His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 11: Indifferent

Luna’s POV:

“Dad...why....what are you doing here?”

I asked shockingly making sure to distance myself from Eli, I then began approaching my father with confusion and a bit of excitement. I haven’t seen my father in months, so I was really happy that he was finally home! However couldn’t he have come at a better time other than right now?

“I could ask you the same thing, missy! What are you doing outside the house at this time of night, and what the hell do you two boys think you’re doing in front of my house at this late hour?!” My father began yelling at all three of us, I know this wasn’t what he expected to come home to, but it’s not like it’s my fault that things ended up like this!

“Mr...Mr. Collins sir, I...I didn’t mean to cause a disturbance. Things just went really complicated and I apologized..for my actions. An Luna did nothing wrong...it was just a whole misunderstanding sir.”

Ren stumbled with his words as he tried to explain the situation to my father, he was struggling to stand on his feet and his body was wobbling a bit as he tried to gain his balance back. Elijah must’ve hurt Ren badly if he can barely stand up, Ren had his hand covering his left eye and I could see a bit of blood leaving his mouth, he had a few scrapes and cuts on his face as well. Did Eli do this to him, why? Ren did nothing to deserve this if anything I wish it was Eli who had the busted bloody up mouth after what he did with that skank at the party! I tried to ignore Eli’s gaze as I stood next to my father, but I could feel him staring at me, almost as if he was wanting to drag me away from everyone.

“How do you know who I am?” My father asked Ren with a questionable look, he then pulled out a rag from his jacket and offered it to Ren to clean himself off.

“Dad, it’s Ren...you’ve seen him a few times. He’s helped out a lot at fixing the front yard and taking care of my mom’s flowers over the past few months, and during the summer sometimes, remember?” I looked at my father explaining who Ren was, I don’t blame my dad for forgetting who he is. He’s always away working so it’s not like he’s going to remember who I hang out with.

“Ren? Oh...I’m sorry my boy, I didn’t recognize you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

While my father began explaining himself to Ren, I decided to take a glance at Eli who was just quiet and not caring about what was going on. Our eyes met for a brief moment and all I saw was pain and guilt in those light blue eyes of his. I then shifted my eyes to his knuckles that were in front of him, they were bloody and scraped. I don’t even know if that’s Eli’s blood or Ren’s at this point, I just hate seeing Elijah like this! Right on queue, Eli brought his hands back and put them in his back pockets as if trying to hide at what I was staring at.

“Well anyway's Ren, I think it’s best if I drive you home. I can’t let you drive with those types of injuries.” My father kindly suggested.

“Oh no sir, that’s very generous of you but I’m fine with driving back, it’s not as painful as it looks. Luna, goodnight and...I’ll talk to you later.” Ren replied waving goodbye to my father and me.

I knew Ren was lying when he said he wasn’t in pain, he could barely walk straight without having to limp his way to his car. I wish I could help him and apologize for tonight, I just feel awful. However, I knew if I did, it’ll just make things worse between him and Eli.

“Elijah, I think it's best if you as well.” My father said while glaring back at Eli.

“Not until I talk with your daughter first,” Eli responded coldly as he looked at my father with the same glare.

“Sweetie, get in the house. It’s way past your curfew already.”

Ignoring what Eli said, my father patted my upper back with his hand giving me the hint that I should probably go inside. I gave him a faint nod and began walking towards the house, not once did I turn back to look at Elijah when I closed the door behind me. I finally was able to take a deep fresh breath of air and calm myself a bit, I then leaned myself against the front door and rested my head back. I’m so relieved and thankful that my father could be the one to tell Eli to leave because he would have never left if I was the one telling him.

I made my way around the living room and walked up towards the window, I lightly opened up the blinds to see what my father and Eli we’re doing. All I saw was Elijah’s head looking down and my father’s hands resting on his shoulders. I wonder what they’re talking about? I hope Eli didn’t tell him that we’re dating....or that we were. I don’t even know where our relationship stands at this point! All I know is that my parents can’t find out that I’m dating, they’ll ground me for life until I’m like eighty! They still think I’m too young to date, especially now since they’re not there to supervise me to make sure I don’t do anything stupid.

I continued to watch them outside, thinking the worst-case scenario of what they might be talking about, putting me in a nervous wreck. I coiled up my fist nervously against my chest as I watched Eli raise his hand towards his face rubbing the inner corner of his eyes with his fingers. Is he crying because he feels bad? Or is he just frustrated and angry with himself for what he did to Ren and myself?

All of a sudden I was taken off guard when Eli looked back and locked his eyes with mine. I stared back for a brief moment and noticed his stare was full of hurt and regret. I then swiftly closed the blinds and turned myself around not wanting to look at those eyes anymore, because I knew if I did. It will only make me want to run into his arms and forgive him for what’s he done tonight.

“Why do you make things so hard Eli...I...I can’t bring myself to hate you no matter how much I want to....because my heart would just never allow it.” I mumbled the words quietly to myself trying to hold back the tears that were building up inside me. I then heard the front door open and saw that it was my father entering the house.

“Where..where’s Eli?” I asked anxiously making my way towards my father.

“I sent him home, he seemed upset though. Did something happen with you two and that other boy?” He asked closing the door behind him and turned himself to face me.

“He..he didn’t tell you, anything Dad?” I asked nervously avoiding his stare.

“He didn’t explain much, other than him saying that it was really important that he talks to you. Sweetie, what I saw Eli do to that boy name Ren earlier made me really upset, however, I know that Elijah would never start a fight without there being a reason. So, is there a problem with you and Ren? Did he do something to you for Elijah to act like that?” My father asked worriedly as he took off his jacket setting it down on the couch.

“What! No no...it’s the other way actually....it’s...Eli who I have the problems with..”

I lost myself in my own words as my mind started to replay the image of what Eli did at the party again. I was no longer able to pull off this look on my face that everything was alright, that everything wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be. I brought my palms close to my face and tried to hold back the tears, but it was no use. I felt my cheeks starting to get wet as well as my vision starting to blur, though a sudden warmth soon came over me, it was my Dad, he had wrapped his arms around me pulling me in for a hug. It’s been a long time since I felt my father’s embrace, I missed it and it only made me cry some more.

“I’m sorry sweetie, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, I’ve been away too long from you and your mother these past few months and I’m so sorry for that. I love you both very much, so no more crying okay. I’m sure whatever Eli has done he feels horrible about it. So give him a chance to speak when you’re ready, alright.” My father said calmly patting the top of my head, I tried to wipe my face clean but I couldn’t stop my nose from sniffing. I gave my father a light nod and took a step back trying to give him the best smile that I can pull off. I didn’t want to worry my father, he just got home and I’m sure he’s exhausted from work.

“That’s more like it, now it’s time for you to go to bed already, it’s way past midnight and I know you have school tomorrow. I may be way a lot but that doesn’t mean your mother doesn’t tell me what’s going on with your life.” He gave me a light playful smile and walked towards the kitchen.

“Okay...Dad, thanks for coming home early. Mother and I missed you a lot and I love you too...goodnight.” I said to him making my way towards the hallway.

“Goodnight sweetie, it’s good to finally be home.” My father responded as I began walking towards my room.

Changing out of my clothes and into my pajamas I tucked myself into bed. I was too lazy and tired to wipe off my makeup, or what was left of it, I’m sure most of it was washed off by me crying all night. I reached over my nightstand and was about to turn off the lights when a sudden realization occurred to me, I forgot to text Alexa what happened! She’s probably worried sick about me, I picked up my phone and turned it on. I was then surprisedly attacked by the many missed calls and text messages that I received from Eli.

“He called 42 times?!”

I said to myself flabbergasted as I went through my history calls. I don’t even wanna get started in going through the text messages. It’s already going to be hard for me to fall asleep with what happened tonight and reading his texts is only going to make it harder for me. Ignoring his messages I began typing to Alexa about what happened, I made sure to skip the whole Eli situation of him being there. I was embarrassed enough as it is, especially with Ren already knowing and seeing what happened. Ren...I need to apologize to him when I get the chance, I can’t call him right now since it’s late and I’m sure he’s very upset over what happened. He probably doesn’t even want to talk with anyone right now.

Sending the apology text to Alexa I was finally able to turn off the light and rest my eyes. I just know they’re going to be swollen tomorrow and I was dreading the thought of having to go to school looking like this, but I’m mainly dreading the fact that I’ll have to face Eli for sure tomorrow. An I’m not looking forward to that...why can’t I just die in a hole, that way I never have to talk to him again. My eyes were too heavy to open and I was able to actually get some sleep, as I tried to block out the worriedness and the pain that was still dwelling in my heart.

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