His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 23: Embrace

Elijah’s POV:

“Yeah, Happy Birthday to me. I almost forgot about that.” I said to Luna as I pulled her back into my arms.

The last thing I want to remember is my f*cken birthday. It’s just a reminder that I’ll be leaving tonight, so how can I smile at her without looking so hurt?

“Eli? You don’t seem happy it being your birthday and all. Are you sure everything is okay?” She asked while holding on to me tightly.

I knew I was worrying her again, I can never hide anything from my baby girl. She already knows me so well that it’s impossible to hide anything from her.

Bringing my arms around her shoulders, I laid her down on the mattress. I began to memorize every inch of her body, every beauty mark, and every hair that her perfect body possessed.

“Elijah?” Luna said my name so calmly as she brought her hand towards me, she then began to touch my hair so gently with such kindness.

“How can things not be okay? I just made love with the most perfect and gorgeous woman in the world.” I truthfully told her what I was thinking as I brought my face closer to hers.

“Luna, do you feel sore?” I asked her while I began to leave light kisses around her neck.

“Uh...j..just a little.” She answered shyly as she wrapped her other arm around my back.

I knew she was lying since her voice sounded unsure. I know that she was completely sore because of me. She’s so cute when she tries to act tough around me, but I know how much she needs me. It hurts me more and more the longer I stay here by her side!

I wish with whatever human heart I have left in me that I could stay here, that we could be just a normal couple. To be able to hold you every night, to touch this warm body of yours, but I know that can never happen.

I continued to leave as many kiss marks as I can throughout her entire body. Her neck, her collarbone, her soft breasts. As I hear sweet moans leaving her lips, I only grew more possessive over her.

I want her to always remember that her body will always belong to me. Even once I leave, my touch can be the only thing that she can remember.

Just thinking about some other person touching what is mine makes me want to go berserk. I would kill anyone who even thinks about touching my Luna. She will always be mine no matter what, her mind, her body even her soul will always belong to me.

“E..Eli, you’re kissing me so..so roughly. It’s making...my body tingle.”

“That’s good baby, let your body give in to me more. Let me corrupt this sweet body of yours.” I whispered loudly as I began to kiss her bare stomach so eagerly.

Grabbing both her breasts, I began to play with her n*pples as I pinched them so lightly with my fingers. Her once sweet moans were now growing more heavily with lust. Just hearing her breath right now was driving me crazy with desire, the things I could do to her body were replaying in the back of my head.

Reaching closer and closer to her lower abdomen, I could smell the sweet aroma of our cum leaving her wet p*ssy. My d*ck instantly hardened with envy as I began to kiss around her lower stomach.

I was growing selfish with what I wanted, taking her virginity, taking her innocence, and wishing to get her pregnant. I really am the worst thing that could happen to her, but I didn’t care. Besides, no matter how many times I f*ck her, make love to her and cum in her. She could never bare my child, how can she. When she will always be a human, something that I could never be.

I know that she is still so young, but how else was I supposed to claim her as mine. Even when we were children growing up, I wanted her all to myself. But I had to remind myself over and over again that I wasn’t human, and that I should just let her go. However my selfish needs got in the way, and I wasn’t able to stay away from her. How can I when my inner demon was craving her in every sinful way.

I know that she told me she was sore earlier, however, I can’t seem to get enough of her body. It was as if there was something within her pulling me in almost. As I felt Luna’s soft hands around the back of my neck, I slowly raised my head to look at her.

She was looking at me so dangerously with her eyes full of lust, I then watched her bite her lower lips so sexy.

“Luna, don’t look at me like that. Or else I won’t be able to stop myself.” I said giving her a warning look.

The air around us grew heavy as both of our breathing was becoming harsh with arousement.

“I don’t want you to stop,” Luna responded quietly as she places each hand of hers against her inner thighs.

“Are you sure about that baby girl? I won’t be able to hold myself back this time if I’m inside you.” I explained to her again, however, the look of heat and desire filled her eyes as she stared right back at me.

My c*ck was already aching in pain of not feeling her insides. This whole time I was marking her body so she could never forget me so that it would almost be impossible for her to live without me. But I think that this whole time it’s been me who won’t be able to live without her.

“Luna!” I voiced loudly as I pressed my lips against her’s. I could never get enough of her kisses. Those soft lips of her’s have become my addiction, my drug that I must taste continuously.

I suddenly felt her hands playing against my hard shaft that was pressed against her outer core.

“Sh*t, baby don’t tease me like that,” I growled underneath my breath as I pulled my lips away from her.

“That’s what you get for always teasing me, Eli. You look cute with your ears growing all red.” She said playfully as she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Cute?” I said quietly with a low whisper. If only she knew who I was. I looked at her with a devil smile as I swiftly took her tongue in my mouth. Her body jolted in surprised as I began to knot our tongues together in a perfect union.

Her hot heavy breathing was making me grow hornier by the minute. But I think she has grown hotter and bothered than me because she suddenly grabbed my hardened d*ck again and began to rub it against her wet cl*t.

I immediately stopped what she was doing and released her tongue. She was gasping for air as she looked at me so hungry for attention. My little Luna has grown impatient, she wanted my c*ck inside her already as I watched her hips beginning to shift upwards so enviously.

I then leaned my lips close to her ear and started to nibble on her earlobe so lightly. Her moans grew more intense every passing second, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

“Do you want me to f*ck that cute little p*ssy of yours again baby, if so. Then I wanna hear you say it, Luna.” I voiced out breathlessly next to her ear.

I felt the chills overcome her body as I brushed my fingers across her hardened n*pple. I knew that her body was over stimulated with need. I as well was reaching my limit, I needed to feel her close to me already! But I had to hear her say those words first!

“E..Eli, please... please put your... c*ck inside me already!” She finally said out loud as she wrapped her arms around me so closely.

Without even having to think twice, I quickly spread both her legs as I slowly entered her womb. She was still so hot and wet from before that I felt myself melting inside her.

“Oh f*ck, baby you’re so tight,” I grunted out as I felt her tunnel squeeze around my shaft.

“Oooh, Eli. I...I feel like cumm*ng already.” Luna voiced out as her body began to shake with delight.

“Hold on to me tighter baby, because I’m not going to stop until I’m done,” I said to her as I place my hand on her waist and the other hand behind her head.
I then felt her embrace me harder as she nodded her head slightly.

I began to move my hips slowly until I felt myself beginning to pick up the pace. She was so tight no matter how many times I entered her, her heavy juices were wrapping around my c*ck that it was making me want to cum. My heavy thrusting was making me lose my mind as I was fulfilling my obsessive lust for her.

“Oh my God! Yes! Yes, that’s so good baby, give me more!” My Luna said so flirtatiously next to my ear, her beautiful loud moans were seducing me all over again. As I continued to plow myself into her so harshly.

I could feel myself beginning to sweat from all this heat that was between us. The room has now grown hot with our heavy hot breathing that our bodies were starting to vibrate.

I could feel my Luna wanting to cum again as her womb began to throb so viciously around my d*ck. Her voice began to crack as she continued to moan nonstop from the addicting pleasure she was receiving.

I then grabbed each side of her waist and began to pull her even harder against me. My body soon hit its climax as I felt my c*ck beginning to tingle inside of her. I then felt my baby’s hand running through my hair until she lightly tugged it with her fingers.

She was finally cumming as I felt her womb pulling me in closer, I could feel her inner walls clenching around my long hardened shaft that was already pulsing from her heavy orgasm. Her body soon began to twitch in every direction as I shoved myself deeper into her.

“Baby wait! I..I’m still cumming!” Luna’s moans out at the top of her lungs, I then covered her lips with mine as I felt my baby girl breathe heavily as she continued to climax with my c*ck. I then forced my tongue into her mouth once again and began to taste her sweet spot.

I knew that her cl*t has grown sensitive as I began to play with it between my fingers. I could feel her body beginning to quiver so quickly that it was making me realize how good I was making her feel. My hips were now moving so uncontrollably fast that I wasn’t sure if I could stop myself from f*cking her all night.

“Holy sh*t, baby your p*ssy is so f*cken wet for me. Your cum is so f*cking warm around my c*ck! Tell me, baby! Do you want more?!” I said asking her while I began to nibble on her lower lip.

“Yes!” She moans out breathlessly as she gripped my abs tightly with her small fingers.

" ‘Yes’ what baby!? Tell me what you want me to do?! Or I’ll stop f*cking you!” I said raising my voice loudly at her, I then began to pull myself out from her aching p*ssy until I felt her legs cross behind my back.

“No, don’t pull out yet! Please...make me cum one more time Elijah! Please put your c*ck back inside me!” Luna’s moans out with such demand that she even locked me in place. She then began to shift her lower body more as if it were craving for something.

I wasn’t done with her body just yet, but I wanted to see what she would do if I were to pull away for a second. So I raised my head and looked deeply into those beautiful eyes of hers, they have filled with tears again. I knew she wasn’t crying out of hatred or pain, but solely out of love and pleasure.

“I’ll give my baby what she wants then,” I said with tenderness in my voice as I went back into kissing her delicious lips of hers. She then wrapped her arms around me once again as she pressed her breasts up against my chest.

I naturally shoved my hardened thick c*ck back inside her core, and I felt myself wanting to burst all of my semen within her. Our bodies were in perfect harmony as I rocked her body back and forth. I could feel every inch being pushed further and further into her as I kept my ongoing pace.

I then began to caress her soft legs that were still wrapped around my waist. Her body was just so perfect to me that I didn’t want anyone else to see it but me. My heavy breathing continued to fill up the whole house again as I felt the cool drops of sweat leaving my body. Her lower parts were already starting to quiver with desperation as I slammed my hard erection into her moist tight walls.

I wanted to reach deeper though, so much to the very depths of her soul. I wanted to plant my seed within her so that she could never forget about me. So that no one else could be in her heart other than me.

Grabbing her chin, I forced her to look at me with that hungry stare of hers. She was loving every touch and control I had on her. There was no one else that can satisfy her as I can, no one that can fit perfectly inside her like me. She was in complete bliss as she surrendered herself to me.

The beautiful sounds of our bodies mixing together were eradicating our euphoria together, as the sweet sounds of our bodies clapping to one another. Pounding myself into her, I could hear the echoing of our pre-wet cum separating and reuniting again and again.

Her screams of ecstasy were filling my ears with absolute lust. I could feel my c*ck wanting to finally release its fluids as I felt her inner core tightening around my long shaft. It was as if she knew what I was thinking because she then began to thrust her hips into me as well. Panting for air, we both didn’t stop full-filling each other’s fantasy until we reached our peak.

Letting her waist go, I quickly grabbed her hands and laced my fingers with hers. Completely out of breath, neither of us strayed away from each other’s gaze. We then watched each other release our love as we came to an orgasm, her body began to shake uncontrollably as I spilled my seed into her womb. Causing her p*ssy to explode in total bliss as I felt our love leaking out of her lower core.

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