His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 21: Hold Me

Luna’s POV:

Opening my eyes wide, I saw those crystal blue eyes of his staring right back at me. All that fear I once had a moment ago was now replaced with comfort and love, it was as if my body had a mind if it’s own as I quickly wrapped my arms around Elijah. Pulling him closer to me, I continued to cry uncontrollably as I buried my face against his chest.

“Baby? I’m sorry if I scared you again. I didn’t think I would be able to scare you a second time that easily, I promise I won’t do it again-”

“I missed you! You idiot!”

I yelled at him feeling annoyed as I cut him off from his stupid explanation. He then pulled away from my embrace and looked at me with so much care in his eyes.

“An you have no idea how much I’ve missed you, Luna.”

He answered back with eagerness in his voice, he then slowly leaned himself closer to me, inching himself closer and closer. I could feel his hot breath brushing against my lips, closing my eyes I was starting to become greedy for his touch. I then finally felt his soft lips being pressed against mine, however, his kiss wasn’t light or flirtatious. It was full of passion and rage, but I welcomed it.

He continued to kiss me like it would be our last, he then slid his hot tongue inside my mouth causing me to pant for air. He tasted so good that I wanted more, so much more that I entwined my tongue with his. Our hot passionate kiss was making me grow hot with desire, it’s as if he had lit a flame within me that wouldn’t go out! Our bodies soon began to rub off each other, as we continued to kiss one another deeply.

Eli was completely dominant over me as he pinned both my hands above my head once more, he then caressed my outer thigh with his other hand as he moved his lips down to my neck.

“Oh...Eli....I.” I moan out with pleasure in my voice as I began to spread my legs apart.

“Baby, I missed you so much. This body, your voice, your touch, your warmth. I missed it all...” Elijah moaned out as I felt his long hot tongue brushing down my neck towards my collar bone. He gripped my hands together more tightly as he moved his fingers to my inner thigh, sending a warm tingle over my body. He was inching closer to my core as he made his way higher underneath my towel, this towel was the only thing covering my naked body from Eli. A very thin fabric that could easily be ripped away from me.

Breathing heavily, I could feel my heart beating faster with envy. I wanted more, no! I needed more from him, he made my heart ache with passion and set my thoughts to think only of him! So it’s his fault that I’m like this because he’s the only one that can control my body now. I watched his kisses slowly make their way towards my chest, he then grabbed the edge of the towel with his teeth. Pulling it down he looked at me for a split second with that mischievous look of his. My breasts were now exposed to the open air as he hastily covered one of my n*pples with his mouth.

I automatically let out a moan as I arched my body upward, his teeth were nibbling on my hardened n*pple. His intense tongue soon started to play around my areola as he began to suck on it with so much force. I felt the stinging pleasure coming over me as I closed my eyes, my body then came to a sudden surprise as I felt his finger brush up against my slit. Causing my legs to close, however, I wasn’t able to close them since Eli had his knee right between them.

“Eli...you..you can’t..” I said with pleasure in my voice.

“Why not baby, your p*ssy is so wet for me already. I really wanna know how you taste baby girl because you belong to me.”

He moaned out with obsession in his voice as he released my breast from his mouth. He then pulled away and began looking at me with those intense eyes of his, they were always mesmerizing that I can never seem to look away.

He leaned himself over my body carefully, bringing his face closer to mine. I don’t know how much more I can handle this, he was driving my body crazy. That I might just lose myself to him, I soon felt his fingers playing around my outer core which set my whole body in heat that I couldn’t help but close my eyes. My moaning grew louder that I couldn’t control myself, I could feel my legs shaking with excitement as well as my lower core. It was starting to feel hot down there as Eli continued to play with my p*ssy.

I could feel the wetness leaving my sweet spot as I arched my head back, I gripped both of my hands into a tight fist. As I felt his long strong sensual fingers flicking my cl*t causing my body to jolt in ecstasy. Opening my eyes slowly I saw that Elijah was still watching me with such an erotic stare. I knew he was enjoying the view, he wants to see how my body reacts. That evil playful smile of his showed no sign of him wanting to stop.

“Eli...please... I...I need to take a shower first..” I voiced out feeling my body tremble with amusement.

“So you’re saying if I let you take a shower. You’ll let me taste your body, Luna.” He said whispering loud enough for me to hear. He then left a small kiss on my forehead and leaned himself away from me right after. My body was still hot and bothered from earlier that I couldn’t pick myself up just yet. However, I made sure to quickly cover myself up with the towel so he wouldn’t be able to see my whole naked body. I was still a little embarrassed to show my nakedness to him, despite everything we’ve done to this point.

“How is it possible for you to look so cute and sexy at the same time baby?” He said to me as he stood himself up.

“I’m just still kinda shy being naked around you. And no! It does not mean you can taste my body after I’m done taking a shower!” I yelled at him feeling flushed around the cheeks. It was difficult to look at him right now, because if I did. I wouldn’t know how to respond to him.

“Would you say yes, if I spread those legs of yours and eat yo-”

“Okay! Okay! Stop saying those embarrassing things already!” I voiced out completely embarrassed by his sudden gesture. Seriously, how can he say that to me so casually!

“Besides, it’s not fair Eli,” I added with a bit of attitude in my voice.

“What’s not fair?”

Eli asked, looking confused. I guess he doesn’t seem to understand what I’m trying to say. But it’s too embarrassing for me to explain!

“Baby, tell me what’s not fair? If you don’t tell me right now, I’ll yank this towel off of you.” He asked again, only this time he was threatening to expose my naked body to him! I swear he could be such a childish jerk sometimes!

“It’s not fair that I’m always the one getting naked! What about you! You jerk!” I finally yelled out feeling humiliated, I could feel my face growing red with embarrassment and awkwardness.

So I quickly tighten my bath towel around my chest area and continued to look down at the floor. There’s no way I could get up now, my body has now grown stiff with what I just said.

“Is that it? Luna, I was waiting for you to take my clothes off. But since you’re having some trouble, I’ll give you a hand.”

I quickly looked at him surprised by what he just said. He gave me that devilish smirk of his as he began to take his shirt off.

“Huh! Wha...what! Are you doing!?”

I stuttered with my own words feeling bashful as I looked at his sculpted torso, I never really seen his naked body this up and close before.

“Why are you getting so cute and shy, Luna? I’m only giving you what you want.”

He responded as he dropped his shirt in the hallway. He then crouched himself down right next to me and eagerly wrapped his arms around me. He then picked me up as if I was the lightest thing he has ever held.

“Wait! Put...put me down! I can walk on my own two feet, Eli!” I voiced out at him as I gripped my towel.

I was taken off guard, I wasn’t expecting him to carry me all of a sudden. Especially not bridal style! This towel of mine could only cover so much, that any wrong move I make could show off my goodies!

“I know you can walk, but I like having you close to me, baby. Also, it’s not every day I get to hold my girlfriend practically naked in my arms.” He said chuckling as he placed a small kiss on my cheek.

I could feel my own heart beating so heavily that I hope that Eli can’t hear it! He always makes me so nervous whenever I’m with him, and the things he’s says doesn’t help either!

However, it feels so long since I last felt Eli’s warmth. I know it’s only been a few days since I last saw him, but I’ve missed having him close to me. So I naturally wrap my arms around Elijah’s neck and snuggled myself against his chest. The soothing smell of pine trees soon comes over me, his scent has always calmed me down. Closing my eyes I let my body relax in his arms as I felt him starting to walk towards my bathroom.

“Baby, I don’t know how much more I could hold myself back. Just holding you isn’t enough for me anymore...”

His words send chills throughout my whole body, as I tighten my arms around him more closely. It was as if he knew what I was feeling deep down inside me as well, I just didn’t know how to put it into words...

“Eli...I love you..so much that it could hurt me.”

I responded to my true feelings, Eli is the only person in the whole world that can make me the happiest person ever. But he was also the only one that can break my heart, and it will always be one of my biggest fears.

“I love you so much too, my Luna. You’ll always be the love of my life, forever....”

We then both stared at one another as if we were the only people in the whole universe. I will never feel lonely as long as I always have Eli by my side. I’m so happy that God made us meet when we were children.

Elijah soon entered the bathroom and placed me down gently on my feet. I was starting to get cold since all I had was a towel covering me.

“Okay..well, I’ma take a shower now...so you could wait outside,” I said quietly as I turned myself around. I then heard the door shut right behind me right after. I could feel my shoulders soon drop, I need to try and loosen up a bit more when I’m with Eli.

As I calmly take a deep breath in, I exhaled soon after. Taking off my towel, I set it on the counter. I could feel the cool air hitting my skin that it made my body shiver slightly. Though that was no comparison to what Eli’s touch can do to my body, raising my head I looked at myself in the mirror only to see a figure standing at the very corner.

“Oh my god! Eli what the hell are doing in here still! I told you to wait outside your freaking pervert!”

I yelled at him angrily feeling mortify that he’s seen my naked body! I quickly tried to grab my bath towel, though Eli swiftly caught my arm and turned me around to where I was now facing him.

“Did you think I was going to wait outside for you? How is it fair for me to not take a shower with you.”

“What!! No, you’re not taking a shower with me! You’ll just tease me the whole time! Now let me go, and get ou-”

My mouth was soon silenced as he smashed his lips against mine, he then held me in place as he pressed himself against me. My bare ass hit the bathroom counter as I felt Eli’s hand touching my stomach.

With my free hand, I slightly pushed Elijah’s chest away from me. But in all honesty, my small hand wasn’t doing much in separating us, Eli is so much bigger and taller than me that it would be impossible for me to move him out of the way.

“E...Eli...if you...if you keep doing this, I...I won’t ever...be able to take a shower...” I struggled to say as I pulled away from our deep kiss.

“Then I guess you’ll never will...unless you let me take one with you baby girl.”

He said next to my ear as I felt his flirtatious fingers rubbing against my lower abdominal. The strong sexual tension was coming back to my body again as I felt the tingle filling me up with excitement.

I knew that Eli wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. I swear, I hated his stubbornness sometimes. Yet I also get a rise out of it...

“Okay....fine. But you have to turn around first!”

I finally agreed, but I was still too embarrassed about my body. He then slowly lets my arm go as he continued to look at my face with a victorious smile.

Avoiding his stare, I began to cover my breasts with both my arms and waited for him to turn himself around. However, I heard a belt coming loose and heard his belt buckle hit the floor, raising my head I saw that Eli had taken his pants off. He was now completely naked right in front of me, I couldn’t help but admire his soft pale skin, his toned out muscles. And his cut creased abs that were right in front of me.

He stepped his way in the shower and didn’t once look my way, turning on the water he reached his hand out towards me. He was still not making eye contact with me though, and I couldn’t help but notice his ears have now turned into a light shade of pink. Is he... nervous right now?

I slowly reached my hand out and took him, he strongly gripped my hand as he pulled me in the shower with him. The warm water soon splashed against my skin as well as the hot steam that wrapped around both our bodies.

Elijah then quickly pulled me into his arms and held me tightly against his chest. As nervous as I was being this close to him naked, I slowly raised my hands and placed them on his bareback.

“I’m sorry...I’m so sorry, Luna.
Elijah said with so much pain in his voice as he began to caress my head so gently.

“What? What are you sorry about, Eli?” I asked confusedly.

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