His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 30: Choice

Luna’s POV:

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from her!? Maybe beating your fucking skull in again will help you understand!”

Ren immediately threatened Danny as he continued to hold onto my arm! As much as I appreciate him putting some distance between Danny and me. I’m still fairly angry at Ren for what he did this morning, but as I tried shaking off his grip he instantly let me go! Looking down at the written paper I held, I saw some digits that were probably Danny’s number. However, I was only able to see it for a split second until the heavy winds blew it out of my hands so suddenly!

“Relax, I was just trying to apologize to her. That’s all...”

Danny calmly said in a sarcastic smirk, he didn’t even look intimidated or nervous at all with how he was speaking. Though the goosebumps in my body ran through me the very instant Danny looked at me, his horrible smile made me quickly avert my stare as I noticed the piece of paper that he had given me was only a few feet away from where we were standing!

“Just stay the fuck away from her...”

As Ren continued with his threats, I slowly began to step away from both of them, hoping they wouldn’t notice me gone. I needed to get Danny’s note to make sure I memorized his number correctly. I’m still debating on whether or not I should still go to this party, it sounds dumb, but I need to know what happened to Eli. And if someone at the party has an idea or knows about his whereabouts, then I have to take this chance. But as I inched closer to picking up the note off the floor, it was quickly snatched away from my grasp! Looking at who picked it up, it was no other than Ren himself!

“Hey! Give that back to me right now!”

I yelled out as I tried to snatch it back, but with Ren being so much taller than me...it was completely out of my reach when he raised his hand! Quickly looking around, I saw that Danny had already left...

“Are you deaf! I said give it back, asshole!”

I shouted once again as I desperately jumped to take back the note! Though I was unable to grab it, this is so annoying!

“Have you lost your damn mind?! Do you really believe that Elijah will be at this stupid party tonight!? And do you really plan on going with Danny, I know you’ve been going through a lot... but this is just stupid even for you!”

Ren said with disappointment and anger, his tone was stern as he refused to hand me the paper!

“What, are you eavesdropping on my conversations now!? And if anyone is stupid here it’s you! Because last time I checked, I told you to stay away from me!”

I shouted back in annoyance as I began pulling on his sleeve to bring his arm down!

“Luna! Just stop already! Look at how you’re acting, this isn’t you!”

Ren responded out of stubbornness as he grabbed my arm forcefully! Pulling me towards him, he looked directly at me in disappointment. Looking at his reaction, I realized that he was right. This isn’t me, to be lashing out at people. Being so complicated with others...I’ve just been a wreck and I don’t know how else I should be.

“You say this isn’t me...and maybe your right. But do you have any right to say that? After what you did this morning to me.”

As I reminded him of his actions, I was taken aback by how close we were! Our faces were almost touching one another, and our lips were practically an inch away from touching each other! Ren realizing how close we were, he quickly let go of my arm and took a step back. Looking away, I tried to calm my beating heart as I felt my face growing warm. Am I blushing? No, of course, I’m not...I’m sure it’s because I’m frustrated.

But if that’s the case, why is my heart beating so heavily? Is it because I was yelling earlier? That has to be it, I don’t see any other reason for what it could be? Slowly calming my nerves, I fixed myself upright while stretching out my hand towards Ren. Though he seemed confused by what I was doing...

“What is it?”

He asked in a bewildered sigh...

“Give me his number.”

I demanded in a strict attitude, but all I could see was disappointment in his eyes as he held the piece of paper in front of me. But as I tried to grab it, I was shocked at what he did! Watching in disbelief, Ren began to tear the piece of paper into little pieces! Soon the cold winds came in and scattered the shredded bits of paper away from Ren’s hand. Pulling my hand back down, I brought it to a tight fist as I felt my blood beginning to boil in rage! Is this Ren’s way of trying to look out for me? I’m not a fucking child!

“I hate you,” I said while giving him a cold stare.

The look on Ren’s face showed how hurt he was from what I said, but I didn’t care. He was being so childish and selfish by the actions of what he’s doing. It’s like he doesn’t want me to find Elijah?

“Just go home, Luna.”

He responded as he looked away from me shortly after. Watching him take his leave, he never once turned around to look at me as he approached his car. Letting out a deep sigh, I thought back to how Ren and I made up a few months ago...to only be fighting again. I guess it really isn’t possible for us to be friends...

Soon, a sudden honking alerted me from behind! Turning around, I saw that it was my mother who was pulling up beside me. I’m glad Ren decided to leave so quickly, it would’ve been awkward. But I’m still so angry with him that I could slap him! However, I know I’ll only end up regretting it if I did that.

Entering the car became unpleasant since my mother was asking how my day went. I obviously couldn’t tell her what happened today... I didn’t want to worry her or my father anymore. All I can do is lie, I have to pretend that everything is okay. Because I know that’s what my parents want from me...

“Well, I’m glad to hear that school went well. Oh! by the way, was that Ren that you were talking to earlier as I was pulling up?”

My mother asked as she began parking the car in our driveway...


I answered her shortly as I reached for my backpack from the back seat. I didn’t want to talk about him, all I wanna do is go to my room and call Alexa and tell her about the whole party situation...

“Is everything okay with you two? Because he seemed a bit upset when I saw him leaving the parking lot.”

Mother asked with a questioning tone as she turns off the ignition of the car...

“Everything’s fine, we both just disagreed about something...anyways, Alexa asked me if I can spend the night at her place tonight. Is it okay if I slept over at her house?”

I asked her as we both approached the front door of the house...

“Of course it’s okay, I think what you need to do is spend more time with Alexa and your friends, Instead of being home all the time.”

She answered back with a joyful smile as we entered our home...

“Thanks, Mom. But I’m still gonna have to ask Dad if it’s okay,” I responded to her as I made my way down the hall.

But before I could take another step forward, my mother placed her hand on my shoulder!

“Luna, your father hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days, so it’s best if you just let him rest.”

“Is Dad still feeling sick? Is he okay? I thought he only had a simple cold?”

I asked feeling concern as I gripped my backpack more firmly. I’ve been feeling so down for these past few weeks that I failed to realize everyone else’s well-being. I’m so terrible...

“I’m sure he’s fine, but we’re gonna make an appointment for him to make sure everything is okay with his health. So don’t worry about it, just focus on yourself getting better.”

She said while giving me a quick hug before heading towards the kitchen. Closing the door behind me, I began to dial Alexa’s number. As I waited for her to answer, I couldn’t help but think back to my Father’s health. I hope he’s really is okay...closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in as gripped my phone more.

“He’s going to be fine...” I said to myself in a low whisper.

“Who’s fine?” I heard Alexa ask so suddenly!

“Huh! Oh, nothing...uh, hey, Alexa. Sorry that I called you all suddenly, but I have something important to tell you.”

“Something important? Are you doing drugs? Did you steal a bank? Wait...are you pregnant!? Oh my god, Luna! We talked about safe sex since middle school, how can you get pregnant before me!? I always thought I would be the first one to have an unplanned pregnancy! You always seemed like the one to have things planned out and stuff-”

“Oh my god! Shut up and let me speak first! No, I’m not doing drugs! I’m too lazy to steal a bank, and of course, I’m not-”

As I cut Alexa off with her stupid accusation, I remembered somthing important! I didn’t even get a chance to finish speaking when I realized how late I was in my period!

“Hello? Are you still there?”

Alexa voiced out on the other line, though her words drifted off. A cold sweat took over me and I instantly fell into a panic! My body was beginning to feel ill, no...there’s no way I’m pregnant! I can’t be! I’m sure I’m just really late due to all the stress...

“Hello...Luna? Are you okay?”

Alexa asked, sounding a bit worried by my silence...

“Yeah! I’m still here...” I quickly answered as I felt nervous!

“Don’t take it so seriously, I was only joking. So, what did you wanna tell me?” She teased in laughter.

“Oh! Uhh...it’s about that sleepover-”

“Did you ask your parents!? What did they say? Tell me they said yes!”

Alexa questioned as she sounded so excited!

“Alexa! Stop talking for a moment and listen to what I’m about to tell you. Look, right after you left, Danny...”

As I began to go over the details of what happened after school, I made sure to leave my Dad’s sickness and my possibility of me being pregnant out of the conversation...

“So, long story short. I need you to do me a favor. And you can’t tell a soul, do you understand!”

I begged of her as I paced myself across the room...

“Alright, I promise...”

Alexa responded with an uneasy tone in her voice. I already knew she was getting nervous about what I was about to tell her...

“Mom gave me the okay to spend the night at your place, however...I need you to cover for me in case they call to check up on me.”

“And why would I cover for you? Aren’t you going to be at my place? Wait, No... don’t tell me. Luna, are you serious right now? Are you really going to that party tonight?”

She asked in a stressed-out tone. I could already picture her rubbing her temple in annoyance...

“I have to go tonight...and I need your support on this,” I said to her pleadingly.

“Answer this question first, Luna...are you going because of Eli?”


“I think your silence answers my question, ugh! Fine! I’ll cover for you, just promise me that you’ll be safe. And please, whatever you do...stay away from Danny. I don’t trust that asshole, he’s the biggest fuck boy in our school. So keep your guard up if you run into him.”

She warned me, but I knew she wanted me to agree to her terms. But I couldn’t, so I quickly hanged up the phone. If I stayed on the line any longer with her, she wasn’t gonna let me go without promising her a thousand things. It would be better if Alexa could just come with me, but with her parents being so strict on her it would be impossible to have her leave anywhere.

Checking the clock on my phone, I noticed that I still had plenty of time before the party started, which gave me time to mentally prepare myself. As I sat on the bed, I began to dial a number on my phone. I was very hesitant to press the call button right after, so I casually looked out the window and saw the sun slowly beginning to set. I wonder if going to this party is a good idea? Shaking my head, I came back to my senses as I placed my hand over my stomach. I won’t overthink things...

“I’m not pregnant... I’m going to be fine.”

As I said those words, I closed my eyes and quickly pressed the call button on my phone. Placing the phone next to my ear, I anxiously waited for him to answer...


Hearing his deep voice, I was kinda hoping that he wouldn’t pick up the call. I don’t want to run away with what I sought out to do. Regardless of how guilty I’ll feel, I have to know... where Elijah is.

“Danny...what time do you think you could pick me up tonight?”

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