His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 13: Comfort

Luna’s POV:

“Are you f*cken insane right now! How can I ever do something that stupid! How can you even ask me to do such a thing! You know me better than I do myself that I could never do that Elijah!” I started yelling at him with disbelief and anger in my voice, has he gone crazy?!

I brought both of my hands up towards his chest and gripped the front of his shirt, my hands were shaking with frustration as I began shaking his body back and forth to get him to understand what he was asking of me!

“I rather have you kill me, than have you hate me. Luna, you’re my everything, the only thing that’s making me breathe right now. Ever since we were children, your kindness and tenderness pulled me out of this darkness that was swallowing my heart. And when I look back at those memories of us, I think I always loved you even when we were kids. So that’s why I could ask you...to kill me, my life is your’s Luna.”

He said with pain in his voice as he stared at me completely broken, he then carefully took one of my trembling hands and placed it against his chest.

I suddenly took a deep breath of panic as I felt his heartbeat, it was barely beating almost as if it could stop at any minute. Without thinking I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close to me, is he really in pain just like I am? If so it terrifies me completely that his heart is reacting like this!

“Then...then tell me why...why did you kiss that girl! Why did you have to lie to me!”

I yelled out with sadness in my voice as I felt the many tears running down my cheeks, I then squeezed my arms around his neck even more. He held me tightly and snuggled himself between my breasts as if he was trying to find some sort of comfort.

I heard him inhale deeply as he released his breath heavily, I watched his shoulders drop down as he loosened his embrace on my body, he then lifted himself back to look at my face that I know looked horrible with all the crying I’ve been doing these past few hours.

“Please just let me explain what happened last night, everything was just a total misunderstanding!” He responded as he peered into my eyes. I suddenly shifted my gaze away, not wanting to look at him.

“Luna, why won’t you look at me?”

He asked worriedly placing one of his big hands on my cheek which was now moist from my tears.

“I can’t...I can’t look at you, because all I see is a cheater! An I’m just tired of crying, Eli!!”


Elijah replied calmly as he grabbed my body laying me back down and shifted both our bodies to face the same direction of his room.

“There..now you can’t see me...Luna, I’m not letting you go until you let me finish what I have to say, understand.”

He said whispering in my ear while he hugged me closely from behind, I soon felt a sudden warmth radiating from the hold that he had on me. I’m not sure why that is, was it because I missed his touch maybe? I moved my body closer to his, letting him know that I was ready to listen to whatever he had to say.

I don’t know how long we laid there for, but it seemed like hours have passed by as I listened to every detail he had to tell me. Everything seems to make sense with how he was explaining it, however, we kept bickering back and forth as I tried to explain my situation of how I ended up being at the party.

I was starting to get frustrated with Eli that I didn’t even wanna bring up the whole ‘Ren confessing his feelings for me’ situation. So I think it’s best If I leave that part out so Elijah doesn’t actually kill him. Though I know he would never do such a thing, right? I mean yeah what I saw him do to Ren last night was awful and scary, but he wouldn’t take someone’s life...

“Eli...would you ever kill anyone?”

I don’t know what made my subconscious mind ask that, but for some reason, I just wanted to know what his answer would be, of course, I’m expecting him to say ‘no’ but I would just like to be reassured.

“I know this is going off-topic of what we were discussing and it’s foolish of me to even be asking-”

“I would if it meant protecting the person I love.”

Elijah quickly responded not even giving me a chance to finish my sentence. I was taken aback by his response since that wasn’t the answer I was expecting him to give me.

“Wait! So were you serious when you said you would kill Ren?!”

I asked curiously with a wary tone in my voice. Elijah didn’t say anything other than grabbing me closer and tightening his hold around my body. I soon felt my heart beginning to beat faster with uneasiness, I never want Eli to hurt anyone or even kill for that matter!

“Baby, I’m not a f*cken serial killer or someone who likes hurting others, but I won’t think twice about doing something like that if it means keeping you out of harm’s way. I just want to make sure that you’re happy and safe when you’re with me...I just wish I had more time left...to do that.” He said placing a light kiss on the top of my head.

“What do you mean...more time left?” I asked with confusion in my voice.

“It’s nothing...Luna, look getting back to what I was saying earlier. I don’t like Ren near you, and I already told you that I don’t like him touching you either, it’s obvious that kid likes you! It pissed me off when I saw him holding you the way he did in front of your house! I know you said nothing happened between you two last night other than him having to take you home, but just thinking about him being close to you...it just...”

He said annoyingly breathing out in frustration, he then forcefully turn my body around to face him and brought his hands up placing them on each side of my face.

“Baby...I’m sorry that I lied to you, I feel like a total piece of sh*t for doing that, but I feel more f*cken horrible for what you saw, it was a complete misfortunate accident that wasn’t my fault! I wish you didn’t have to go through that pain because of me. I don’t even wanna know what I would’ve done if I saw you kissing some other guy!”

He continued to talk with tensity in his voice as he raised my head to look at me, I began to study his eyes in search of any disloyalty or any type of lie of what he just said. However, all I saw was sincerity, love, and sadness in those crystal blue eyes of his.

I slowly placed my hand on his chest and pushed myself forward leaving a light kiss on those soft lips of his. I could feel my cheeks becoming flushed as I slowly pulled away, I was able to get a good view of Elijah’s reaction as I looked at him with embarrassment. The way he looked at me was priceless that I couldn’t hold in my laughter!

“Why are you looking at me like I did something weird?” I giggled out placing my forehead against his.

“I just didn’t think you would ever kiss me again, let alone forgiving me for what I put you through!” He responded shockingly.

“Well, I accept your apology. It’s going to be hard for me to forget about what happened though, but now that I know it was that sl*t’s fault for what she did...I’m willing to forgive you. However! No more lies Elijah! I mean it... because the next time you lie to me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to give you another chance.” I explained to him with a warned tone in my voice.

Elijah looked at me for a split second with a troubled look in his eyes. He then quickly shifted his gaze away right after as if he was wanting to tell me something, something important almost. Was there something else that he wasn’t telling me? No, I’m sure Elijah wouldn’t keep any dark secrets from me.

Seeing how Eli was having a hard time responding to my explanation I finally decided to change the subject to something more lenient. I grabbed Elijah’s hand and laced my fingers with his.

“Eli, your birthday is coming up this week, it’s less than 2 days from now...was there something you wanted to do?” I asked him, setting myself up on the bed giving him a calm smile.

“No... there’s nothing I want to do on that day, I just want you to be with me until the very end...of my birthday.”

He said to me sounding a bit sad as he sat upright on the bed, he then pulled me on top of his lap. He lightly rested his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me and began caressing my arm with his long fingers. I soon placed my head on top of his while running my fingers through his soft brown hair.

“Of course I’ll be there with you on your birthday, I’ll always be there for all your future birthdays to celebrate you getting old!”

I said jokingly trying to cheer him up, but it looks like I just made it worse when Eli gripped his hold on me and peered into my eyes. I looked into his deep blue eyes that showed a sign of depression almost as if he didn’t want his birthday to come.

Does he not like celebrating it anymore? Or maybe it’s the fact that he’ll be eighteen and I’ll still be minor? No, Elijah would never let the age gap get between our relationship...So then what else could it be for him to look so sad and upset?

“I love you.”

I was brought back from my inner thoughts when I heard Eli whispered those sweet words that I love hearing so much. I could feel his warm soothing breath pressing down against my neck, causing my body to shiver with delight.

“I love you to Eli...but....you’ll tell me if something was bothering you, right?”

I asked him with a worried and anxious look on my face. Elijah gave me a faint smile as he nodded his head, but I saw hurt and uneasiness in his eyes, I can’t do this anymore! I need to know what is bothering him.

“ELI! Stop lying to me already, I know that you’re not okay. You look at me with so much pain like you’re suffering! So.... please...just tell me what’s on your mind?!”

I yelled at him with concern as I gripped his shirt with my hands. As I looked into his eyes nothing seemed to change, all he did was bring his lips close to my head and kissed my temple.

“There’s nothing, trust me, baby...I just...I just always want you by my side.”

He said to me trying to pull a reassuring look as he rested his forehead on my temple. It hurts me knowing that he won’t tell me what’s wrong with him, I know when he’s telling the truth, I can see it in his eyes and also I’ve known him for so long so it’s kind of a no brainer when he’s being loyal or not. I know I can’t force the truth out of him, but I hope and pray to God that he will tell me one day.

“Alright...I just get this inkling feeling that you are hiding something from me, but I’ll trust you. Also are you sure you don’t want to do anything for your...” I stopped what I was trying to say when I just noticed something.

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