His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 12: Confusion

Luna’s POV:

That very morning waking up, I still felt completely drained. Emotionally and physically. How am I supposed to go to school feeling like this? I sat myself up from my bed and looked out the window, I watched as the many leaves began falling past my window. Standing myself up from the bed I took off my shirt and made my way to the bathroom, I pulled my shorts down along with my underwear and stared at myself in the mirror.

“Of course my eyes are still bloodshot red,” I said to myself quietly, I then looked down towards my chest and saw the red mark that Eli had left me yesterday.

I traced my fingers over it and noticed that it almost looks like a heart, I faintly smiled as I began looking at it in the mirror. Though that smile quickly disappeared as the thought of his lips that made this mark had touched another girl’s lips. I shut my eyes close, trying to delete the image from my head, and brought my hands up resting them on each side of my temple.

“Luna, no more crying! You cried enough.” I said to myself as I turned around stepping my way in the shower.

Closing the curtains behind me I turned the faucet on letting the warm water wash away the anxiety that was in my head, fully dried and changed I made sure to apply some make around my eyes to hide any evidence of me sobbing non-stop last night.

I didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair so I decided to go with my natural boring look, which is just straight flat hair. I grabbed my phone putting it in my bag and walked out of my room, as I got closer to reaching the kitchen I smelled a light aroma of coffee followed by the sound of utensils being hit against a pan. Approaching the sound I turned the corner and saw my mother making breakfast and my father sitting down with a cup of coffee in his hand.

I stood there taking in the view of what I was watching, has it been this long since I saw my parents and me in the same room? I was filled with joy and happiness if I hadn’t told myself to not cry anymore this morning. I would be bawling my eyes out at this very moment. I missed this feeling of us being a family.

“Morning sweetie, what are you doing just standing there? Come eat your pancakes before they start to get cold.” My mother said setting the cup of milk on the table for me.

“Morning Mom, and I’m surprised you aren’t sleeping this morning. Don’t you have to work late again tonight?” I asked her while setting myself on the chair.

“No, your father convinced me to take a few days off so I could rest, I’m even thinking about quitting soon.” My mother responded as she poured more coffee into my Dad’s mug.

“Really! Why? I thought you liked working at the hospital? If this has anything with you feeling guilty about leaving me in the house all the time then don’t. I’m really fine Mom, I don’t want you to stop doing something that you love on my behalf.”

I explained to her as I began eating my breakfast, I looked up and she gave me a warm smile. She walked up to me placing a kiss on my forehead and turned herself around making her way to the sink to wash the dishes.

“You don’t have to worry about your mother and me sweetie, just focus on school and on getting good grades.”

My father said placing his cup on the table, I gave him a reassuring look as I was done eating. I stood up from the table and grabbed my bag ready to leave for school.

“Oh, sweetie are you going walking? If so do you want me to drive you to school instead?” My father said offering as he stood up and reached for his car keys that were on the kitchen counter.

I looked at him and nodded my head, as we both exited the house, my eyes took a sudden pause as they stared out at the familiar truck parked in front of my house. It was Eli, he was in his truck and gave my father a slight wave and set his gaze towards me. I avoided his stare and looked at my father hoping that he could send him away again.

“Sweetie...I think you should let Elijah take you to school. Whatever problems you guys are having, you’re going to have to fix them eventually. You know you can’t avoid him forever and I don’t think he’s going to give up any time soon.” My father suggested as he gave Eli a wave back, he then placed a light kiss on my forehead and went back inside the house.

I was hoping to avoid him as long as possible but of course, he wasn’t going to let that happen, I swear he’s more stubborn than I am! I started to march my way to his car ignoring his stare that he was giving me as I opened the car door. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of talking to him or even looking at him for that matter, and I think he got the message because he didn’t say anything either the whole drive there.

I began playing with the end of my skirt and took a small glance at Eli’s hands that we’re wrapped around the wheel. His knuckles were no longer bloody, however, they were scraped up pretty badly, I could only imagine how Ren looks like right now. Thinking of how Ren’s injuries were doing I suddenly heard Eli let out a scary growl, causing my body to tense up in fear almost.

‘What’s his problem?’

I thought to myself looking out the window. My eyes suddenly went wide as I realized that we missed the turn that led up to the school! I looked back at Eli giving him a glare of confusion, but he continued to drive not bothered at all that we missed the turn.

“Eli, what the hell are you doing?! Turn this car around right now! I’m not playing games with you!”

I yelled at him annoyingly hitting his upper arm with my small fist, but he completely ignored me, his eyes never once leaving the road. Where does he plan on taking me? Should I call my parents that Eli is kidnaping me?! Oh, who am I kidding, my parents will never believe that Eli could do such a thing!

All I could do was wait nervously until we got to wherever we were going. I began looking around the many streets and stores that we were passing by to get a gist of where he’s probably taking me. Until I finally had an idea as to where we might be going, my guess was soon proven right as we pulled up to Eli’s front house. I didn’t want to talk to him right now, I just wanted to go to school without any more problems.

“Get out.” He said in a cold matter.

“Turn around, and take me to school,” I responded upset looking down at my hands that we’re tightening around the edge of my skirt.

“Luna, I swear if you don’t get out of the car right now, I’ll drag you out!”

Eli threatened me with anger in his voice. I quickly got out of the car closing the door behind with full force letting him know how angry I was getting. I then followed up behind him as we approached his house, I knew Elijah’s mom wasn’t home right now since she works the early hours at the city bank.

As for Elijah’s father...well, he left him when he was only a baby, or at least that’s what his mother told him. My thoughts were soon disturbed by the sudden noise of keys being rattled against each other. Eli had unlocked the door as he pulled back his keys putting them in his pants pocket, he then stepped inside and looked back at me making sure I came in as well. Just as I entered the house he immediately closed the door behind me locking it and grabbed my arm pulling me upstairs with him.

“Hey...what..what are you doing! Let me go, Eli! I don’t want you touching me you..you cheating asshole!”

I said yelling at him as I tried tugging back my arm from his hold, but his grip was too strong for me to pull away. We finally made it up to his room, only for me to be pushed back on his bed. I was shockingly surprised by his sudden actions of having him push me the way he did, what does he plan on doing to me?!

“Eli! What the f*ck is your pro-”

He shut my mouth up as he smashed his lips up against mine. Before I could process what was happening. His body was already on top of mine causing me to be trapped between him and the bed, I couldn’t move as freely as I wanted to since he had grabbed both my arms again, only this time he pinned them against the bed making it impossible for me to push him away.

My body began to shake with fear of how violently he was kissing me! This isn’t what I want, I don’t want his lips touching me, not after what I saw him do! I tried to shake my lips away from his but he wasn’t letting up. I know that he’s angry but this isn’t how we’re going to resolve our problems, not like this. He continued to kiss me as I watched his eyes never leaving mine, those beautiful blue eyes of his that always sent butterflies down my stomach, were now causing me to get lost in his embrace.

He slowly raised my arms on top of my head and grabbed both of them with one of his muscular hands, he then placed his free hand around my thigh gripping it lightly as his fingers caressed my skin. I knew what he was trying to do, and I hated it! His touch always set my body on fire with every caress every fondle and every time he looked at me with those seductive eyes of his, I soon felt his fingers inching closer to my inner thigh, which caused me to shut my eyes.

I couldn’t look at him anymore, I was starting to let my body slowly take control over me. He then raised my skirt higher revealing my underwear to him as he played with the small pink bow that was on top of my panties.

Why did I have to wear a skirt today, wait! ‘What am I thinking right now? I shouldn’t be doing this with him, not after the pain he put me through!’ I said to myself, shifting my body trying to lose myself from his hold. He wasn’t budging though, dang it, Eli! Why do you have to be so strong!?

My sudden movements led to Eli becoming more agitated towards my body. He didn’t waste any time as he groped my outer core with his hand while my underwear was still on. His unexpected hold on me caused me to let out a moan in his mouth causing him to press his body closer to mine, his lips were still touching up against mine as he tried to force his tongue inside.

I could feel my lady part slowly getting wet as I felt his fingers tracing around my cl*t. I had to hold back another moan that was wanting to leave my mouth but I couldn’t handle this painful pleasure that he was causing me to have. How can he have this much control over my body and my heart!? His fingers slowly started making there way to the edge of my underwear, my body automatically stiffened and it made me open up my eyes.

I watched as Eli’s eyes were now closed not caring for my sudden response. I had to think of something before Eli takes my underwear off! I can’t let this go on any further no matter how good my body is starting to feel, my heart still aches in agony and this isn’t the right way to heal it. Just as he was about to tug my panties off I hastily thought of the next best thing to do.

“Tch...is biting me your way of foreplay?”

Eli said pulling his face away from me. He then licked his lower lip letting out a small painful noise as he rubbed it with his hand. I had to bite him, it was the only way to get him to stop what he was doing.

“No, it’s not! Now get off me or I’ll bite your face off next you as*hole!”

I said yelling at him while he still had me pinned down against his bed. However that didn’t stop me from looking at him with anger in my eyes, that didn’t seem to phase him though as he began bringing his face back down to mine.

I shifted my face away from him squeezing my eyes shut as I tried shaking my body away from his. He then brought his lips close to my ear brushing them against my skin, his light warm breathing slowly passed down my neck making my body shiver with envy. I was trying very hard to suppress my moans that were begging to escape my mouth.

“I know your p*ssy is wet for me baby, you can’t deny what your body wants Luna, just let me make your body feel good.”

He whispered next to my ear as he began to nibble on my earlobe. My heart was racing at the thought of what Eli said if my heart and soul weren’t feeling this broken. Then I wouldn’t think twice of giving every inch of myself to Eli, but right now I need answers!

With one final strong tug, I was able to free one of my hands away from his grasp. I then quickly pushed myself away from Eli while adjusting my skirt, and began backing myself up further to the bed.

“Stop! Just stop! I can’t take these sick mind games you’re playing with me! I...I don’t want you touching me! Not after what I saw you do!”

I began yelling again, letting him know that I’m done with everything. I then brought my hands up to cover my face and started to feel the many tears escaping my fragile eyes that could no longer hold them in.

“LUNA! I didn’t cheat on you! You think I’m in the mood to play f*cken games, the last thing I ever want to do in THIS WORLD, Is hurt you. I love you so much...that it hurts me inside!”

He responded loudly as he climbed on the bed crawling his way towards my body, he then grabbed both my arms with his hands and pulled them away from my face. He then stared at the pool of tears that were running down my cheeks and brought his head closer to my breast area. He then leaned his forehead against my chest and I felt his arms shaking around my arms.

“Eli...just...let me go, I’m done...with us..with you...”

I faintly choked out my words as I sat there feeling completely heartbroken, how can I believe what he has to say, after what I saw him do!

“Then kill me,” Elijah said coldly as he raised his head to look at me in the eyes.

I looked back at him with the shock of disbelief of what I just heard him say! He had this look in his eyes that he was serious about what he just told me to do. Is he insane!? How can I ever do such a ridiculous thing like that to the person I love!? I can never do anything like that! No matter how much pain he has put me through! He then slowly brought his hands up and placed them on my cheeks, whispering those painful words again at me.

“Luna...just kill me...”

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