His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 29: Unexpected

Luna’s POV:

I stood there in a complete daze, I felt Ren’s lips touching mine. My eyes soon began to water and my arms soon started to shake as I tried to push him off! Yet he held me in place against the concrete wall, his hold on me was very firm as I tried to struggle! But I knew he wasn’t planning on letting me go anytime soon. Though I immediately gasped the moment I felt his tongue wanting to enter my mouth! Why is Ren acting this way!? Why is he being so forceful and doing this to me!?


Hearing Ren make a painful grunt, he finally let me go! He then started to take a few steps back while still looking at me as he wiped the blood from his bitten lower lip...


Calling out my name, I could see the instant regret embedded in his eye as he watched me cover my mouth! I bit him, I couldn’t believe what he just did! The pool of tears in my eyes soon began to overflow with anger and sadness, these lips were for only Eli to touch, and no one else!

“Luna...I’m..so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Without letting Ren explain himself, I quickly dashed my way down the hall feeling like utter shit! I didn’t want to hear what Ren had to say, I can’t even look at him right now! As I hastily made my way through the crowded halls, I could hear Ren calling out my name from behind! But I continued to ignore him as I tried to stop myself from crying anymore, however, seeing these missing posters of Elijah everywhere wasn’t helping! Especially when his poster is right next to Priscilla’s missing poster as well. It only makes me believe in those stupid rumors, even more. I know I shouldn’t...but what else am I supposed to believe at this point!?

“Luna, please wait!”

Ren called out worriedly as he grabbed my wrist!

“No! Don’t touch me, don’t ever talk to me again you fucken asshole!”

I yelled out in anger while pulling my arm free! The last thing I want to do is make another scene at school, but I’m just so pissed off that I don’t know how else to suppress my emotions!

“I’m sorry, okay...I just hate seeing you like this, and I just wanna help-”

“Help!? Is this your way of helping me?! Getting into fights and taking advantage of me while I’m struggling with my depression!? If you really wanna help...then stay away from me.”

I said in a cold-hearted stare, Ren then looked at me with pain in his eyes as he stood there at a loss. Averting his gaze, he looked at Eli’s poster for a brief moment as he clenched his jaw tightly before turning himself around and walking away.

Once he was out of sight, I placed fingers against my lips. Rubbing them lightly, I know I shouldn’t be thinking this but...Ren’s lips were very soft and his mouth tasted like honey almost. What the hell is wrong with me? Letting out a deep sigh, I looked at the poster that Ren was staring at earlier. It’s been so long that I’ve seen Elijah’s face...and now that I think about it, we never took a picture together as a couple.

There were a lot of things we didn’t do as a couple, as a matter of fact...all Eli wanted to do was do perverted things with me. Not that I mind it, but he never mentioned or brought up taking me out on a date or spending the holidays together. He never even brought up how he would like to spend his future with me...did he even wanted me to be a part of his future? The more I thought about how our relationship was, the more I felt like I was just being used for his satisfaction. My thoughts were then suddenly interrupted the moment I felt one of my fingers tingling! Immediately looking down, I saw that it was my ring finger!

That’s right, Eli gave me this ring as a symbol of his love. There’s no way in hell Eli used me, I have to stop letting these ridiculous rumors get to me. Closing my eyes, I shook my head slightly. I need to be positive...even when I feel like I’m at the lowest point in my life right now, I know that things will get better, right?

“Everything...is gonna be okay...”

I said to myself in a tired-like matter.

“You sure about that?”

Re-opening my eyes wide, I quickly turned around to see Alexa staring at me with an upset look! She had every right to be mad at me after I avoided her for weeks, I’m just glad she’s at least talking to me. Wait, did she possibly hear Ren and me talking earlier? I hope not, I don’t wanna talk about what happened...

“Alexa...I...I’m so sorry-”

Without even finishing my sentence, I felt her warm embrace consume me as she tightens her hold on me. The tears that were once dried up, were now replaced with a new set of tears, I really am a huge cry baby. But I’m just glad that these are happy tears for once...I’m so relieved that Alexa doesn’t hate me after what happened yesterday. I just hope she forgives me for how I’ve been acting...

“You’re so stupid, Luna! Am I not your best friend?”

Alexa voiced out with frustration as she pulled away from or bear hug. She then handed me the books that I dropped on the floor a while ago, I guess Alexa was there when the fight was going on between Danny and Ren. At least she didn’t get involved, I wouldn’t have wanted her to get hurt or have anyone talk badly about her...

“Of course you’re my best friend! It’s just been so hard to talk to anyone since...”

As I stopped myself from saying his name, I knew that If I did. It was going to draw me back into a dark place again.

“Since Elijah...disappeared, I know, you’ve gone through a lot lately. But you don’t have to go through it alone, Luna. You have me, Ren, and your family to help you get through this... we’re all here for you,” Alexa said as she gently held my hand.

“I know, you’re right...I’m just glad you don’t hate me...”

“What? Why would I ever hate you?”

She asked curiously as we began to walk towards our classroom.

“I just figured with how I’ve been treating you, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore...”

But just as I finished saying that, Alexa had stopped walking for a moment and looked at me. Giving off a playful smirk, she pinched my cheek with her fingers shortly afterward!

“Ow! What are you doing?”

I grunted in discomfort as I jokingly smacked her hand away from my face.

“That’s what you get for ignoring your best friend, don’t ever doubt my loyalty!”

She responded with a giggle as she continued to walk to our class. Rubbing my cheek gently, I could already tell it was turning red a little. But that’s okay, I would rather have swollen red cheeks forever than not have my best friend with me. However, once I took my seat...I couldn’t help but notice that everyone’s eyes were now on me! I mean, I get that I’ve been gone for a while, but did everyone know about me and Eli dating? Whatever, I need to ignore everyone...that way I can just focus on my school work. Though the very second Alexa sat next to me, a girl seated in front of us could be heard talking about another party happening later tonight. Just how many parties will people throw this year?

“Alexa, is there really gonna be another party happening?”

I asked as we waited for our homeroom teacher to come...

“Oh! Yeah, there is. Luke is going to be throwing another party again, apparently, it’s for the football season starting. It’s gonna be no different from the party we went to last time, nothing but alcohol, loud music, and drunk idiots.”

She explained as she was busy looking through her phone, but another party? I don’t even wanna think about parties right now. Nothing but unpleasant and bitter memories when I think about it. I don’t understand what people get out of getting drunk? You just become a sloppy mess...

“Hey, why don’t you come and sleepover at my house tonight. That way you don’t have to stay in that messy cave of yours.”

Alexa kindly suggested in a playful tease...

“Okay, first of all...that messy cave is my room. And second of all, it’s messy because I haven’t been really in the mood to clean it,” I said with a pout as I opened my textbook in front of me.

“I’m just joking, but in all seriousness. You should come spend the night, that way we could stay up and watch movies! What do you think? It’ll be fun!”

She excitedly said as she placed her phone away...

“I don’t know...I mean, it’s has been a while since I’ve slept over at your place. Won’t your parent’s mind? I haven’t seen or spoken to them in the longest.”

I asked her as we both heard our teacher entering the room...

“Of course they won’t mind, they love you, Luna. Probably more than they love me.”

She jokingly responded as we both giggled as quietly as we could. This felt nice, finally being out of the house, my classwork and studies should be a good distraction from the anxiety I’ve been going through lately. The whole atmosphere of the school still stayed the same throughout the day though. People still spreading ridiculous rumors, while others just gave me dirty looks. Is this going to be my everyday routine when I come to school now? If so, I rather just transfer to another school or something. Better yet, maybe I should just be homeschooled...

I’m just glad that all my classes went by quickly today, and I’m even more relieved that I haven’t run into Danny or Ren yet. With Alexa and I making our exit of the school, we went over today’s plans for later...

“Okay, well I’ll text you later. And you better respond this time!”

Alexa demanded as she poked my forehead playfully, giving her a slight nod we hugged each other goodbye as she began walking towards her mother’s car that was parked in the parking lot. Still can’t believe she got her driver’s license already! Wish I could’ve been there to support her while she was taking the driving test, but it is my fault that I was ignoring her these last weeks. Waving her goodbye, I stood there feeling the cool winds send chills throughout my entire body. Winter is going to be very cold this year, so as I began to wait for one of my parents to pick me up. My eyes suddenly looked at an empty parking space across the lot, Elijah would always park his truck there-

“Waiting for mommy to pick you up?”

Coming back from my senses, I almost choked on my own breath when I recognized who’s voice that was! My body instantly froze with fright as I slowly looked at the person standing right next to me, it was Danny! With the image of his bloodshot red eyes and his upper lip that was busted along with his swollen cheekbone that had gone purple, it was hard to believe that Ren caused all these injuries! Yet despite how Danny looked, he remained calm. Almost like he didn’t have a care in the world in how he looked. But as I tried to ignore him, he was only making me feel more uncomfortable with how close he was standing next to me...

“So you’re just gonna ignore me? You probably already heard there’s a party tonight at Luke’s house. It starts at ten, anyone can go. Meaning that someone might show up...that person being someone whose name starts with the letter ‘E’.”

Listening to what he had to say, I immediately looked at him again with a surprising look! However, his glance was wicked as he held a bittersweet grin.

“Now I caught your attention, and why wouldn’t it? After all, Elijah was a party animal when we both started high school,” he said with a smirk. But I shouldn’t take his word for it, there’s no way I should trust him!

“You think I’ma believe anything you have to say?”

I responded in a cold attitude, does he really think that Elijah is just gonna show up to a party after he’s been gone for so long? How stupid, but...a part of me kinda hoped that he would? But deep down I knew it was completely foolish...

“Think whatever you want, but you’ll be surprised what could happen. Also, you might find a reason why he’s gone, a majority of people that go to Luke’s parties know a thing or two about Elijah. You might even find a side of him that you never would have known.”

He continued to speak as he inched himself closer to me. I could feel my palms sweating with uneasiness as I tried to back away from him slowly. Yet what he said did catch my interest. I’m sure Eli had many people he knew when he went to these parties in the past, even if there’s a slim chance of getting a clue about his disappearance. I’ll take whatever I can get, but I don’t know if going alone will be a good idea...

“Well, if you change your mind, just give me a call tonight. We’ll go together,” Danny said as he handed me a piece of paper.

As I hesitantly took the paper from him, I felt someone’s hand behind my shoulder. This person then suddenly pulled me behind his back as he held my wrist! Firmly grasping onto the piece of paper I was now holding, I looked up to see it was Ren who was separating me and Danny! It’s almost like Ren knows when to come in the exact moment when things get so complicated...

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