my way towards his direction.

“Yo! ELI! I thought you weren’t coming man, what made you change your mind? Huh?” Danny said with a drunk smile, his eyes were also red as the red cup in his hand, he was clearly high. He then leaned against one of the girl’s breasts and continued to look at me.

“Nevermind that, tell me where the f*ck Eric is, he called me earlier piss drunk saying that he needed a ride,” I said sounding impatient, I was starting to get pissed off with everyone being so annoying.

“Chill bro, come sit down and have a drink with me dude, you could have your pick on which girl you want okay. Your girl doesn’t need to know, also Eric’s been inside the house the whole time, last time I saw him he was playing spin the bottle...or was it beer pong, I don’t f*cken know, but he’s inside dude.” He said answering me, as he took a sip from his cup.

Completely ignoring Danny I turned my body and went back inside the house, I was about ready to punch someone in the face! That’s how pissed off I was already getting. I should’ve just stayed with Luna at the house, we could be watching movies right now or be doing other stuff.


No point in thinking that now since I made the stupid decision of coming here. I resumed my search and glanced at the wave of people dancing, as I looked over the many humans my eyes locked on a certain person. It was a girl, she was facing the other way a bit, so I couldn’t see her face that clearly but she looked familiar from her short stature.

Her body and posture were also giving me vibes that I’ve seen her before, I started to walk towards her direction. I don’t know why, but there was something about her that was pulling me in. She couldn’t be my Luna, I thought to myself. There’s no way she could be here, right? I mean she doesn’t even have transportation to get here anyway. Besides, I strictly told her that I didn’t want her to come to this party.

I was trying so hard to convince myself that it wasn’t her, but I just had to make sure!

Just as I got closer to her, I reached out my hand and was inches away from grabbing her shoulder. Though suddenly she was being dragged away from me, glancing up to see who it was. It was Ren, he was holding her hand and pulling her away from the heavy crowd. I guess he isn’t as innocent as he makes himself out to be, who would’ve thought he likes coming to these types of parties and hooking up with girls. Shutting my eyes I shook my head back and forth quickly to focus on the reason why I came here.

“There’s no way in hell that was Luna”,

I said to myself turning around in the opposite direction. All of a sudden someone hooked their arm around my neck pulling me in for a hug. I annoyingly shrugged myself away from the person and saw who it was.

“Luke? uhh sorry about that. I thought you were someone else.” The last thing I want is to be kicked out from the main guy himself who’s throwing the party. Or else I would have came here for nothing and wasted my f*cken time.

“It’s cool bro, I’m just glad you could make it!” He said giving me a fist bump.

“Yeah, hey listen have you seen my stupid friend Eric around?”

“Eric? Is he that one guy that hangs out with you and Danny a lot?

“Yeah, that one!”

“I could have sworn I saw him going upstairs, he’s probably taking a piss or something.” He said pointing at the direction upstairs.

“Thanks, dude, I’ll see you around alright.” I gave him a small wave and made my way to the stairs, it was a real struggle climbing up the stairs when so many people were crowding it.

I finally made it to the top and tried to remember where the restroom was, my memory was a bit faded since I was drunk most of the times when I came to Luke’s parties last year, but I think it was down this hall right around the corner. I started walking down the hall until I reached the bathroom door.

“Eric! You in there!”

I said loudly while knocking on the door, but there wasn’t a response. Already annoyed and impatient I didn’t care who was in there at this point, I opened the door and saw Eric’s lifeless body passed out on the toilet.

“Eric! Wake your ass up!! I swear I’ll f*cken leave you here!” I said yelling at him as I kicked his leg with my boot.

“Huh...oh Elly! you came..just..give me like...2 minutes.” He said stumbling his words.

“This is the last time I’m helping you... forever..so stop f*ucking around or your gonna end up like Danny!”

I said looking at him annoyed closing the door behind me. I then leaned against the wall next to the bathroom door and closed my eyes trying to calm myself, only to be disturbed by the ruthless vomiting coming from the other side of the wall. I let out a low chuckle and leaned my head back.

“It’s gonna be hard leaving everyone behind, especially-”

“Leaving who? Your so-called girlfriend?”

Opening my eyes wide I glanced at who was in front of me.

“Priscilla!” How much did you hear!?” I said in a panic, if anyone found out about me I would have no choice but to get rid of them, and I don’t want to do that while I still had a little bit of humanity left in me.

“Haha, just something about you leaving, so...are you already gonna leave that little girlfriend of yours. I mean I’m not surprised, she is a bit on the younger side. Does she not satisfy you?” Her drunk voice was failing her miserably at her attempt to sound sexy as she pressed herself against my body, I glanced away from her to let her know I wasn’t interested in whatever she was saying.

“Get off of me,” I said coldly to her.

“Ooh come on Eli, remember the fun times we used to have, I doubt that little girl can do the things I can do. Oh! maybe I’m wrong.” She said responding to me as she traced the hickey that Luna gave me on my neck. I grabbed her arm with one of my hands and placed my other hand on her shoulder pushing her away.

“Priscilla! I’m not gonna tell you again, back the f*ck off!” I said raising my voice at her with more anger.

“Don’t be such a prude, you obviously weren’t happy being with her, or else you wouldn’t be here at the party tonight! Also if this has anything to do with Danny and I sleeping together last year, trust me when I say it was just a one-time thing. I just wanted to get your attention baby, because I really do like you.”

She loosened her arms away from my hold and brought her body back against mine while wrapping her hands around my neck, by the time I realized what she was doing, I felt something wet and unpleasant pressing against my lips. I was completely caught off guard by her actions and her sudden drunk confession that I didn’t notice how long I stood there dumbfounded. I hastily grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her away from me, I watched as she tumbled down on the ground. This b*tch crossed the fucken line, I don’t know how much more pissed off I can get tonight!


Luna?! I quickly shifted my eyes towards the person yelling that name. It was Ren! I noticed him chasing after some girl, I think this was the same girl I saw earlier downstairs. I watched her turn the corner and got a clear look at her face, I felt as if someone took a knife and pierced it through my heart.

“No...No!No!No!No! This..this can’t be happening!”

I said to myself feeling completely horrified! I sprinted down the hall as fast as I could not caring that I ditched Eric and Priscilla behind. I’ll deal with that sh*t later because right now I have something very important to do! Why is Luna here?! Why is she with Ren?! Did she see me and Priscilla kissing?

“Of course she did you, f*cken idiot! Why else would she be running away from me crying!” I said to myself panicking as I answered my own stupid question. As I made it down the stairs I quickly started walking and looking around for Luna, but I couldn’t find her.


I yelled out feeling frustrated, as I ran my fingers through my hair. I couldn’t scream out her name even if I wanted to because of this obnoxious music being so goddamn loud. I frantically pulled out my phone and was about ready to dial her number, until I realized the missed call she gave me earlier tonight. Damit! I was so busy that I didn’t notice my phone going off!

“Luna! Please answer your phone!!” I yelled out feeling the painful anxiety coming over my body as I dialed her phone number non-stop. Please, baby, let me hear your voice, my heart aches so much knowing that I caused those tears.

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