His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 15: Intense

Luna’s POV:

“Eli, please calm down! You’re hurting me!” I raised my voice in response as he tightened his hold on me, not letting go.

“Not until you tell me why he was calling you! Were you lying to me, when you said nothing happened between you two!” He yelled out commanding to know the truth, I knew deep down in my heart that I had to tell him but I was just too scared to see how he would react.

I was just worried about what he might do to Ren this time if just a simple hug could set him off. Then how will he react if I tell him Ren confessed his feelings for me? Just thinking about it made go haywire with fright.


Elijah growled out my name with so much anger and desperation. That it caused my body to instantly shake, I didn’t know what to say to him. I was too afraid to look at him in the eye, so all I could do was look down at my own two feet that we’re trembling beneath me.

“I...he.....after I left the party, I didn’t want Ren to take me home. Because I wasn’t ready to face you after what I saw you do, so...Ren decided to take me to the nearby lake that’s close to town. All we did was talk and he mainly just took me there so I could calm myself down...but..” I stopped midway unable to finish the rest of that sentence, I could already feel the panic luring up behind me as I tried to find a way to explain what happened next.

“What. Else. Happened!?”

Elijah asked coldly, as he gripped my lower jaw with his hand, forcing me to look at him. The fire in his eyes was infused with hate and rage as he pierced his gaze right at me. I could hear my own heart beating heavily with fear as I stared at him with sorrow in my eyes.

“He...told me he liked me.”

I choked out the words quietly hoping for a chance that Eli didn’t hear me, however, the reaction in his face said it all. I watched as his eyes grew wide with fury and noticed his jaw clenching tighter than before. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, but it was going to come out one way or another. I suddenly felt a sharper pain coming from the same arm that he was still holding.

“Elijah! Please let me go! It hurts!”

I cried out in pain trying to yank my arm away from him. He then immediately loosened his grip, but he still wasn’t letting me go. He then quickly turned around pulling me behind him, where are we going? I peeked over his shoulder and noticed that we were heading towards the front door of his house. I hurriedly my way in front of him placing my hand on his chest to stop him from going any further.

“Wait! What...where are we going right now!?” I said with confusion and panic in my voice.

“Luna, step aside,” Elijah responded sounding irritated as he tried to shrug me out of the way.

“No! Not until you tell me what you’re gonna do!”

I yelled at him feeling completely agitated at this point by the way he’s acting. Though despite my effort of trying to talk to him, all he could do was look at me with anger in his eyes. I was no longer sure if he was now mad at me or Ren but either way, I don’t want to argue anymore with him.

So I swiftly threw my hands around his shoulder bringing myself closer to his body. My sudden actions lead to Eli wrapping his arms around me and swiftly picked me up off the floor. I naturally wrapped my legs around his waist to secure my hold on him and felt myself begin pressed up against the wall.

“I’m sorry...I’m sorry I lied to you, I was just too afraid to tell you after what happened between you and Ren last night,” I said whispering to his ear.

“Tell me something! Anything to make me stay, because I’m so close to getting in my truck right now and finding Ren to beat his F*CKEN AS* AGAIN!”

I could hear his words and body shaking with fury, I knew he would be upset when I told him. But I would’ve never guessed he would act this upset?! So I brought both my hands and placed them on each side of his face, I made him look into my eyes to show him how little meaning Ren’s words affected me.

“Eli, listen to me. Whatever he said it didn’t matter to me, so please calm down! I love you so much, it’s not worth trying to find him for what he said. You know I would never leave you, so please...stop acting like this.... you’re scaring me.” My words trembled out with uneasiness, unsure if Elijah will stay regardless of what I had to say.

Though to my surprise, I heard him breathe out a sigh of relief as he rested his head on my shoulders. I then ran my fingers gently through his hair as I placed a light kiss on top of his head, I really wanna show him how much love and care I do have for him, but it’s hard when Elijah’s jealousy and hatred stop me from doing that.

“I have something really important to give to you baby,” Elijah responded pulling his head slowly away from me. He gave me a serious brief stare and then quickly walked us to the living room. He then gently placed me down on the couch as he stood himself in front of me. I looked up and watched as Eli reached in for his pocket and started digging for something.

“Eli....what are you doing right now? I swear you’re so bipolar sometimes.” I questioned him with a confused look, he ignored my question as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. I immediately felt my stomach tighten and slowly began to feel light-headed of what was going on in front of me.

He’s not going to....propose is he?! I mean, I do love Elijah more than anything in this world. But marriage is something serious! I’m still only 14, can I even get married that young?! Will my parents even approve of the idea?! I shook all these thoughts away as I noticed Eli slowly crouching down in front of me, he held the box right between us and peered into my eyes with such a serious yet passionate gaze.

“Luna, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted like that, I shouldn’t have even been rough with you in the first place, but I will always have this fear inside me that you will one day leave me....even if one day I was to completely....disappear from you. Would you move on with your life and forget about me that easily?” He continued looking at me, his eyes practically begging for an answer. So many thoughts were running through my head of what was going on and what he’s asking of me.

“I don’t want to think about that...I don’t ever want to think about you disappearing from my life. Not now, not ever. I don’t think I’ll know how to move on....if you weren’t here anymore!” My voice was trembling with the anxiety of just the thought of Eli leaving me, I could feel my eyes beginning to water as I gazed back into his eyes. And before I knew it, Eli had already opened the box and took a ring out.

All I could do was watch him as I held in my breath feeling the heavy butterflies flying around my stomach. However the nervousness within me has washed away as I watched Eli placing the ring on my right ring finger, I could feel my shoulders instantly drop down with relief as I finally released my breath that I was holding in.

“Did you think I was asking you to marry me?”

Elijah responded to my reaction as he was done putting the ring on my finger, he then looked up and gave me a mischievous smirk. All I could do was pout and nod my head slowly, I averted my eyes to the ring that was now resting on my finger. It wasn’t a diamond ring....but there was something luminous about it. As I looked deeper into it, I noticed the different colors changing inside it, was it a mood ring maybe?

“It’s beautiful, I love it!” I yelled out feeling completely happy with his gift. I then wrapped my arms around him with excitement.

“But why are you giving it to me, and what kind of ring is this? It almost looks like there’s mag-”

“Magic? You’re cute Luna. I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a while now, though I would’ve preferred to give you a wedding ring instead, this will have to do.” He said while chuckling as he embraced me in his arms.

“Baby, this ring is really important. So you have to promise me that you will never take it off. Do you understand me.” He continued to speak, but only this time his tone was very serious. Pulling away from his hug I looked back at the ring and then shifted my eyes towards Eli.

“Why? I mean I promise I won’t take it off...but why is it important that I keep it on?” I asked him with a wondering look.

“I just...I just need you to always have it on. It’ll keep my mind at peace knowing that you’re wearing it, okay?” He said while caressing my cheek.

“Alright...I won’t ever take it off, I will only take it off once I get my engagement ring.” I responded jokingly sticking my tongue out at him. He lightly let out a chuckle as he playfully pushed me down on the couch.

“How is it possible for me to be so pissed off a few minutes ago, to now being so calm whenever I hear your voice?”

He asked as he laid down beside me placing his chin on top of my head. I then snuggled up against his chest smelling that wonderful cologne that smelled of pine trees. I loved his smell, I’ve grown so used to it over the years that now whenever I smell pine trees, I think of Elijah.

His warm presence sets my body and mind at ease, I don’t know what I would do if he was to vanish one day from my life. Just thinking about it sends my emotions to a downward spiral of negative emotions, No! Eli won’t ever leave me, I trust him with all my heart. I leisurely raised my head and set my eyes around his neck, my gaze immediately stopped to noticed the hickey that I had left him. I completely forgot about the bite mark that I had given him yesterday! I could feel myself blushing as I brought my lips to a smile.

“If you want, I could let you bite me again-”

“Huh?! I...I don’t want to, you pervert!” I responded with a huff.

“Are you sure? You were looking at my neck weren’t you?” He replied back placing his hand on my cheek, he then raised my head to look at him.

“What?! How did you know I was looking at your neck!” I asked him feeling shy.

“I didn’t, you just answered it for me.” He responded quickly as he placed a soft kiss on my lips. He then gave me a mischievous look in his eyes as he pulled away to look at me again.

“You...you jerk! Stop embarrassing me already, I don’t like having my boyfriend bully me all the time!” I raised my voice at him playfully, as I lightly hit his chest.

“By the way, I’m still upset at you for breaking my phone earlier! How am I supposed to explain it to my parents! Also, how am I suppose to keep in contact with you!?”

I asked feeling annoyed, though Eli didn’t seem bothered by my question as he grabbed each side of my waist turning me around. He was now spooning me from behind as we both continued to lay down on his couch.

“Just tell your mom and dad that you lost it or something, also you don’t have to worry about keeping in contact with me babe.” He said while wrapping his arms around my lower waist tightly. I could feel his warm broad chest being pressed up behind my back, it was comforting knowing how close we have gotten these past months as a couple.

“What do you mean don’t worry? How am I supposed to call you!?” I responded frustrated with his explanation.

“Baby just leave it, your parents will give you a new phone soon. You’ll have your number changed and everything, alright.” I could tell his patients were wearing thin, so I just decided to let it go. What’s done is done and I can’t do anything about it now, other than agreeing with him.

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