His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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"I always thought that my life would be normal. Having close friends and a loving family. Falling in love with that one special person and growing old with them, having as many kids as I want, and raising them in a beautiful home. However my life was forever changed when I met him, and I wouldn’t say it was a blessing but more like a curse.”

Luna’s POV:

I wake up and rub my eyes a bit to adjust to the lighting coming through the curtains. It felt very strange this time waking up in the morning since I didn’t feel Elijah’s arms wrapped around my waist like he usually does. I’ve grown accustomed to his hands always touching my body. I felt safe and warm whenever I was with him.

I stood up and felt the cold air press up against my skin, it sent chills down my spine and made my nipples instantly harden. I look down and realized I’m completely naked! I quickly grab the bed sheets and wrap them around my body. I looked around to make sure no one saw me, though I was pretty sure I was completely alone in the room. I walk towards the window and pulled back the curtains to let in some light into the room. As I looked up at the sky I saw white flakes coming down, it was finally snowing! I was so excited that winter was finally here since it was my favorite season of the year.

I walked to my closet to pick out my outfit for the day, I was very eager to go outside and spend some time outside in the snow. For some reason, Snow always put my mind at ease and it made me relax. I went to the restroom and closed the door behind me, I dropped the bed sheet that was wrapped around my body and saw it fall to the floor. I stepped into the shower turning the faucet on and letting the warm water touch my skin. I closed my eyes and started to remember the day I met Elijah, the day he took me into his world and the last day I saw Ren, my boyfriend who I still thought about and still loved. As I opened my eyes I couldn’t tell the difference between my tears to the water hitting my face. It was nothing but painful and blessing memories when I think back on it.

I stepped out of the shower and walked towards the mirror, I wiped the fogged up mirror and looked at my body. To no surprise, I saw kiss marks all around my neck and all over my breasts, as well as his handprints around my waist and arms. I’ve grown so used to him marking up my body and having him be so forceful whenever he held me. I started to change into my clothes and decided to wear some plain black skinny jeans and a white turtle neck long sleeve to cover up my hickeys. As I pull my shirt down to my waist I look up to meet Elijah’s eyes looking at mine, he walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Did you sleep well?”

He asked kissing my temple. I nodded and turned around to meet his gaze.

“You scared me! How long were you standing by the door?” I questioned him.

“Long enough to watch that sexy body of yours.” He replied as he nuzzled up against my neck breathing down my collar bone.

“Why are you covering the marks I gave you?!” He said with annoyance.

“I just don’t want the others to see them it’s embarrassing and they always make fun of me for them,” I said looking down at the floor blushing.

He cupped my chin with his hand and raised my face to meet his, he looked very serious and tightened his arm around my waist, I knew he was getting a bit irritated.

“Umm I also wanted to... to go outside and enjoy the snow, so I’m trying to dress warmly,” I said quickly to put his mind at ease. He loosened up his arm around me and looked out towards the bathroom window and saw the snow coming down. He then moved his gaze to me and kissed my forehead.

“Alright then, I guess that’s a good excuse.” He said with a smirk. He let me go and we both walked to our room.

“Hey, where were you this morning?” I asked him as I reached for my winter boots by my bed.

“Did you miss me that bad baby?” he had this cocky look on his face when he said it.

“Nnn..no! I’m just curious,” I said while blushing and tying my boots.

“Well, I had to talk with Felix about something.” He said with a serious tone.

“Felix.....how has he been?”

I curiously asked It’s strange when I think about it. I live with quite a few people in this house, though Elijah doesn’t trust me being alone with anyone let alone see or talk with them. It’s annoying that I can’t chat with any of them like I used to. I guess I could understand why he wouldn’t want me to be alone with them after what happened a few months ago, but it is his fault that he let those things happen.

“Why do you care how he’s doing?” Elijah asked me with a stern look as he walked up to me and held my hand.

“I...I just haven’t heard from him for a while and I just wanted to make sure he’s doing okay I guess.”

I looked up at him and then back at his hand that was holding mine. He tightens his grip for a split moment and then let go, he walked towards his liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of his favorite wine and a glass for himself.

“Should I just get rid of him completely so you can stop asking about him?” He said while pouring himself some red wine in a glass.

“W-what! Nnn..No I just, we were all close at one point and I just asked because he’s still my friend, and he’s been there for me when-” as I tried to finish my sentence Elijah smashed his wine glass against the table causing the glass to shatter and fall all over the floor.


I became very frustrated at this point, I couldn’t hold in my anger any longer! It’s been a whole month since I last heard from anyone and I couldn’t handle it anymore!


I screamed out those words so loud and very clear for him to hear what I had to say, but I instantly regretted it. I knew he was going to get angry, and it wasn’t his strict voice that frightens me but his eyes. His once light blue eyes have turned pitch black, those eyes that I never got used to, that I always got scared looking at. It feels like he’s looking right through my soul every time his eyes are like this. The windows soon began to shake and I felt this horrible aura coming from his body. “Eli, p.. please calm down!” I tried to keep him calm by holding him tightly and not wanting to let him go. I knew that I was the only one that could keep him calm and not have him lose control. He held me and placed his hands on my hips.

“I’m sorry...I’m so sorry I said those things, I know you live with this guilt every day but I-” Eli quickly shuts my mouth with a deep kiss and tightly grips my hips that I could feel his fingers already leaving prints on my sides.

“You have no idea how fucken horrible I feel for making you go through something like that, I’ve apologized so many damn times and it pisses me off just thinking about what I put you through. You know if I could go back in time and change things. I would and I would never let anyone else touch you because you belong to me and only me.” He said it with such guilt and so much sincerity, As he pulled away from our kiss to tell me.

“I know you would, and I’ve forgiven you long ago already Eli, but you can’t keep me away for everyone. You know it’s not a healthy environment for me to always be alone all the time, especially when you’re not here.”

I replied as I rested my forehead against his and watched his black eyes turn back to that beautiful shade of blue that I love so much.

“Luna....you know I can’t let you leave this room without me being her-” I cut him off and place my hands on his cheeks to meet his gaze to let him know I was serious.

“I need you to trust me more and the others as well, especially since their brothers Eli” I whispered close to his ear.

“Half brothers! And.....I’ll think about it, okay baby.” He said as he pulled me into a hug. Not too long after he pulled away and walked towards the broken wine glass that was scattered over the floor as well as the wine that was spilled everywhere.

“Really!! You’ll really think about it, Eli!?”

I said with much excitement. He didn’t respond as he placed his hand over the broken pieces. I watched in amazement as the once broken wine glass and spilled wine was restored back into a clear unbroken cup.

I never get tired of watching what he can do with his powers. “Yeah, but if you want me to think about it, You have to do something for me.” He said as he bent down to pick up his cup and took a drink, he then loosened his button-up shirt and took it off completely, exposing his tattoos.

“Wh..what are you doing?!”I asked looking away feeling too embarrassed to look at him.

“After almost half a year, your still too embarrassed to look at my naked body, you’ve already seen everything of me just how I’ve already seen every inch of yours.” He said chuckling as he laid in the middle of the bed half naked holding his wine glass with his right hand.

“D...d..don’t say things like that out loud!”

I said flustered feeling my cheeks burning up. I couldn’t help but feel his strong gaze towards me. I slowly took my time meeting his eyes as I took a moment to admire his sculpted built muscles, the tattoos that covered his whole upper chest and arm area, It was like looking at a beautifully painted canvas. His strong jawline went well with those soft delicious lips of his. I stood there in the middle of the room waiting for him to say something, but all he did was continuing to stare at me. Growing impatient I started to speak...

“What is it ...that you want me to do-”


That was all he said, as he took another sip of his wine. My whole body instantly started to heat up, I played with the ends of my shirt as I asked Eli while looking down, “Right now?” I asked.

“Yes..right now. Unless you want me to rip your clothes off and ruin another outfit of yours.”

He said while curling the corner of his lips up while placing his wine glass on the nightstand. This isn’t the first time I stripped in front of him, but no matter how many times I’ve done it, it’s always so nerve-wracking and it always makes my body tremble. “Umm Eli it’s....don’t you think it’s a bit too early in the morning to do this kind of stuff, and I thought you wanted to go outside with me to see the snow,” I asked him while turning my head towards the bedroom window watching the white snowfall down.

“We have all winter to play in the snow baby girl, besides I’m feeling a bit weak and I need you to fix that.” He said while sitting upright and started to unbuckle his belt.

“Wait! There’s no way you should be feeling weak, not after what we did all of the last night. You should have more than enough life energy to last you a week or two! So there should be no way in hell you need more of my life energy.”

I said all flustered and too annoyed to look back at Eli’s face. Elijah got off the bed and walked towards me pressing our bodies together, I could already feel his hard shaft pressed up against me. Which only made my heart beat faster.

“Whether I need your life energy or not, I just want to f*ck you because I feel like tasting that p*ssy of yours. You’ll do what I say, Luna,” he said looking at me with such a cold and serious stare. He reached for my shirt and ripped it off completely, throwing it across the room.

“Elijah p.. please don’t be so rough with me, I’m still very sore and tired from the other night,” I said to him, I raised my arms to cover myself but he stopped them by grabbing both my wrists and started to place soft and tender kisses on my neck.


A quiet moan left my lips and I’m sure he heard it. I knew I couldn’t fight Eli off even if I wanted to, and he knew it also. God knows how many times I’ve tried in the past. But he had full control of my body, he always took advantage of my vulnerability. I feel a sharp sting as he slapped my a** cheeks. He then reaches for the zipper of my pants as he whispered something next to my ear.

“Don’t fight it, Luna, let me hear those sweet moans of yours that I love hearing so much.” He pulled my pants down leaving me in my underwear, he then got on his knees and started to place sweet kisses on my legs.

“Eli! Ss..stop saying embarrassing things like that.” I say to him looking away as I place my hands on top of his shoulders. He then stands on his feet and cups my lower a** cheeks and lifts me, wrapping my legs around his waist and he leads us to our king-size bed.

I felt myself being placed down gently on the soft mattress, I watched as Eli began to take his pants off and his eyes never leaving mine.

“Embarrassing? Are you sure you can say that while wearing sexy underwear like that in front of me.”

He said while playing with my hard nipples with his fingers, he then started to place a wet kiss on my lower stomach. It was starting to get harder for me to think straight.

“It’s n...not my fault t...that you buy me this type....of underwear only!”

I was finally able to say out loud. He looked up at me and gave me a mischievous smile, I couldn’t help but smirk back shyly at him. I brought my hands up to run my fingers through his soft brown hair, which made him close his eyes and breathe out heavily. I kicked off my boots and I heard them hit the floor, Eli’s eyes soon opened and were locked on my black lace thong I was wearing. He grabbed each side of the material of my underwear and slid them down my legs.

“I’ll be sure to be more gentle this time baby, so let me make you feel good.”

He said, placing kisses down my inner thigh, he then spread my legs apart from each other as he continued to leave kisses inching closer to my p*ssy. I couldn’t hold in my moans any longer at this point, I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip while pushing up my lower waist. Elijah grabbed hold of my waist and he placed his lips on my wet dripping core, he rapidly began to lick and suck on my cl*t. Moan after moan kept leaving my lips as his tongue explored deeper into my p*ssy, causing me to almost climax. He was fingering me with his tongue and I was enjoying every second of it,

“You can’t cum yet Luna, because if you do I’ll have to spank that cute a** of yours.”

He demand, as he raised his head and leaned closer to my face, and began to kiss me so roughly, he forced his tongue into my mouth searching for mine. I could taste my own juices from him eating me out earlier, I wrapped my hands around his neck not wanting to let him go.

“Arch your back baby”, he said still kissing me.

I did what he asked, his hand reached around my back and I heard a small click noise. I knew that he unhooked my lace bra and wasted no time taking it off of me leaving my breasts exposed to him.

He grabbed both of my breasts and started to suck on one of my nipples. He ran his strong long fingers down my lower abdomen to my throbbing wet p*ssy that needed attention.“Ooh..yes right there...Eli” I said with a slight moan.

“This p*ssy belongs to me and only me! You understand!” He said as he sunk his two fingers inside me, I gasped for air and leaned my head back, he then asked me again with more force and a bit of anger this time.

“Tell me!! Who does this p*ssy belong to Luna!!!!” He curled his fingers to reach my g-spot better. I squeezed my eyes shut as I responded with a loud moan.

“YOUR’S!! MY...MY P*SSY BELONGS TO ONLY YOU!“, I let myself drift away with pleasure. My moans became louder echoing through the room, Eli put more pressure in his strokes sending me into an orgasm.

“Cum for me again baby”, he didn’t have to tell me twice as I felt my body give in to his demand. My inner walls clenched around his fingers as my back arched to a perfect, my p*ssy was quivering as I felt a flow of my juices trickling down all over his fingers and on my inner thighs. Elijah rubbed my cl*t with his thumb, and it was becoming harder for me to breathe.

“F*ck! your so tight Luna”, he said as he repeatedly continued to slam his fingers into my core.

It was so sensitive right now that I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I came again. I looked up at those beautiful eyes that were looking back at mine, every inch of my body belonged to him. I grabbed the bed sheets tightly as I felt another orgasm coming over me, Eli quickly brought his face to my p*ssy and began to devour my flowing juices coming out of me. His hypnotizing eyes were still locked on mine while his mouth was still sucking on my cl*t. I quivered in ecstasy as I try to set myself up using my elbows for support.

“Eli...plea..please I....need you”

“What do you need baby?” He asked as he brought his body closer to mine.

“I....need it inside m..me,” I said quietly.

“Need what inside you babygirl?” He asked with a satisfying look.

“I...I need your c*ck inside me, Eli!” I said loudly wrapping my arms around his back and buried my face into his neck.

Elijah quickly flipped us over to where I was now on top of his lap, he lifted me up as if I was light as a feather to him. I then felt his tip entering my wet aching p*ssy as he pushed my waist down with his big strong hands, even though he’s been inside me so many times it still always painful for me. It was like being a virgin all over again, he was so big and thick that it always feels like he was going to break me each time, he slowly started to push into me. I squeezed my eyes shut and I screamed out clawing Eli’s back.

“F*ck baby your so f*cken tight! It feels so good inside you, love,” he said with a moan and placed kisses on my neck.

“Oh, Eli! Your so big!” I cried out loud biting his shoulder. He was completely inside me and began to move in and out at a slow steady pace. I couldn’t handle how big he was inside me, I immediately released on Eli’s c*ck making our lower parts wet from my cum. He let out a loud moan between my breasts squeezing them with his big hands.

“Don’t stop, Eli, please go faster baby!” I moaned out loud. holding on to him tightly, I wanted more of him, no! I needed more of him! I felt his fingers dig into my hips.

“I don’t want to be rough with you this time baby,” Elijah said placing sweet kisses all over my face.

“I...I don’t care about that, I just need more of you! Please...you’ve made my body feel like this.” I said looking at him feeling my eyes beginning to tear up, he then placed his hands on each side of my face brushing my lower lip with his thumb.

“If that’s what you want....then I’ll give it to you!” He growled as he pressed his lips onto mine forcing his tongue inside my mouth.

I let out a loud yelp as he smacked my ass, he continued to slap my ass multiple times as he slammed his hard d*ck inside my throbbing p*ssy. My moans were replaced by screams of ecstasy. Eli placed one of his hands to my breasts and pulled my hardened nipples as he covered my screams with his lips.

“Ooh, Eli! It feels so good! I’m...I’m going to cum!” I said feeling overstimulated, I instantly came again all over his c*ck. Elijah kept moving inside me with such deep thrusts and sped up faster, “sh*t, baby your so fu*ken goddamn tight! F*ck I’m almost gonna cum, beautiful.”

He whispered against my ear and began to nibble on my earlobe. Hearing those words made my whole body shiver, my p*ssy naturally clenched around his big d*ck that kept thrusting faster inside me. I placed my lips on his neck and started sucking and biting it so my loud moans couldn’t be heard by the others in the house.

“Baby! I want you to cum one more time alright!”

Elijah said as I felt his grip on my waist. I answered his demand by riding his c*ck so roughly that I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to walk the next morning. I felt my climax building up as Eli started to play with my cl*t, I immediately came again and I felt his c*ck swell up inside me.

“Oh, sh*t! Babe...I’m cumming!” Elijah grunted under his teeth as he tightened his grip on me.

“Oh, Eli!” I cried out loud as I felt him fill me up with his warm juices spewing inside me.

I held him close to me feeling his d*ck throb inside my womb, my mind went to oblivion with every touch he gave me. He let out a loud moan holding me so tightly that it was getting harder to breathe.

“Luna..don’t ever leave me.....I love you so f*cking much, baby.” He whispered those words to me as he lifted me off of him feeling our love juices pour out of my quivering p*ssy.

He laid me down next to him, we looked into each other’s eyes with so much care, so much love, and so much possession. I place my hand on his face and caressed his cheek.

“I will never leave you again Eli, I promise you. Your the other half that I’ve been missing in my life.”

I said to him, my eyes became full of tears that they started to fall down across my face. Eli took his fingers and brushed away the wet pool of tears that continued to fall down my cheeks. He brought me into an embrace sinking his face to my neck.

“Even if you tried to leave me again as you did many months ago. There will be nowhere for you to go in this world. I will always find you and bring you back to me.” He said it with a serious tone and looked at me with such a blank stare, I shifted my body to where I was now resting my head against his bare chest.

“I know you would Eli, after all...you took me away from my world and brought me into yours,” I said to him while looked down and noticed his still fully erected hard d*ck sticking up, I looked away blushing even though I know it makes no sense after what we just did.

“I knew you weren’t even close to being done!” I said annoyed-looking up at him.

“Baby, you and I both know I could go on for hours f*cking you, but your human body is just too fragile, you know that. You won’t be able to withstand the heavy stress your body will go through.” He replied playing with my black hair.

“I was able to handle it last night! And I’m completely fine!” I said with annoyance and confidence.

“Haha... you’re too cute,” Elijah responded with a giggle.

“What!? Why are you laughing at me!!” I asked annoyed-looking up at his smirked face.

“Baby, last night you only lasted less than 3 hours, however for you’re being a human that’s still very impressive. Also, It was getting hard for me to control myself whenever I’m with you, there’s so much that I’m holding back to what I can do with your body Luna. There are limits though, we’ve been together for almost half a year now and you're still not fully accustomed to my d*ck. I know it still hurts like hell when I’m entering inside you, but that’s to be expected. You know I love you...and the last thing I want is to see you getting hurt because of me.” He said to me, I look at him to see his once grin look has now turned into worriedness.

“Babe, I-”

I tried to sit up to face him and tell him what I needed to say. My body immediately fell back on his chest. What the hell?! Was my body that tired? I couldn’t feel my lower waist as much, and my legs were still shaking a bit from being on top of him. Even though he carried me the whole time when I was on him, I guess my legs were still tired from last night.

“Sh*t! I knew I should have been more gentle with you this time!” Elijah yelled with concern as he held me in his arms.

“Are you okay baby!? Tell me if your feeling pain anywhere, if so I could call Carla right away to heal you!” He said to me looking at me with guilt in his eyes.

Carla was our maid/witch healer, In the house.

“Nn..no I’ll be fine I just need rest, and don’t look at me like that, it’s not your fault. I’m the one that didn’t want you going easy on me to remember!” I made sure to look at him with a stern look as I said those words. To make it clear to him that it isn’t his fault.

“That’s not the point Luna! I don’t like seeing you in a pain, period. And I don’t understand why you don’t want Carla’s help? You won’t be able to walk as much tomorrow if you don’t have your body healed.” He said while reaching for his wine glass, finishing the remaining wine that was left in his cup.

“It’s not that I don’t want her help, it’s just that I haven’t seen her in over a month, it’ll just be weird. We both were such good friends and we would talk almost every day in this house, but ever since you forbid me from leaving this room alone I haven’t seen or talked to her ever since. Besides what am I supposed to say to her if she did come?”

“Oh hey, I haven’t seen you in over a month but we’re still cool, right? Great! Can you fix my tired/pained body that Eli caused by f*cking me too hard? If so that would be very helpful of you.”

“Yeah...I don’t think so!”

I said to him, leaning back on Elijah’s chest staring out through the window, watching the snow continue to fall. I was a bit bummed by the fact that I couldn’t go outside today to see the snow, and I probably won’t be able to go out tomorrow either with how my body is right now if anything I think my body will be sorer by tomorrow morning.

“I’m sorry, I guess it is my fault that you haven’t been able to talk to her, but I did tell you earlier that I would think about you leaving this room. I know they won’t do anything to you now, I made that very clear on that day, but I just don’t like the way they’ll look at you, I know I have to ignore it but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to.”

He said to me as he laid back down on the bed caressing my back with his hand. A few minutes passed by and his soft warm hands were making my body relax and I was starting to snuggle up against him and get comfy. My eyelids soon started to feel heavy as the many minutes began to pass by.

“But I trust you....so I won’t keep you in here anymore.” Eli placed a soft tender kiss on the top of my head,

I felt myself drifting off to sleep as he said those words to me.

“Thank..you...Eli”, we’re the last words that left my mouth as I fell into a slumber. I guess my body really was exhausted.

As I drifted off to sleep I thought back to everything that led me up to this point in my life.

’His strength was unbelievable as well as his stamina. But it’s no surprise there, I mean he was no longer human, he was no longer the Elijah I knew 6 years ago. He’s become a monster, a monster who practices the dark arts of black magic. A Warlock that could instantly kill me with just a snap of his fingers. But he was more than just a warlock, he was next in line for the throne to rule over this world and control this kingdom called Wisteria. He robbed me of my chances of ever living a normal life with my boyfriend Ren who I’ve been with for almost 6 years. I never thought in my 20 years of living that I would end up like this. He took me away from the human world, away from my friends and family, and brought me into his underworld of dark wizardry we’re demons, witches and warlocks coexist with each other. The worst part of it all was that as humans we’re only used to give our life energy to these creatures, That was all that we were good for in this demonic realm. Though the only way to get a human life source was by either killing them and consuming their hearts or using their bodies for sexual compensation. It disgusted me how this was the only way we humans had to live, we were practically disposable sex slaves to these monsters. But the most horrible part was that once you come into this hellish world, there was no going back to the human world.′

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