His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 1: Past Beginning

Luna’s POV:

As I lay on my bed I watch the clock in my room tick away with every passing second. I was too excited and nervous to fall asleep tonight because starting tomorrow I’ll be starting High School! So goodbye middle school, and hello high school life! I may be only 14, However, I consider myself a mature young adult. I shifted my body over to lay on my side and began going through my phone, as I looked at the time it was already past midnight. I then decided to text one of my good close friends Alexa, we’ve been friends since middle school. Though for her being a year older than me that didn’t stop her from being the immature one. She can be such a dork sometimes but that’s what I loved about her. She always found a way to make me laugh even if I was having a bad day.

As I send the text, I placed my phone down and got up from my bed, and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As soon as I finished I began to wash my hands. However, In the middle of drying them off, I heard a thump coming from my room. There was no way it could be my parents since my father was working out of state and my mother called me earlier saying she will be working the late shift tonight at the hospital. So what was that noise? I slowly open the bathroom door.


I said nervously stepping into my room.

No one answered, I scanned my bedroom and noticed my window was opened, I watched the cool wind pushed the curtains side to side. Did I forget to close it? As I walked towards my bedroom window a hand suddenly clamped over my mouth while the other hand wrapped around my waist! I panicked and began to struggle and try to scream for help, but it was no use this person was very strong and held his grip around me even tighter. So I quickly thought of the next best thing!

“Ouch!” Don’t bite me! What hell are you a bunny?

He said pulling away from me.

I knew that voice, it sounded all too familiar. I quickly turned around and began throwing my punches at him.

“What the f*ck Eli!! Don’t scare me like that! It’s not funny, I thought you were some crazy serial killer! If I knew it was you from the beginning I would have bitten you harder you jerk!!” I yelled at him angrily.

“Alright alright! Enough with the physical abuse, I’m sorry okay. I didn’t think I was going to scare you that bad.”

He said laughing as he grabbed both of my arms and stepped closer to me.

I tried to get away from his hold, but that only made him tighten his grip.

“Let go of me a**hole! A sorry isn’t gonna cut it!! I thought I was going to get kidnapped or something!!”

I continued to yell at him. He then let go of my wrists and placed his hands on my waist pulling me closer to his body. He then placed a soft kiss on my lips causing me to instantly blush.

“Do you forgive me now?”

He asked with a smirk on his face as he pulled away from our kiss.

I looked down in embarrassment too shy to look up at him, It’s only been a few weeks since Elijah and I started dating. Even though we grew up together as children, I was still new to the whole dating scene. Elijah was my first boyfriend and my first kiss, but no matter how many times he kisses me I always get butterflies in my stomach and I can never look him in the eyes. I was just still too shy and nervous around him whenever we would do couple things.

“That’s not fair Eli!” I said to him burying my face to his chest trying to hide my blushed red cheeks from him.

“Haha let me see that cute face of yours Luna.”

He said to me as he moved his hands away from my waist and placed them on each side of my face.

I shook my head no, still too embarrassed to meet his gaze.

“Can I please see my beautiful girlfriend’s face?”

He whispered close to my ear causing my knees to shake beneath me, I hated the effect he had on me, it just wasn’t fair! I grabbed both of his shoulders and slowly began to raise my head to meet his light blue eyes.

“That’s more like it, now stop hiding your face every time I kiss you, Luna. I wanna be able to see that adorable face of yours.” He said looking at me with such tender and kindness in his eyes, I could get lost looking at those beautiful eyes of his that I loved so much.

“It...It’s not my fault! I just can’t help it okay, kissing is still all new to me, and I’m still not good at it alright! So don’t make fun of me for it!” I said shyly and annoyed as I rested my hands against his chest.

“Besides, what are you doing at my house this late at night?” I said to him with a questionable look.

He placed his arms around my waist keeping me close to him.

“I love your kisses. An knowing you, I figured that you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, with you being all excited for high school and stuff. So I’m here to help you go to sleep.” He said to me while lifting me and placing us on my bed. My heart began to flutter with how close I was to him, and it wasn’t helping at the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra either. I just hope he wouldn’t be able to notice since I was only wearing a tank top.

“You know me all too well. You could’ve told me you were coming, instead of scaring me like that. I mean what kind of boyfriend does that to his girlfriend anyway!?” I said to him as I reached for my phone to set my alarm for school tomorrow and checking if Alexa texted back but she didn’t, I guess she’s asleep already.

My phone suddenly disappeared from my hands, Elijah grabbed it and started going through it.

“Uhh...Eli, why are you going through my phone?”

“I just wanted to know who you were texting this late at night.” He responded with a bit of annoyance in his voice as he placed the phone back on my nightstand.

“It was only Alexa, you remember meeting her once during summer vacation, don’t you? I could have told you who I was texting instead of having you take away my phone, ‘Dad’.” I said jokingly.

Elijah then turned to his side to face me and placed his hand behind my back.

“Sorry, I just get a bit paranoid I guess.” He said placing a light kiss on my forehead. I loved his kisses, they were always so soft and sweet.

I then placed my hand on his cheek and began to caress his cheekbone with my thumb.

“Well don’t be, there’s nothing for you to worry about. You know I love you and I would never hide anything from you.” I said to him moving my body closer to him.

He then looked at me and I couldn’t help but notice some guilt in his eyes as I said those words to him.

“I...Luna I....” He then stopped himself from saying what he wanted to say.

I then met his eyes and asked him,

“What is it, Eli?”

“Uhh....nothing I just...I just love you so much.” He said looking at me and then closed his eyes. He then began to lean his forehead against mine.

“Eli... promise me that you’ll tell me what’s on your mind okay, I want you to be able to trust me with anything,” I said to him in a serious tone.

Elijah continued to keep his eyes closed, and just gave a slight nod. I didn’t want to push it any further, if Eli was hiding anything from me, I’m sure he had his reasons. I just hope he can tell me one of these days, I then shut my eyes and snuggled up against Eli’s chest.

“You’re testing my patience aren’t you Luna?” Elijah said with an annoyed sigh. I quickly opened my eyes and met his unhappy annoyed stare.

“Huh? Wh..what are you talking about?”

I replied with a confused look on my face. To his response he placed a passionate kiss on me, to my surprise I kept my eyes open to see that Elijah has closed his eyes again. This kiss wasn’t like the other kisses he has given me before, I closed my eyes and placed both of my hands on top of his chest gripping his shirt tightly.

‘Oh my god, was this an adult kiss Elijah and I were doing?!’

I would always hear my friends talk about how there were different types of kisses out there, a simple peck on the lips, a regular kiss, and french kissing. But I would have never thought I would be able to do this kind of stuff with Eli.

His lips felt so soft and warm, I never want anyone else to touch these lips except for me. I then felt something hot and wet enter my mouth, it was his tongue!

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