His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 19: Overthinking

Luna’s POV:

“Hello? Luna, are you okay? Hey!?”

With Alexa shouting out my name, she waved her hand in front of my face to catch my attention. Though I was still in shock at what I just read that my whole body was still shaking with fear at the fact that there’s some psycho killer out there murdering people! Was it just a coincidence that the killer happened to kill these girls that I know?


Alexa yelled out my name again as she shook my shoulders!

“What? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just...shocked something like this happened.”

I explained while handing back her phone...

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I never would have thought this would happen either. I mean, sure Priscilla was a fucking bitch and so were some of her friends. But I don’t think they deserved to die.”

She voiced out in a bitter sadness...

Approaching the school, we were taken off guard when we saw security at every entrance in the school! It shouldn’t come off as a surprise though, I’m sure the school district is being more cautious to ensure the safety of the students. I just hope that Elijah came today, I miss him so much...

“This is insane, I didn’t think that our school would have security going through our bags! Is it really necessary to go through a metal detector?”

Alexa pointed out as we neared closer to the entrance...

“Well yeah, it’s necessary I’m sure everyone is freaking out right now. I can only imagine what the parents must be going through...to find out that your child was brutally murdered. It must be so devastating....”

I responded feeling a bit glum, as we passed through the check-up line. We started to make our way into our classroom.

“I guess you’re right, I just can’t believe that happened! Even my boyfriend called this morning to let me know that I shouldn’t walk home late, he even offered to pick me up from now on.”

She explained with a bashful smile. I was happy that she found a boyfriend that cares about her so much. Even if he is a bit older than us, he seems like a nice guy...

“Speaking of boyfriend, how are things with you and Eli? I didn’t see him at all yesterday or even this morning for that matter? Is everything okay?”

She asked with a concerned look on her face...

“Things are fine...I think? I don’t know why he hasn’t been coming to school though? It’s possible that he could be feeling sick, with winter coming and all. It just sucks not having a phone! If I did, I would be able to call him and know why he hasn’t been going to school.”

I said in an annoyed pout, taking our seats we then waited for our teacher to come and take roll call.

“I’m sure he just has a cold, it’s nothing for you to worry about. Unless...”

She took a sudden pause before giving me a playful smirk.

“Unless what?”

I asked, giving her a weird look...

“Unless...he’s the Killer!”

Alexa responded jokingly as she began to laugh.

“Yeah sure, cause Eli is a cold vicious murderer that loves killing people...I don’t think so. That’s not even funny, Alexa.”

I responded in annoyance as I let out a sigh...

“Relax, you know I’m kidding. I can never picture Elijah hurting a fly. But then again, I don’t know him that well as you do.”

Hearing her say that made me rethink if I really knew Eli that well, usually he’ll avoid wanting to say anything that would make him uncomfortable. Is he hiding something from me?

“Alright, everyone! Cell phones away and no more chit-chat. I will be taking roll call in just a second.”

Our teacher voiced out as she took out her sheet, right as she was done taking in our names, the intercom went off!


“Alright, I want everyone to start heading towards the gym for an important assembly.”

The teacher said as she opened the front door of the classroom. Standing up from our seats we all began to walk towards the gymnasium. The only issue was that I still didn’t know where the gym was at. Though I don’t think it should be a problem as long as I follow this huge crowd...

“Hey, Alexa. What do you think this assembly is about-”

Turning my head to the side, I paused at what I was saying once I no longer saw Alexa by my side! Where the hell did she go!? As I started to frantically search for her within the heavy crowd, it became impossible to find her in the sea of people crowding around me!

“Damnit, Eli! This is all your fault! You just had to break my phone didn’t you!”

I said to myself in frustration as I made my way through the many students. I could’ve easily texted Alexa right now to know where she’s at, but no! I’m stuck being all alone again, and being shorter than most of the students here made it more difficult to see where I was going. I wonder when I’ll hit my growth spurt? Unless...I already did!? Oh my God! I hope I haven’t, being five feet tall cannot be my permanent height! If so, I will always look like a child with whoever I’m standing next to. This sucks! Alexa is six inches taller than me, that’s not fair!

And whenever I’m standing next to Eli, I never really noticed his height since I’ve grown used to being so much shorter than him. But how did he grow up to be six feet tall?! I remember there was a time when I was taller than him, but that was when we were kids. Whatever! I don’t care anymore-


I groaned out in pain as I felt someone suddenly stepping on my shoe! I need to start paying attention to my surroundings and stop thinking so much...

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there-”

Raising my head, I followed whose voice was speaking to me. It was only when I made contact with Ren that I became anxious...why did I have to run into him right now!?

“It’s okay, it’s mainly my fault. I wasn’t paying attention...”

I responded in a bit of annoyance, it was very obvious that I didn’t want to speak with him, at least not yet...

“Luna, I know you’re still upset at me. And I’m sorry if I had said anything that might have offended you or Elijah-”

“Ren, please just stop. I don’t wanna get into it anymore.”

I quickly cut him off as I continued walking forward, as I made my way to the gym I tried to find Alexa. But there were too many students already sitting down on the bleachers that I had no luck in finding her. This is so irritating, I guess I’ll just sit in the corner over here...

“Hey, did you hear what happened this morning?!”

“Yeah, no shit dude everyone has!”

“I heard that they all got raped first before they were killed!”

“No way! That’s fucken crazy!”

“It’s creepy! I had sex with one of those girls! What if she comes and haunts me or something?!”

“You’re an idiot, but I do wonder if Priscilla is still alive? If so, she’s obviously the killer...”

Hearing the many disturbing conversations that everyone was discussing. I wanted to get up and just leave, how can some of these people be so calm and joke about something like this? I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach as I grew more anxious by the minute. So I averted my eyes to the ring Elijah had given me and watched the many colors slowly starting to change, it was calming...

“That’s a very nice ring.”

Ren pointed out as he took a seat right next to me...

“Thank you, it was a gift,” I replied as I placed my hand over the ring before looking at him.

We both stared at one another for a split second until we heard someone echoing through a mic!
Everyone went silent and paid their attention to the person who was standing on the podium...was that the principal?

“Good morning students, I’m sure you all have heard the tragic news of what happened this morning. I’m here to-”

I guess the principal has a few words to say about the tragic event that happened. But I don’t feel like listening to this again, we all know what happened. So what’s the point in talking about it...it will only make me feel uncomfortable. Suddenly! I felt someone putting something in my ear! Turning my head, I saw that Ren had put an earbud in both our ears!

“Ren? What are you doing?”

I whispered as I watched him pull out his phone...

“I could tell you’re not exactly in the mood to listen to whatever depressing thing the principal has to say. So I figured you’d rather listen to something more pleasant...”

He said in a reassuring smile as he scooted himself closer to me, our shoulders were now touching each other as I gave out a pleasant nod. His gesture was really sweet that I couldn’t help but form a bright smile as I watched him pick a song. Looking around, I noticed that not many students were paying attention either, most of them were on their phones or chatting quietly within their groups...

I then heard a soothing song beginning to play, the wonderful instruments blended so well with the person’s voice. It’s a little sad that this group band retired so early, but I will forever love their songs. Slowly opening my eyes, I turned my attention towards Ren. He was already looking at me so intently with his bright green eyes, it was almost as if he was wanting to tell me something but he couldn’t. Quickly avoiding his stare, I began looking at my ring again...only this time the colors were no longer bright like it was earlier. Hmm...that’s strange? As the music soon came to a sudden end, I overheard the principal making one last announcement...

“That being said, there will be no school today or tomorrow, until next week. Everyone is to go home and please be safe, thank you.”

“Wait, so does that mean we get to leave early today?”

I asked Ren as I pulled the earbud out of my ear...

“Looks like it,” Ren answered as he stood up.

“Well that’s great...my dad isn’t picking me up until school is over, which isn’t for another 5 hours!”

I said in annoyance as I got off the seat...

“Let me give you a ride home, Luna.”

Ren offered as he took a few steps closer to me, I could feel myself getting nervous as his body was only a few inches away from me. We were the only ones standing still as I saw the many students walking right past us. Distracted by everyone making their way out of the gym, I felt someone’s warm hand on top of mine! Shifting my gaze, I saw that it was Ren who had grabbed it!

“What are you doing? Let go...”

I said while trying to pull my arm away, but Ren quickly snatched the earbuds that I was still holding in my hand!

“Sorry, I was just trying to take my earbuds back.”

He responded in a teasing giggle as he placed his phone away...

“Well, you could’ve just asked for them back instead of grabbing my hand like that!”

I voiced out at him as I turned myself around and headed for the exit...

“Wait! Don’t you want that ride home?”

He eagerly asked as I heard his footsteps following behind me as I walked down the hall...

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m fine with walking home...”

I answered him coldly as I reached the back doors of the school...

“Luna, I’m not letting you go walking by yourself when there’s a fucking pyscho killer out there killing and raping girls!”

He yelled out with anger as he grabbed hold of my arm! Stopping me from going any further, I was fully aware that there was a killer out there but I’m trying to distance myself from Ren. He’s a good guy, but if I stay being friends with him...Eli won’t like it.

“Look, you don’t have to talk to me. I could see that your upset with me still, but I don’t care right now. I will never forgive myself if something were to happen to you, I’ll fucken lose it. So please...let me drive you home.”

He begged with worry as he lightly gripped his hand around my arm. I then saw how anxious and concerned he was, I won’t lie to myself...but I’m a bit scared of walking home alone right now. Even if there is daylight outside, I don’t wanna take any chances. And Ren is being kind enough to offer me a ride, yet here I am being stubborn...

“Alright, fine. But only because there’s a psychopath out there,” I said to him as I adjusted my backpack.

“Thank you, here...let me get that for you.”

He responded with relief as he kindly opened the door for me. We both then continued to walk towards the parking lot together until we reached his car. Entering his vehicle, I adjusted my seat belt. This isn’t my first time getting in his car...however, I was too distracted the first time I was in here, and now that I think about it. I can’t believe I was crying in front of Ren...but he never teased me for it. He really is a sweet guy...

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