His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 17: Struggling Truth

Elijah’s POV:

After dropping off Luna, I was fighting my inner self to not turn this car around! What was Ren doing there at her house? An what was he talking about with Luna’s dad for anyways!? Just picturing my Luna and Ren talking to each other right now pisses me off! At some point, I didn’t even realize how fast I was driving with all this anger and frustration that was boiling up inside me.

Finally pulling up to my house, I parked my truck inside the garage. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in and exhaled heavily, I needed to relax my nerves. But I needed to know what Luna was doing, I wanted to know what she was saying if she was talking with that guy! Stepping out of the car I decided to take a breather on top of the roof of the house. It was something I always did whenever I needed to calm myself. Besides, I’m expecting someone to come later on with something very important!

Making it to the roof, I ran my fingers through my hair and laid myself down watching the sun slowly set with every passing minute. The brightness of the sun began to die down into a dim light, I watched the many houses in front of me beginning to turn their lights on, one by one. I let out a small chuckle as I thought of how needy humans are for any source of light. When they’re cold they make a fire to warm themselves from the bitter cold darkness that tries to consume them.

Whenever they’re scared they turn on the lights to comfort themselves from any dark shadows that may be lurking behind them. They live off the sun during the day and then shut themselves in their homes during the night, it’s as if they’re afraid of whatever wickedness may be out there to get them. They should be...

“Humans are such fragile creatures,” I whispered out feeling annoyed.

I rested my arms behind my head as I continued to lay down. Shutting my eyes closed, I then thought to myself how long it’s been since I last slept, maybe for the past 24 hours at most? Though how am I supposed to sleep when this body is constantly in pain.

An right on queue, I suddenly felt my inside’s were being set on fire. I quickly sat upright and began coughing uncontrollably, I placed my hand to cover my mouth only to feel something wet touching my lips. As I pulled my hand back, I wasn’t surprised to see the amount of blood covering my hand. Looking at the blood that was dripping from my palm I heard someone calling my name.

“Lord Eli.”

I didn’t need to turn myself around to know who was calling my name behind me.

“You’re a little late, Raven,” I said standing myself up wiping the blood from my mouth.

“My apologies for your highness, but your father had something very important for me to tell you.”

“So that f*cker still alive huh? What does he want?”

I asked turning myself around to finally face her. She had her eyes completely covered from that thick hooded robe she always wore, I’ve known Raven for many years now, my father would send her from time to time to check up on me to see if I was still alive. Though throughout the years I’ve been able to rely on her whenever I needed something from the underworld. For example, Luna’s ring that I gave her today.

I watched as she took a bow for a moment and then raised her head to speak.

“The king needs you to come home now.” She answered back sounding monotone. Her gaze was then wandering around my hand that still had blood on it.

“I also think it’s time for you to come back to the kingdom as well, this body of yours won’t last very long. You’re about to awaken anytime now my Lord, so I beg of you to leave this disgusting human world behind.” She responded a bit concerned.

“No! Not yet, there’s still one last thing I must do before I leave.....Did you bring what I asked?” I asked with a serious tone.

“Of course your highness.” I watched as she pulled out a hand mirror from her bag as she slowly approached me.

“This mirror will allow you to see and hear everything, as long as the person wears the ring that I made for you.” She explained handing me the mirror.

“So as long as that person wears the ring, I’ll know everything about what they’re doing for the rest of their life, correct?” I asked her while looking into the mirror.

“Yes, but once the person takes the ring off, the magic will be broken and it will no longer work.” She continued to explain.

“I understand, you may leave now. Oh, and one more thing...tell my father that’ll I’ll be coming home very soon, there’s just something I must do first in the human world.” I said to her making my way to the ladder that leads down off the roof.

“Very well your highness, will all be waiting for our future king to come home.”

She responded, I then watched as she took a final bow. And slowly raised her hand in front of her face placing her index finger close to her lips, she then muttered a few words that I couldn’t quite understand and I watched as her body began to dematerialize into the darkness that blended into the night sky. She completely disappeared right in front of me, all I could see was this heavy black mist in the air that she left behind.

“Tck...witches are so devious with their magic. But I guess someone like me is no different if anything. I’m far worse than any of them.”

I said to myself raising my head up watching the many stars that shined above me. However, I noticed that there was no moon tonight, no wonder it seemed a lot darker than usual. Shifting my body back towards the ladder I started to descend my way down.

The night was finally over for me, I slowly began to strip off my shirt inside my room. Though my body was still aching in pain as well as my insides that still felt like it was on fire! I tried my best to keep my composure in front of Raven and I think it worked. If I were to of shown any sign of pain, then I’m sure she would’ve brought me back with her and would of hurried the process.

I know that the only way for me to become a warlock is to die as a human, only to be awakened by the demon that chooses me. Though I did not expect the change to be this excruciating, every bone in my body felt broken, I could feel my blood throbbing with discomfort. As well as my heart that was suffering from the lack of energy that my body was in. Though I knew what my heart needed, I knew what I needed to make this torment go away, even if it’s for a little while.

“My Luna...I wish you were here right now, so I could hold you in my arms....and never let you go.”

I said to myself silently, it’s only been a few hours since I last held her. But no matter how much I spend time with her it never seems to be enough for me. I’ve become greedy over the years, wanting her by my side, needing her soft hands to hold me close to her. To smell her beautiful scent of fine strawberries that she always lathers her body in and to taste that delicious skin of hers that I’ve come to crave so much.

“F*ck...Luna...I’m sorry for what I’m about to do to you...I hope that one day...you’ll forgive me.”

The violent coughing soon came back to my throat, making it extremely difficult for me to breathe, I bend myself forward trying to rid the coughing away, only to feel my body becoming heavy. I stumbled my way to make it to the restroom, though the lightheadedness only caused me to fall over the floor.

I struggled to pick myself up as I reached for the nightstand that was closest to me, the heavy wheezing that I could hear myself doing was only further proof that my human insides we’re shutting down. I managed to sit upright on the cold floor, but I was just still too weak to stand on my own right now. I rested my body against the side of the bed and slouched my head over to see the amount of blood that I’ve coughed out that was now splattered all over the floor.

“How...much blood...do humans have...in their f*cken bodies...”

I grunted out in agony feeling completely tormented. I reached for the inside of my pants pocket and pulled out the mirror that Raven gave me earlier. The front of the mirror was a bit sumged now from my bloody fingertips, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was wanting to know if this will work! I held the mirror in front of my face and deeply stared into the reflection.

“Show me....my Luna...” I whispered out quietly feeling my throat burning dry.

The mirror soon reflected a flash of multiple luminous lights, the brightness made my eyes squint a bit as I continued to hold the mirror tightly. As the bright colors began to die down, I could see a faint image showing up in the mirror. It was my Luna! She was soundly fast asleep in her bed, I could see her shoulders slowly rising up and down from her calm breathing. The ring on her finger was glowing a bit, I guess that’s the magic that’s being connected to the mirror. I just hope she never takes the ring off, that way I could always watch over her.

Watching her sleep put my mind at ease, the pain in my body was now a bit bearable to withstand. Being able to see my baby-girl whenever I want was absolutely satisfying to me, it will make it a little easier to leave. Only a little...

“Baby, I’m sorry...but I don’t think...I’ll be able to go to school with you anymore...” I coughed out feeling completely dizzy. I knew I couldn’t go to school, not when my body is in this severe state. I bet if any doctor were to examine me, they would all wonder how I’m still alive. With the condition, my body is in right now.

“Luna...I hope that you can continue to sleep this peaceful when I leave...so please, don’t lose that smile of yours that I fell in love with...Luna..my Luna..” I said her name so delicate as I continued to watch her sleep, I could soon feel my eyelids becoming heavy as I let my body rest into a deep slumber.

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