His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 25: Wakeful Bliss

Luna’s POV:

Feeling the cool air pressing against my legs, caused chills to run throughout my entire body. So I naturally scooted closer to where Eli would be, however, his body could not be felt next to me! Quickly opening my eyes, I sat upright and immediately pulled the sheets towards me...

Looking at the empty bed space, I placed my hand on the mattress. I knew that Eli had left a long while ago since the bed felt a bit cold. I wonder what time he left? I’m a bit sad that he was gone, but I could understand why. Since my mother will be coming home early in the morning, I’m sure Elijah didn’t want either of us to get caught. I just wish he could have woken me up to say goodbye before he took off...

As I took a deep breath in, I looked out the window and noticed that it was starting to rain. Pressing the sheets closer to my naked body, my heart fluttered with butterflies as I thought back on what happened last night. Though I wish Eli could have been here to share this moment with me-

“Oh my god!”

I voiced out shyly as I suddenly realized what I said last night! As I gripped the sheets, I quickly covered my face in embarrassment as I laid myself back down. Feeling my face grow hot, I couldn’t believe I said such perverted things last night, but I’m more in disbelief that I asked Eli to marry me! Am I crazy or something!? I’m only fourteen, I mean...I did say we could get married when we’re both done with school. But I’ll barely be turning eighteen by the time I graduate...

Placing my hands against my face, I could feel myself blush as I tried to control my heavy breathing. Slowly calming my nerves, I started to hear some light footsteps coming down the hall! The steps grew louder until finally, they came to a complete stopped! Only to be followed by a sudden knocking on my door!

“Luna, are you awake? I’m coming in...”

That familiar voice was my mother! So I immediately hurried in wrapping myself with the sheets to cover my exposed body! What the hell am I suppose to say if she saw me naked?! That I like to sleep in the nude? She’ll never believe me, especially with how easily cold I get at night...

“Good morning, it’s time to get up already. I made breakfast and your father has something to give you downstairs,” My mother said as she entered the room with a kitchen towel in her hands.

“Morning, Mom. Uhh, okay! I’ll...get up in a minute.”

I responded with hesitation as I kept myself stiff. I can’t have her pull these sheets off of me! If she does, then it’s all over for me! How can I ever explain to her why I’m naked underneath?

“Luna, are you okay? Your face is looking a bit red, you don’t have a fever do you?”

Mother asked as she walked closer to the mattress, she then placed her hand against my forehead to feel my temperature...

“I... I’m fine Mom, just a little cold. Umm, can you please leave so I can get ready and freshen up,” I said to her as I quickly began to sink my body deeper into the bed...

“Alright, I’m just making sure you’re not getting sick on me because then I end up taking care of you- Uh...Luna, what is this?”

My mother cut her sentence short as she suddenly pointed at a stained spot on my sheets. Curious about what it was, I stared closely at it and felt myself growing pale! My jaw immediately dropped to the floor practically as I tried to hold back my gasp! It was a bloodstain from last night! I know that we girls usually bleed a bit once we lose our virginity, well...that’s what my sex ed teacher once told me. So I’m certain that’s what that stain is from, but how am I gonna explain this to Mom?!

“It looks like blood...Luna. What happened here?”

She asked with a bit of concern in her voice, I knew I had to say something believable and fast!

“Oh! Uh...it’s...I was... drinking some fruit punch last night, and I kinda spilled some of it on the bed last night, sorry.”

I explained while feeling a little bit guilty, I don’t like lying to my parents. But for Eli, I’ll do anything, even if that means breaking my parent’s trust...

“What time did Elijah leave yesterday? I know he came over when your father and I were at work.”

Mother began to ask more questions as she crossed her arms in front of her. I knew she was trying to piece things together. So I had to come up with something, think Luna!

“He came over as soon as Dad left. We only chatted a bit and then he left shortly after,” I explained as I tried to sound convincing. I was even starting to feel my body sweat underneath the sheets!

“And what were you guys talking about?”

She continued to integrate the situation as I was starting to run out of lies to tell her! Seriously, how does Alexa do it?! She makes it look so easy with the way she lies to her parents all the time! Damnit, what can I say- oh! I know, I can bring up a topic that would make her feel awkward...

“His dad! He’s been wanting to know about his father...” I said in a suspenseful tone.

“Oh... Okay. Well...hurry up and get changed so we could eat together.”

She said with an uneasy response, walking her way out my door she closed it soon afterward. Letting out a sigh of relief, I pushed the sheets off of me as I sprinted myself towards the door to lock it. Though I instantly regretted my actions as I soon felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen! The pain was too much for me to bear that I found myself falling to my knees...

I knew that losing my virginity was going to be painful, but I wasn’t expecting it to hurt this much! Biting my lower lip, I slowly stood myself up as I held on to the doorknob tightly. Feeling the throbbing pain in my waist, I began to breathe out steadily. But as I looked at my bare stomach, I noticed some purple markings around my hips!

“What is this?”

I quietly said to myself as I traced the bruises around my skin. Carefully making my way to the restroom, I took a good look at my body as I stood in front of the mirror in complete shock!

“Eli...are you freaking serious?!”

I voiced out in awe, the image of Eli’s handprints around my waist as well as some light bruising on both of my hips were visible to see! The amount of hickey’s that he left around my breast and lower stomach was uncountable! It looked like someone was beating my body up in my sleep. I know that we were holding each other tightly but I didn’t realize he was holding on to me this strongly! I guess when you’re in the moment you don’t really pay attention to stuff like that...

Looking at the many markings, I couldn’t bring myself to be angry with Eli. If anything, I was blushing with a bit of happiness, each touch, each mark that he has given me was his way of showing how much he loves me. The strange thing is that none of my markings hurt like I thought they would. I’m really relieved about that, so as I began to finish washing my face, I felt a lot more refreshed. Although I would love to take a shower, I couldn’t keep my parents waiting any longer. But as I quickly began to change into some clothes, I failed to notice the huge marking on my neck!

“Damn it, Eli! Why my neck of all places!”

I annoyingly said as I stared at the mirror. You could see a clear vision of Elijah’s kiss marks that he had planted around my collar bone! They were a deep shade of red, how am I suppose to cover this with makeup?!

“Luna! Breakfast is getting cold, come down already!”

I heard my father shout from the dining room...

“I’m coming! Just...one sec!”

I yelled back feeling flustered as I rushed towards my closet! Searching through my clothes, I needed to wear something that would cover up my neck! Quickly grabbing my only turtle neck I could find, I hurried in throwing it on! The tingle sensation vibrated lightly throughout my neck as the soft fabric brushed up against my hickeys. I guess the marks around my collar bone and neckline are still very sensitive...


“I’m coming!”

I answered back in annoyance towards my mother! Making my way out of the room, I could still feel the pain I was in, especially around my lower waist. But I need to ignore it and push through so my parents won’t notice!

“Alright, I’m here, we can eat now!”

I eagerly said as I entered the kitchen, sitting next to my father I saw that he was already eating his meal...

“Luna, you need to start waking up early so you could help me make breakfast.”

Mother said as she placed my food in front of me...

“I know, I’m sorry. I kinda slept a little late last night.”

I answered while pouring myself a cup of juice...

“What were you doing that kept you up so late last?”

Father asked with a curious look as he set his coffee mug down...

Caught off guard by his question I almost choked on my drink, so I nervously put my cup down as I took a deep gulp...

“I...was finishing up a book I was reading,” I said with hesitation...

“I didn’t know you like to read. Oh! Before I forget, I have something for you...”

My father responded as I watched him reach for his pocket, pulling something out, he soon placed it on the table and gave me a warm smile.

“Wait, is this my new phone?!” I asked with excitement as I grabbed the phone that was in front of me.

“Yes, however, you have to make sure you don’t lose this one. Do you understand, because your father is not buying you a new one after this?”

I heard mother strictly say as she sat across the table from me...

“I promise! I won’t lose it this time, thanks, Dad! I love you.”

I responded to both of them as I wrapped my arms around father, giving him a hug I made sure to place a light kiss on his forehead!

“Luna, aren’t you a bit hot wearing that shirt inside the house?”

Father pointed out as I pulled myself away from him...

“No, I’m a little cold right now. So I don’t mind wearing it...”

I answered as I sat back down, it’s understandable why Father would question my outfit. I don’t usually wear thick shirts around the shirt...

“You’re just like your mother, always getting cold easily,” Dad said in a light chuckle.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I have low iron.” Mother voiced out in a playful smirk.

After finishing up our breakfast, I made sure to help my mom with the cleaning right after. I was really eager to finish up my chores and everything else so I could call Eli already! It’s ridiculous how much I miss him, even though I just saw him a few hours ago. So once I finished the last few things I needed to do, I quickly rushed to the room and closed the door behind me!

Immediately dialing his number, I was growing very anxious with every ringing that I heard. I wanted to hear his voice and see if he made it home safely. However, disappointment took over me when he didn’t pick up. Maybe he’s still sleeping? If so, then I’ll just send him a text and have him call me later...

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