His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 14: Uncalled For

Luna’s POV:

“Baby? What is it?”

Eli asked confused as he tilted his head sideways to look at me more closely. I was too distracted by my sudden realization that I didn’t even notice his stare while I tried to get off his lap. Though of course, Eli being the controlling boyfriend that he is, wasn’t letting me go as he tightens his hold on my waist.

“Eli! Let me go! We’re already late as it is!”

I said loudly towards him as I continued to try to get myself off of him, but I don’t see the point in even trying when I know Elijah’s hold on me is always so strong!

“Late? If you’re talking about school, I already called ahead of time saying that you’re not going because you’re sick.”

He said calmly to me not even showing a hint of struggle on his face while I continued to squirm around his lap.

“You called in sick for me!? How? When? Wh...why would you...Wait...you planned on everything, didn’t you! You were never going to take me to school from the very beginning were you?!”

I said to him feeling baffled as I finally piece together everything. Elijah finally released his hold on me and gave me an evil satisfying smile as he stuck his tongue out.

“Eli, you’re so childish sometimes! I swear I can’t believe you did that, what if my parents find out!? What if-”

“You overthink too much,” Elijah said as he placed his lips on mine.

He then suddenly stuck his hot tongue inside my mouth, causing me to let out a small moan unexpectedly. I wasn’t expecting him to kiss me like this right now, he’s so unfair sometimes! Since he knows I can’t deny any of his kisses that he gives me.

I gradually closed my eyes as I welcomed every part of his mouth in mine, I soon inserted my tongue in his, feeling the warm sweet taste that he was letting me savor. The air around us was becoming hot with our heavy breathing that we couldn’t control, I rested my hand on his lap as I gripped my hold on him. The tensity from his lips and tongue was becoming too much that my body was starting to feel kinda funny inside, causing me to close my shaking legs tightly.

“You really want me to pull your panties down don’t you baby girl, I am a bit bummed though that the taste is gone, however.” He whispered out seductively playfully licking my lower lips as he pulled away from our passionate kiss.

“No! I don’t Eli! I swear you’re such a perv! An what do you even mean by taste?”

I yelled at him feeling flustered with embarrassment as I pushed myself off of him, I then fixed my skirt and began scooting myself to the edge of the bed.

“There was a reason why I couldn’t stop kissing you earlier babe, the taste of syrup and pancakes suite your tongue nicely.” He responded with laughter in his tone.

“Oh my God! How can I forget to brush my teeth again! This is so embarrassing, Eli! You have to stop smelling and tasting me already!”

I replied with demand in my voice, I need to start carrying gum or something for when I forget to brush my teeth. I thought to myself, getting off the bed.

“The last thing I’ma do is stop tasting you baby, there’s still a lot of places I still haven’t tasted on that body of yours. So I’ll never stop wanting to lick every inch of it, Luna.”

He responded with a devilish smirk on his lips, I then looked down feeling completely shy of what I just heard him say. How can he say things like that and not feel embarrassed?

No sooner after he said those words he took a few steps towards me closing the gap between us. He then brought his hand up to raise my chin and began to stare at me with those blue eyes of his that could cause anyone to faint on the spot, I could look at him forever and never get tired of it.
Suddenly I felt someone gripping one of my butt cheeks pretty tightly, which took me out of my trance.

“Eli! Quit grabbing my butt! Honestly, you could be like the perfect guy if you weren’t such a sleazeball!”

I said to him while smacking his hand that was behind me, though to no surprise he wasn’t letting go. I swear, how did I fall in love with this stubborn pervert?

“Sorry babe, but I can never seem to get my hands off of you. Besides, you need to do something for me!”

He said with excitement in his voice, however, why is it that I always get a bad feeling when I listen to what Eli wants me to do? Before I could even ask what he needs of me, I felt his hand groping my butt tighter while his other arm was wrapped around my lower waist.

“No! I know what you’re gonna do! Don’t even think about-

Oh my God! Put me down right now!!”

As I was explaining to him to not do what I think he was about to do, he just ignored what I was saying and before I knew it I was flipped over on his shoulder being carried.

I could already feel the motion sickness seeping in already, I always hated being upside down. So to make myself feel a little better I brought my hands up and immediately covered my face, that way I don’t see myself dangling and swaying too much.

“After tasting the syrup in your mouth, it made me kinda hungry, so let’s make our way to the kitchen so you can fix me something to eat baby.” He said laughing as he exited his room nonchalantly while he continued to carry me.

“And what makes you think I’ll cook you anything you jerk!”

I said playfully but with agitation in my voice. I could hear Eli’s heavy steps making their way down the stairs, I know my boyfriend is strong but I hope he doesn’t drop me still.

“Because if you don’t...”

He stayed quiet soon after, all I could feel was his grip tightening around my waist. That was until I felt a strong stinging sound echoing around the house, I let out a small yelp and brought my hands down to grip his shirt from behind. Did he just...

“Did you just slap my ass?!” I asked shockingly in a calm matter.

“I don’t know...did it sound something like this?!”

He said sarcastically bringing his hand back down to slap my behind once more. It wasn’t painful or anything but it did leave a light stinging sensation right after. My body soon tensed up excepting another slap to come down on me, until I felt Eli’s fingers rubbing my inner thighs. Which caused my body to jolt in surprise at what he was now doing.

“D...don’t Eli, not when I’m upside down! It’s embarrassing like this, you do realize I’m wearing a skirt right?!” I said with a bit of shyness in my voice.

“Haha, how could I not notice my girl wearing a skirt. I noticed it when you left your house, which by the way I don’t want you wearing them in school.” He replied with a playful yet stern response.

“You’re not my dad! I could wear whatever I want-”

My body jolted a little bit forward as I felt his hand slamming down against my butt once more. It’s as if he was scolding a child right now.

“Would you like another smack in the ass baby girl? Unless that’s a turn-on for you if so I don’t mind doing it as many times as you want me to.” He said teasingly while rubbing my behind.

“Well, I don’t! And..why can’t I wear skirts, are they not cute on me?” I asked, watching him make the last few steps down the stairs.

“You’re cute in anything you wear baby, but I don’t want anyone looking at those long smooth legs of yours. Also, this skirt is just too short for you to wear, but by all means, you could wear it around me. After all, I like to guess what color of underwear you’re wearing, in fact, let me guess right now... White?” He said jokingly, though just as I was about to deny his answer.

I suddenly felt a cool breeze brush up against my behind, Eli had flipped up my skirt and I could feel his head tilting a bit to get a better view. I quickly threw my hands back and pulled my skirt back down to cover my underwear. I can’t believe he did that! I could feel my entire face turning red with embarrassment and anger!

“Elijah! Why would you ever do that! Tha...that’s sexual harassment you know! I should just call the cops on you already!” I yelled back feeling completely flustered.

“Relax Luna, what’s the point in hiding what’s mine. You should already get used to how I treat and touch your body, I did already tell you once, but I’ll tell you again and as many times as I need to, You belong to me.” He replied with a serious tone in his voice before I know it we finally made it to his kitchen and I could feel myself being brought down to my feet.

Eli’s hands were still on my lower waist not letting go, I was too shy to look at him this time. Especially after what he just told me, but I want to kiss those lips of his right now, but how can I with how nervous he makes me feel. I could feel him leaning close to my face as he inched his lips closer to me. The beating in my heart was starting to be too much for me to bear as I closed my eyes.

“Baby... I like how those pink panties look on you, it turns me on.”

He said whispering next to my ear teasingly. I automatically opened my eyes wide and saw his lips coming up to that devilish smile of his that he had on earlier. I let out an annoying huff and pushed him to the side lightly.

“You’re such a bully! I’m not cooking for you!”

I said jokingly sticking my tongue out at him as I made my way to the fridge. I then heard Eli letting out a chuckle as I began to search around to find something to make. I’m glad we’re not fighting anymore, I missed this comfort.
I soon began cooking brunch for the two of us since it was already passed noon.

I didn’t want to miss any school days or at least not the first few weeks since I think it leaves a bad impression, but if it’s to spend time with Eli then I’m okay with it. I didn’t even notice how long I was smiling until I heard Elijah setting up the table. I felt myself feeling all giddy inside, it’s like if we were a married couple living together.

Maybe one day, we could be a happy family and wake up every morning like this! After we were done eating, Eli helped me clear off the table and I started to wash the dishes soon after.

“What do you want to do for the rest of the day baby?” Elijah asked wrapping his arms around my shoulder as I finished cleaning up the dishes.

“Hmm...you still owe me that movie that you promised to watch with me, remember?” I said turning myself around with a smile, as I dried off my hands with the kitchen rag. Eli then let out a light chuckle and pressed his lips against my forehead so caringly.

After I was done drying my hands I then wrapped my arms around Eli’s upper waist and rested my head against his broad chest. I know we only fought less than a day, but the painful separation made me miss his touch and his warm embrace.

“Alright, I’ll go pick out a movie right now so we could watch it.”

He said rubbing my back softly, as we pulled away from each other we heard a sudden phone going off near the living room.

Recognizing that familiar ringtone I knew that it was my phone that was ringing loudly inside my backpack, I wonder who could it be? It can’t be my parents since they think I’m at school at the moment.

“I’ll get it, babe,” Eli said letting me go and made his way to the living room.

As he was doing that I began to put away the plates back in the cabinets, I soon heard Eli’s steps approaching me. Turning my head sideways I got a glance at Eli looking at my phone as it continued to ring.

“Umm...who’s calling?”

I asked wondering with a bit of nervousness in my voice. I watched as Eli clenched his jaw tightly as he gripped both of his hands to each side of my phone.

“Eli, what are you-”

I watched in absolute shock as he split my phone in half, I never met anyone who can break a phone that easily with just their bare hands!

“What the hell!? Why did you do that for!”

I yelled out angrily as I approached him. Not bothered by my sudden reaction, Eli made his way towards the trash can and tossed my broken phone in the bin. He then turned himself around to face me and shot me a glare, what is it that’s making him act like this right now?! Weren’t we both back to being completely happy just a few minutes ago?

“Why does Ren have your number?!”

He said raising his voice angrily towards me, he then quickly walked up to me grabbing my arm suddenly, and began to squeeze it tightly.

“Ouch! Eli, stop you’re hurting me!”

I groaned out in pain, he’s never grabbed me like this before! I raised my head to meet his gaze and noticed that his light blue eyes of his were now slowly turning into a darker shade of blue almost, am I seeing things?!

“Elijah...” I said his name quietly as I felt my body beginning to shake with fear.

“Why is he f*cking calling you!” Elijah yelled again pulling me closer to his body.

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