His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 22: Happy Birthday

Luna’s POV:

“I just.....I just wish I could always protect you. I wish I could take you away from everything and everyone, and just have you all to myself.” Elijah said with hurt in his voice.

“Don’t be ridiculous Eli, you can’t always be there to protect me. I have to be able to take care of myself sometimes and you’ll always have me, Eli. So you don’t have to feel so overprotective of me.”

“Luna! I don’t want you to go through any pain if I can prevent it! I...I want to be able to protect that smile of yours for as long as I can.” Elijah responded very strictly as he placed both of his hands on my cheeks. He looked at me with so much hurt in his eyes, the water soon began to run down his face and I couldn’t tell if Eli was crying or not. He looked like he was in so much pain and I don’t know why? I wish I could ask him, but every time I do he just says it’s nothing.

“Eli, I love you,” I said to him so sweetly as I placed one of my hands on top of his. I then got on my tippy toes and place a light kiss on those lavish lips of his, as I slowly started to pull away he gave me a reassuring smile. Yet his eyes still showed worriedness and pain for some reason.

“Let me wash you now baby.” He voiced out seductively.

“I could wash myself, Eli! I don’t need help with that.” I answered him shyly.

However, he completely ignored me as he reached for the bottle of shampoo and began to wash my hair. We spent most of the time helping each other wash up, though it was a bit hard cleaning each other. Since Eli kept touching my embarrassing parts any chance he got! I was surprised that I didn’t pass out by how overheated I was getting.

Finally stepping out of the shower, I felt refreshed and fully energized. Suddenly I felt my hair being ruffled underneath a towel, Eli was helping me dry my hair.

“Eli! You need to turn around! I’m still too shy to have you look at me!” Luckily the steam in the shower covered up most of my body, but I was still too self-conscious about it.

“You’re going to have to get used to it tonight, Luna.” He said leaning in close as he whispered next to my ear.

I could instantly feel my face growing red as I brought my arms up to cover my breasts. Fortunately for me, I still had the towel on my head. So Elijah wasn’t able to see my tomato face! Though despite that, I could feel my heart beginning to beat fast again with excitement.

‘Is tonight...the night that Eli and I....no...of course not, I’m sure Eli is just teasing me again.’ I thought to myself as I grabbed the towel on top of my head and began to wrap my body with it. However, Eli didn’t let me since he yanked it away from me so harshly.

“Hey! Give it back you jerk!” I yelled at him annoyingly. As I reached my hand towards the towel above his head. But who am I kidding, I knew I couldn’t reach it no matter how hard I tried!

“I don’t think so baby, I like the view I’m seeing right now.” He responded with that evil smile of his. Following his gaze I realized that I had my breasts on full display, they were practically brushed up against his broad chest.

It was as if Eli read my mind because he quickly dropped the towel and grabbed both my arms. He knew I was going to try and cover up my breasts again, it’s not fair!

“Eli...stop...stop teasing me already...” I said very quietly as I looked away shyly.

“Okay....I’ll stop teasing you.......If you let me ‘hold you’, Luna.”
He responded so seriously with those light blue eyes of his.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, earlier in the hallway I thought he was just joking. But I could tell by the look in those eyes of his that he was completely serious about this. I didn’t know how to respond since I was still in shock, I felt so happy and yet so nervous at the same time! Was it normal to feel this way?

Elijah then slowly led us to my bedroom, it was so quiet that I could hear my own beating heart! I was so anxious and still a bit shy, we were both still naked that I didn’t know where to look honestly.


My mind has grown a blank, I don’t know what to say or even think for that matter! He then grabbed both of my shoulders and looked at me so intently.

“Baby, look at me. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I want to make this moment special for both of us. I love you, Luna, so much that it drives me insane.”
He said so sweetly, as he brought his hands against my cheeks.

“I love you too Eli, and it’s not that I don’t want you to...it’s just that, I guess I just don’t want to disappoint you since this is all so new to me,”
I responded nervously, my face felt so flushed that I’m sure that Elijah could feel my hot cheeks against his palms.

“You can never disappoint me baby, and you don’t need to do anything other than letting your body feel mine.”

He then quickly sealed my lips with his and felt my body being pushed down carefully against the mattress.

My nerves were no longer getting the best of me, as I let my body relax. Elijah then slowly brought his body closer to mine and I could feel the heat rising between the both of us.

“Luna, you look so sexy that I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself...baby open your mouth.”

Still feeling my cheeks hot with excitement, I did what I was told. Opening my mouth I immediately felt his delicious hot tongue entering inside mine. My legs naturally wrapped around his waist and I could feel something hard poking against my lower abdomen.

I knew he would get hard, but I didn’t think it would get this hard this quickly! However, it makes me happy knowing that I could turn him on with just my body alone.

His hands then gripped both of my legs, spreading them open as he pulled away from our hot burning kiss. I sigh with a bit of disappointment as I was missing his lips being pressed against mine. However, I’m caught by surprise when I felt him grab my thighs to lace them around his shoulders.

My p*ssy was practically right on his face, this was such an embarrassing position for me. Though I couldn’t help but feel eager for his touch, I could feel his strong big hands move to my ass. His eyes were still staring right back at me, there was this unbreakable bond between us that couldn’t be broken. I knew that both our bodies were on fire, and I know that the only way to extinguish this burning flame was to devour each other’s greed.

Feeling his light feathery kisses around my pelvis sent shivers through my body. I was becoming impatient with his teasing, I need to feel him inside me already!
I then felt the hot wetness of his tongue sliding across my cl*t. He gently began to suck on my sensitive flesh that was aching for attention! I then felt his tongue penetrate inside my p*ssy, he was now tasting every part that was within me.

My loud moans grew louder and louder with every lick and suck he was stirring up inside me. My body was becoming sensitive to every touch he was giving me. The silence in the house was soon replaced by the wet moist clicking of his tongue and lips that were devouring my lower parts.

“Ooh...Eli, I.I....feel...weird. I.. feel..like...I have to...”

“That’s good baby, I want you to cum. I want you to cum in my mouth Luna, I want to taste the juices that you make for me.” Elijah spoke with his muffled voice as he continued to eat away at my core.

Hearing his sexy voice, I was starting to let my body take control. His once sweet lips were now burning hot with passion, I could feel my insides beginning to clench with arousement. My body soon began to shake violently with desire as I felt his tongue flicking away at my sensitive cl*toris. My hands then ran through his soft hair as I felt my lower core beginning to tingle with delight.

Letting out another moan, I felt something hot and wet leaving my body. This amazing feeling soon washed over me, causing me to clench the sheets tight as I felt my p*ssy explode its hot juices everywhere. Elijah was still not letting go of my p*ssy as he continued to consume every drop that left my body. He looked so irresistible with how he was treating me, my moans were then replaced by my heavy breathing.

Usually, I would be completely embarrassed for cumming all over Eli’s mouth, but this is an important moment for both of us. So I want tonight to be special and not think of anything else other than him.

“That’s a good girl, you taste so sweet, baby. Come here, let me hold you.” Elijah said while licking his lips so sexual, releasing my thighs he then approached me with his luscious lips of his.

“Eli, I...I love you so much,” I said abruptly as I wrapped my arms around him. Pulling him close to me, I hugged him tight as I felt my body still trying to calm itself down.

“I will always love you, Luna. No matter what, never forget that okay.” He said whispering next to my ear so tenderly. He slowly pulled away and began to stare at me like I was some delicate flower to him.

He then leaned in and gave me a soft tender kiss, I could taste my own juices that were still pressed up against his lips.

“I want you to hold on to me now,” Elijah said while lifting his body over me. Doing what I was told, I could feel my heart beginning to beat fast with anticipation.

“Eli, will it hurt?” I asked him quietly as I shifted my body more comfortably. He then stared at me so softly as he brought his hand up to caress my cheek so sweetly.

“Only for a little, but I promise you that I’ll make you feel good. I’ll be gentle baby, just promise me one thing.”

“Promise what?” I asked him while playing with his hair.

“That you’ll never let anyone touch this body of yours. Other than me.” He said sternly, he then kissed my forehead and began looking into my eyes.

Smiling at him, I pressed my lips against his. I think that answered his question since he refused to part ways from me. He then shoved his long hot tongue inside my mouth, entwining our tongues to one another I began to lose myself into his kiss. We both rubbed our bodies together out of desperation as I felt his hard d*ck rubbing right between my legs. I could feel my insides burning for attention, as I tried to grasp for air.

Though suddenly I felt something sharp piercing right through me, it felt like someone was tearing up my insides. I immediately pulled away from our kiss as I let out a painful groan.

“I know it hurts baby, just relax and breath in and out.” Elijah moaned out as he held my body so dearly.

I tightened my hold around his back as I felt Eli slowly entering inside me. How is this supposed to make me feel good, I closed my eyes tightly as I tried to fight through this unpleasant feeling. I don’t know if I could do this anymore, this painful feeling was becoming harder for me to bare almost.

“Eli, I...I don’t think I could do this..it..it hurts.” I cried out as I held him close to me.

“I know baby, I know. I’m already inside you and you feel so good and warm. I won’t move through until your body gets used to my c*ck. Luna, please open your eyes and look at me.” He said in a low whisper.

As I opened my eyes, I couldn’t help but let my tears fall. These were definitely tears of joy and happiness that were overcoming me. I never would have thought I could ever be this close with the person I love, and it’s even more special now. Because it’s with him.

“Eli” I voiced out breathlessly.

“Luna, I’m at my limit now. Having you look at me like that is making it harder for me to control myself.” Elijah responded with a growl, I knew he was starving for my body’s attention and I was wanting his.

My insides we’re still burning with anticipation, however, I was still trying to adjust to the pain that was still lurking inside me. But I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to feel more of him. So I began to shift my hips in a circular motion to feel him more inside me.

Elijah immediately responded out of desperation as he slowly began to move his hips. The once sharp painful feeling was soon replaced by lust and addiction. Still gripping his body, I arched my back as I felt his hard long d*ck filling me up.

My body couldn’t fight this craving that was starting to form within me. So I naturally crossed my legs around his back wanting him to give me more.

“Ooh...Eli! M...more, ple..please... don’t stop baby!” I moaned out with pleasure as I felt my p*ssy being pounded. I soon began to follow his movements until we were in sync with one another.

“F*ck! Luna...my Luna. I’ll give this tight little p*ssy what it wants.” Elijah growled out with obsession in his voice as he began to pound into me harder.

It was starting to become harder to breathe as I was reaching the point of no return. My legs were starting to twitch with delight and my body was beginning to shake with envy. I never knew that my body could feel this good, my mind was coming to a blank as all I could think about was Elijah.

With each passing second, he was pounding me harder and harder against him. He was giving it to me so fiercely that I felt like I could pass out at any minute. I couldn’t care who heard my moans anymore, I just wanted this feeling to last.

“I need you to cum baby, cum all over this d*ck that’s inside your p*ssy!” Elijah moaned next to my ear, he then began to nibble on my earlobe.

Hearing those dangerous words of his send me through my breaking point as I latched on to his broad torso. Reaching the point of no return I let him ravage my body to his satisfaction. We were both in deep intoxication to one another that we both locked our eyes to each other.

Clenching hard to his body I felt a heavy flow coursing right through me. Almost forgetting to breathe I felt myself orgasm right there and then in pure ecstasy. An with one final thrust I heard Elijah grunt out loud as he held me closer to him, we both then gasp for air as we hit our climax together.

I could still feel where our bodies connected as both of our love juices mixed together in perfect harmony. My body soon relaxed as I felt myself go limp as I laid in the bed satisfied.

“I’m pulling out now, so you might feel a bit sore afterward baby.” He said gently to me, giving him a slight nod he moved his body away from mine. I know we were so close a second ago, but my body felt so empty without his touch.

So I quickly snuggled up next to him as he laid right by my side. He then tucked my head against his chest and began to play with my hair. Resting myself on his torso we both sighed heavily as we both tried to catch our breath. I didn’t think I could be this happy, I wish we could stay like this forever.

Oh! That reminds me. I quickly raised my head up and face Eli who was already looking at me so sweetly with that smile of his. I couldn’t help but give him a bright smile back

“What is it, baby? Are you still horny?” He jokingly said as he tucked some of my hair behind my ear.

“No! I’m too tired to even get up you pervert, I just have something to tell you.”

“An what is that Luna?” He asked curiously as his thumb brushed against my lips. Opening my mouth slightly, I leaned in and gave him a deep passionate kiss. We kissed for what seemed like forever till all you could hear throughout the house was our heavy breathing and our lips muffled against each other.

As our lips parted, I sat upright while pulling the bedsheets up to cover my chilled body. I then faced him with a gentle look as I placed my hand on his cheek.

“Happy Birthday, Elijah”

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