His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 28: Closure

Luna’s POV:

My mother’s reaction was shocking, almost as if she couldn’t believe what I had said. Though it’s almost unbelievable for me as well, this is the first step for me to get better. That way I won’t make my parents worry any longer...

“O-Okay! I’ll be sure to call the school tomorrow morning then...”

Mother voiced out in excitement, her eyes looked like they were ready to cry as she averted her stare before leaving my room. I guess it’s been hard on my mother as well lately, not only has she been dealing with my depression, but she’s also been dealing with her best friend as well. I’m sure Miss. Reed is taking this really hard just as I am. Even though that’s not her real son, she raised him as if he was her own.

I should probably drop by and see how she’s doing one of these days. Drinking what’s left of my tea, I prepared myself to go to bed. Luckily I took a shower in the morning today so I won’t have to wake up too early tomorrow. If there’s one thing I hate most, is having to rush and not being able to take my time. As I covered myself with the sheets, I laid on my bed in complete silence as I looked out my window and watched the stars light up the night sky. And for the first time since Eli has been gone, I fell asleep without crying...


“Luna, are you sure you want to go to school today?”

Mother asked once again as she pulled up by the front of the school the following morning.

“Yes mom, I’m sure. Besides, I can’t afford to miss any more school days...” I

I responded in a deep sigh while grabbing my bag.

“Alright, just be sure to call me if you start to feel unwell.”

She said before leaning in and giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I will mom, don’t worry so much okay. I’ll see you later after school...”

I said while stepping out of the car, waving her goodbye I watched her drive off. As much I hate having to come to school today, I have to at least make an effort to finish school! So as I took a deep breath in, I tried to calm my anxiety down. Turning myself around, I began to walk towards the school buildings. But as I reached closer to the gates, I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was watching me. Paying little attention to their stares, I pushed myself to make it to the hallway where my locker would be. But as I passed through the many students, I was able to hear them whispering within each other...

“Hey, isn’t that Eli’s girlfriend? I thought she dropped out of school?”

“I don’t know? But she looks too young to have been with someone like Eli...”

“I heard that Elijah ran away with Priscilla.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it, they were a cute couple last year...”

“Did you know that supposedly Elijah was the actual murderer for those girls he killed a few months ago?”

“Oh, That’s why he’s been missing! It makes sense for him to be a runaway then, he always did have this killer look in his eyes whenever he would look at you.”

“So I guess Elijah dropped out of school and moved to a different state, it must suck for Luna being dumped like that. Almost feel sorry for...”

“Shh! She’ll hear you, idiot!”

As to be expected, I knew when I came back to school I was going to have to deal with the crazy rumors. But I didn’t think people would gossip so early in the morning, I’m not sure if I could deal with this every day? As I reached my locker, I took out the books that I needed for class. Today, I just want to get through my classes peacefully without there being any more problems-

“Hey, you! Where the fuck is Eli at?!”

Recognizing that voice, I quickly turned myself around and saw Danny walking up towards me at full speed! I never really spoke with Danny before, but I would see him hanging around Eli from time to time. But seeing him now with eyes full of rage and his presence being so terrifying, I grew completely stiff the moment he stood right in front of me! If looks could kill, I would’ve been long gone by his death stare...

“I...don’t know...”

I quietly said with a trembling voice, why is he asking me where Eli is at? If anything, I’m more clueless and confused than anybody. Suddenly, a cold breeze felt rushing right past me! The sounds of a big bang followed shortly afterward, jolting my body in fright, I saw that Danny had punched the locker right beside me with such force! Causing it to echo throughout the halls, only attracted more student’s attention towards us...

“Cut the fucken bullshit! I know you were the last bitch to have seen him! Now tell me what you know or I’ll fucking-”

“Danny! Dude, relax, she probably doesn’t know what really happened. You’re making a scene!”

Eric quickly voiced out as he tried to pull Danny by the shoulder.

“Are you fucking kidding me, this cunt is the main reason why Elijah stopped hanging out with us in the first place! I know she did something to him! And I’m gonna fuck her up if she doesn’t start talking!”

Danny yelled out in anger as he shoved Eric out of the way! My once stiff body was beginning to tremble in fear, I’m afraid...I’m scared of what was going on around me! The massive crowds that were forming around us, the threats that I was receiving from Elijah’s so-called friend. I couldn’t do anything but hold my books tightly against my chest, oh no! My anxiety is coming back, I’m starting to lose myself again...it was becoming harder to breathe-

“Get the fuck away from her!”

Hearing his sudden voice, I quickly looked down the hall and watched him make his way in my direction.


Calling out his name, he had me stand behind him as he confronted Danny face to face...

“Leave her alone...or I’ll be the one fucking you up, Danny,” Ren responded in a cold threat as I watched him clench his jaw tightly.

However, Danny didn’t even bother to say anything back as he just went for the first punch! I knew that Danny had lost his patience, and needed to take his anger out on someone. I understand that he hasn’t seen or heard anything from his so-called ‘best friend’ in weeks. So, of course, he’s blaming me for it. But this is just ridiculous! Fearing that Ren would get hit, I shut my eyes in panic! A sudden flashback soon replayed in the back of my head as I remembered the fight between Ren and Eli. No, I don’t want Ren getting into trouble anymore because of me! I need to do something!


Shouting out his name in worry, I re-opened my eyes to see Ren beating the shit out of Danny! It was like back then, except this time it was Danny who was on the ground while Ren was the one throwing the punches! But as I looked over at Ren, he held the same expression Eli had when he was beating him! Ren was fighting out of pure hate and disgust, but if he doesn’t stop now. I fear for Danny’s life! I know I shouldn’t care for his well-being after what he said to me, but I’ll just feel too guilty! Dropping my books to the floor, I rushed to Ren’s side and wrapped my arms around him! But I could see that Eric was also trying to stop Ren from hitting Danny as well!

“Ren! Stop it!”

Crying out in anger and fear, I held him tightly! However, he wasn’t budging as he continued to beat Danny’s face in! I was even able to make out Danny’s painful grunts! This was getting worse, I knew I had to get him off, or else Ren really will kill him! As I looked around, all I saw were students just cheering and recording with there phones! Is this some sick joke to them!? Why isn’t anyone helping? Why haven’t they called for a teacher! Is this really how people are? Does no one care what happens to them?! I can’t take this anymore, I have to stop this somehow! Burying my head against Ren’s back, I gripped my hold on him and began to tug him off of Danny with all the strength I had left in me!

“Ren that’s enough! You’ll kill him...Elijah get off him!”

The moment I called out his name, silence came over me as well as the crowd. Did I really just say that? Stunned with disbelief in my actions, Ren had finally stopped fighting. Though I wasn’t sure if he stopped because of me begging or because I called him by Eli’s name...

“Let’s go....”

Ren suddenly said with seriousness in his voice, grabbing my arm, he began pulling me down the hallway where many students were now staring at us. I couldn’t help but look down and just follow wherever Ren was taking me. Looking at his knuckles, I could see how tainted red they now were, they weren’t as bloody as I thought they would be. Then again, I didn’t look to see how Danny’s face was. But I don’t care to, I just want to get out of here! I should’ve stayed home...coming to a halt, Ren had placed me against the wall so suddenly! I then watch him take a step back as he ruffled his hair in frustration...

“Luna...who did you call me back there?”

He asked in a calming tone, but his face was anything but being calm. He looked really upset, angry almost...

“I said, Ren...”

I responded while averting my gaze, I knew he heard me say Eli’s name. but I just didn’t want to bring it up...

“No...I heard you call me a different name.”

He voiced out calmly again, though this time it sounded forced...

“Well, you heard wrong-”

“Dammit, Luna! Do you think I’m fucken deaf! I heard you...everyone fucking heard you say his name! Why can’t you just forget about him already?!”

Ren yelled out in anger as I watched him rip off one of Elijah’s missing posters that were placed on the hallway wall!

“He’s gone Luna, he gone and he’s not coming back! You have to accept it already! It’s been two fucken months already! No one has heard from him or seen him...he’s not here anymore. You have to move on with your life already.”

He said in a stressful sigh as he expressed his feelings, but it hurts hearing him say that. I don’t wanna hear it...

“It’s none of your business! Just leave me alone, and stop getting involved with what I do in my life! You think it’s so easy to just forget about a person you grew up with?! Well, it’s not!”

I cried out in vain, realizing that I can’t live a normal life now...I feel like it’s too late for me. Elijah has taken a part of me with him, everything, the precious memories that I made with him. He took it all and just disappeared right in front of me! So how can I just pretend he never existed! Ren will never understand...

“You don’t know anything about me or Eli and you never will! We’ve gone through so much, I gave everything I had to him...he was the only one-

My voice was brought to silence as I felt myself being pushed back against the wall! I then felt the sensation of something soft being pressed up against my lips! And for the first time in my life, someone else other then Eli...was kissing me.

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