His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 24: Last Touch

Elijah’s POV:

I watched my baby moan one last time as she let my body go. I’ve never seen my baby girl wear such an expression before, she had the utmost intense pleasure in her eyes. As I slowly began to pull myself out of her, the existence in her eyes soon changed. I knew she didn’t feel whole again without me, and I felt the same way. It was like we could never get enough of each other no matter what.

So I immediately pulled her hot body close to mine as I laid myself next to her. Her body was still shaking as I held her tightly, I guess I was a bit too rough with her maybe.

“I love you so much Eli, so, please. Don’t ever leave my side, okay.” She said sounding so weak and out of breath as she held on to my arm.

Just as my heartfelt so whole and connected to her, I could feel it shattering into a million pieces once again. She was my world, my air, and my life. I didn’t want to leave her in this disgusting world where these humans can touch her. I wish I could just take her with me, and just have her all to myself.

“I love you more than anything in this world, Luna. Don’t ever forget that okay.” I said to her as I placed a kiss on her head, I then began to run my fingers through her long silky hair.

Grabbing her bedsheets, I covered both of us with it as I pulled her back into my embrace. She looked so delicate and fragile in my arms that I couldn’t help but bring her closer to me. However, I completely stopped breathing when I heard my baby girl speak.

“Elijah, when we’re both done with school....let’s get married.” She shyly spoke as she buried her face against my chest.

I could feel my insides breaking apart as I began to shake with fury. How can my life already been decided once I was born! What the hell am I suppose to say to her! How can I look into those gentle warm eyes of hers and just completely ruin them?

She then suddenly raised her head and looked at me with that cute smile of hers. She was so precious to me that I would give anything in the world to protect that smile. But I have no right to speak since I’ll be the reason for her tears very soon.

“We...we could talk more about it tomorrow baby, it’s really late now. So let’s go to sleep.” I painfully said to her as I placed a kiss on her eyelids.

“Okay...goodnight Eli, I love you.”
She responded so sweetly as she gave me one last smile before she snuggled herself closer to me.

If things were a lot different, I would have been the one to ask you to marry me! It hurts knowing that I can’t be the one to make you mine forever, Luna. My Luna...please at least have sweet dreams when I’m gone. And please don’t lose that smile of yours, I need you to stay happy for the both of us.

3 hours have already passed since my Luna been asleep, I watched her body lay there right next to me. As her soothing calm breathing filled my ears with ease. I then touched her smooth shoulder and began to caress her soft skin, following down to her collar bone. I traced the sharp angle of her sculpted frame and leaned myself closer to her face.

She was even more beautiful in her sleep as I closely watched her breath in and out so softly.

“Luna, my beloved Luna...I’m so sorry...I hope one day you’ll forgive me. I love you...I love you so very much...” I whispered to her quietly so she wouldn’t hear me. But another part of me wishes she did.

Carefully scooting myself off the bed I quietly stood myself up, I then made sure to cover my baby’s naked body with the sheets. I didn’t know how hard this was going to be, just looking at her now without me was sending me in a world of madness! I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave her, it’s just too much for me to bear!

My mind was soon set on something else as I suddenly felt someone’s presence lurking around the room. Still completely naked I made my way to the restroom in total darkness. Facing the mirror I was able to notice a light misty fog forming right behind me.

“Raven, didn’t anyone tell you that it’s rude to peep on others?” I said sternly as I stood there watching her from behind.

“I apologize, my Lord, but you’re almost out of time. It’s almost sunrise, you must come home immediately.” She said with uneasiness in her voice. I knew that I had no more time left, and I knew that everyone was waiting for me back in the underworld.

“I understand that just let me get dressed first, so wait outside,” I said to her in high demand as I left the room to put my clothes on.

Almost fully dressed, I began to prepare myself mentally for what was to come. Everything is going to change now, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it on my own without you. I shifted my gaze to Luna who was still soundly asleep, pulling my shirt over my head I began to make my way towards her.

I then ran my thumb lightly against her soft lips and admired her beauty one last time.

“What if I bring her with me?” I said in a low voice.

“Then she’ll die, my lord,” Raven spoke to me telepathically as I continued to watch my Luna sleep.

“I could protect her,” I said to Raven as I clenched my fists tightly with anger.

“You’re not strong enough yet, my lord. Now please, we must leave at once.” Raven responded impatiently as I felt myself beginning to feel weak.

She was right, no matter how much I looked at it. There was no other way, Luna has to stay here for her safety. If only I was stronger! Only then could I have brought you with me. I could feel myself growing angrier with frustration as I felt my body beginning to weaken.

This body was no longer working anymore, there was no longer a place for me here. The only thing that was keeping me whole was my baby girl, she was the only reason why I enjoyed being human for a while.

My emotions were now taking control over me, as I leaned myself closer to her lips. These lips of hers that I’ve been kissing almost every day, it all stops here.

Closing my eyes, I pressed my lips so lightly against hers one last time. Her light breathing made me want to hold her so close to me as I felt my eyes beginning to water. Was I in this much pain that even my body was starting to ache for her?

As I slowly opened my eyes, what I saw was nothing but a blur. I was crying, and I couldn’t stop these tears from coming down. Is this how it feels like being heartbroken? If so I don’t wish for my Luna to go through any of this! I know I can’t prevent whatever happens to her, but I would rather go through any brutal punishment than have my baby go through what I am feeling.

It’s like having your whole existence being ripped away from you. I automatically held her hand so carefully and noticed my hand shaking with fear. I’m afraid, I’m scared to leave her alone. Not being able to hold her when she cries and not being able to protect her when she’s in pain. I tried to avoid these thoughts running through my mind. I noticed on one of her fingers that she was still wearing the ring I gave her. I hope with all my well being that she will wear this ring forever, as long as she’s alive. I then gripped her hand one more time as I slowly and painfully let her go. If she ends up hating me over this, then I’ll accept it. Just as long she doesn’t forget about me. As I began to walk out of her room, I made sure to stop midway through her door. I then turned myself around to look at her one more time as I prepared myself to leave.

“Goodbye, my Luna.”

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