His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 30: Choice

Luna’s POV:

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from her!? Or maybe beating your f*cken skull this morning wasn’t enough to make that clear for you.” Ren immediately began threatening Danny as he continued to hold my arm.

As much as I appreciate him putting some distance between Danny and I. I’m still angry at Ren for what he did to me this morning, so I tried to loosen his grip by tugging my arm a bit.

I didn’t have to pull too hard since he freely let my hand go, I then looked down at the written paper and saw some digits on it, must be Danny’s number. I was only able to see it for a split moment until the heavy winds blew it out of my hands.

“Relax dude, I was just trying to apologize to her. That’s all.” Danny said calmly, he didn’t even look intimidated or nervous at all of what Ren was telling him. Danny then looked at me for a brief moment.

He held this horrible smile when he looked at me, it made me get goosebumps all over. So I averted my stare from his and noticed the piece of paper with his number on it was only a few feet away from me.

“Just stay the f*ck away from her, or next time....”

As Ren continued with his threats, I slowly began to step away from both of them hoping they wouldn’t notice me gone. I just need to get Danny’s note to make sure I memorize his number right. I’m still debating on whether or not I should still go to this party.

I know it sounds dumb, but I need to know what happened to Eli. An if someone at the party has an idea or knows about his whereabouts, then I have to take this chance.

As I finally inched closer to picking up the note off the floor, it was quickly snatched away from my grasp!

Looking at who picked it up, it was no other than Ren himself.

“Hey! Give that back to me right now!” I yelled at him as I tried to swipe it back. However, he was so much taller than me that it was out of my reach when he raised his arm away from mine.

“Are you deaf or something! I said give it back to me assh*le!” I shouted at him more as I began to jump up for the number in his hand.

“Are you f*cken deaf! Do you really believe that Elijah will be at this stupid party tonight!? An do you really plan on going with Danny, I know you’ve been going through a lot. But I didn’t think you were this stupid Luna!” Ren said loudly with disappointment and anger in his voice as he refused to hand me the note.

“What, are you eavesdropping on my conversations now!? And if anyone is stupid here it’s you! Because last time I checked, I told you to stay away from me!” I shouted back louder towards him, as I began pulling on his sleeve to bring his arm down that was right above me.

“Luna! Just stop already! Look at how you’re acting, this isn’t you!” Ren voiced out as he grabbed my arm with full force. He then pulled me towards him and peered right into my eyes.

I knew he was right, this isn’t me to be lashing out on people. And being so complicated with others, but I don’t know how else I should be...I just miss Eli so much.

“You say this isn’t me.....but do you have any right to say that? After what you did this morning.” I said to him as I raised my head to look at him in the eye, however, I was taken aback with how close we were. Our faces were almost touching one another, and both our lips were practically an inch away from each other.

Ren realizing how close we were, he quickly let go of my arm and took a step back. Grabbing my shirt close to my chest, I tried to calm my beating heart. I could feel my face was growing warm. Almost as if I was blushing, though I’m sure it’s because I’m so annoyed, right?

So then why is my heart beating so heavily? Is it because I was yelling earlier? That has to be it, I don’t see any other reason being the cause of it.

As I slowly tried to calm my nerves, I fixed myself upright and stretched out my hand in front of me with my palm open.

Ren then looked at what I was doing with a confused stare.

“What?” He said sounding upset.

“Give me his number.” I voiced out trying to sound calm and serious towards him.

He then kept looking at me with disappointment in his eyes as he held the piece of paper in front of me. As I tried to take it from him, I was shocked at what he does next.

I watched in disbelief as Ren began to rip the piece of paper into little pieces, the cold wind soon came and scattered the shredded bits of paper away from Ren’s hand.

He continued to look at me with the same upset look as the pieces of ripped paper flew between both of us.

Pulling my hand back down into a tight fist, I could feel my blood beginning to boil with anger.

“I. hate. you.” I said to him coldly as I stood there shaking in rage.

The look on Ren’s face showed how hurt he was from what I said, and I didn’t care. He was being so childish, but mainly selfish. It’s as if he doesn’t want me to find Elijah?

“Just go home, Luna.” He said with a serious tone as his eyes averted my stare. He then looked past my shoulder for a split moment and then suddenly turned himself around and began to walk away from me.

I watched as he put his hands inside his pockets as he walked towards his car. Letting out a deep sigh, I thought back to how we made up a few months ago to only be fighting again. I don’t think Ren and I could ever be friends...

A sudden honking noise soon comes up from behind me, turning myself around I see it was my mother who was pulling up beside me. I guess that’s why Ren decided to leave all abruptly, and I’m just relieved that he did. I’m so angry with him that I could slap him! However, I just know I’ll regret it once I did...

The drive back home was a bit awkward since I had to lie to my mother in how an amazing day I had. I didn’t want to worry her or my father anymore with what happened this morning, they both have been so patient with me and so attentive for these past few weeks.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that school went well Luna. An, by the way, was that Ren that you were talking to earlier?” My mother asked as she began parking the car in our driveway.

“Yeah.....” I answered her shortly as I reached for my backpack from the back seat. I didn’t want to talk about him right now, all I wanna do is go to my room and call Alexa and tell her about the whole party situation.

“Is everything okay with you two? Because he seemed a bit upset when I saw him leaving the parking lot.” My mother said with a questioning tone as she turns off the ignition of the car.

“Everything’s fine mom, we both just disagreed about something.... anyways....uhh, Alexa asked me if I can spend the night at her place tonight. Is it okay if I sleepover at her house?” I asked her as we both walked towards the front door.

“Of course it’s okay sweetie, I think what you need to do is spend more time with Alexa and your friends. Instead of being home all the time.” She answered back with a joyful smile as we entered the house.

“Thanks, Mom, but I’m still gonna have to ask Dad if it’s okay also,” I responded to her as I made my way down the hall, however, my mother stopped me halfway as she placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Sweetie, your father hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days, so it’s best if you just let him rest.”

“Is Dad still feeling sick? Is he okay?” I asked feeling concern as I gripped my backpack tightly against my chest. I’ve been feeling so down for these past few weeks that I failed to realize everyone’s else’s well being.

“I’m sure he’s fine Luna, but we’re gonna make an appointment for him to make sure everything is okay with his health. So don’t worry about it, just focus on yourself getting better okay.” She said while giving me a quick hug as she then made her way to the kitchen.

Closing the door behind me, I began to dial Alexa’s number. Ring after ring kept passing by and I couldn’t help but think back to my dad’s health, I hope he really is okay. As I closed my eyes, I slowly took in deep breaths and tried to calm myself...

“He’s going to be fine...” I said to myself in a low whisper.

“Who’s fine?”

“Huh! Oh, nothing...uh hey Alexa. Sorry, I called you all suddenly, but I have something important to tell you.” I almost forgot I was calling Alexa, so I was taken off guard by her sudden answer.

“Something important? Are you doing drugs? Did you steal a bank? Wait....are you pregnant!? Oh my god, Luna! We talked about safe sex since middle school, how can you get pregnant before me!? I always thought I would be the first one to have an unplanned pregnancy! You always seemed like the one to have things planned and stuff, so how can you-”

“Oh my god! Shut up and let me speak first! No, I’m not doing drugs! I’m too lazy to steal a bank, and of course, I’m not-” As I cut Alexa off with her stupid ideas, I had a sudden moment of realization, I haven’t gotten my period in two months!

“Hello?” Alexa voiced out on the other line.

A cold sweat soon took over me, and I instantly fell into a panic, my body was beginning to feel weak. There’s no way I’m pregnant! I can’t be! I’m sure I’m just really late due to all the stress...maybe.

“Hello...Luna? Is anyone there?” Alexa asked again sounding a bit annoyed, only this time she raises her voice a little.

“Ye..yeah! I’m still here.” I answered her back feeling nervous.

“Don’t take it so serious girl, I’m only joking. So what did you wanna tell me?”

“Oh! Uhh...it’s about that sleepover-”

“Did you ask your parents!? What did they say? Tell me they said yes!” Alexa asked me sounding so excited that she began to talk over me again.

“Alexa! Stop talking for a moment and listen to what I’m about to tell you, okay. Right after you left, Danny...” I began explaining to her the whole story of what happened after school, with the whole Danny and Ren situation, though I made sure to leave my dad being sick and the possibility of me being pregnant part out.

“So long story short, I need you to do me a favor. And YOU CAN’T TELL REN! Do you understand.” I said to her sounding strict, I don’t want Ren finding out what I’m about to do.

“..... Okay, I won’t.” Alexa responded with an uneasy tone in her voice. I already knew she was getting nervous with whatever I’m about to tell her.

“My mother gave me the okay to spend the night at your place, however, I need you to cover for me in case they call to check up on me.”

“And why would I cover for you? Aren’t you going to be at my place? .....No, Luna doesn’t tell me what I think your about to do...” She said with a stressed-out tone. Of course, she knew what I was thinking, what kind of best friend would she be if she didn’t.

“Yup, I’m going to that party tonight. I need your support on this.” I said to her pleadingly.

“Answer this question first, Luna. Are you going because of Eli?”


“I think that answers my question, ugh! Fine! I’ll cover it for you. Just promise me that you’ll be safe, and PLEASE! Whatever you do....stay away from Danny. I don’t trust that assh*le! He’s the biggest f*ck boy in our school, so keep your guard up if you run into him, alright.” She said sounding worried. Alexa has always been there for me since middle school, so it’s weird not having her come with me.

Though I understand the situation she’s in, her parents have been really strict with her lately. So it’s not surprising that she can’t come with me. Besides, I need her to play wingman tonight.

“...I need to go, Alexa, thanks for being there for me. I promise you, I’ll be fine. I’ll see you in school tomorrow, bye.”


I quickly hanged up the phone and began to change into a different outfit. I knew if I stayed on the phone longer with her, she wasn’t gonna let me go without promising her a thousand things I shouldn’t do at the party, and I know I won’t be able to keep them, not tonight.

Checking the time on my phone, I noticed that I still had a lot of time before the party started, which gives me plenty of time to get ready and to prepare myself. As I sat myself down on the bed, I began to dial some numbers on my phone, I was very hesitant to press the call button right after though. I casually looked out the window and saw the sun slowly beginning to set, I wonder if going to this party is a good idea?

I then shook my head and came back to my senses. Placing my trembling hand on my stomach, I tried my best to stop overthinking things.

“I’m not pregnant and I’m going to be fine at the party.” As I said those words, I closed my eyes and quickly pressed the call button on my phone.

I nervously held the phone next to my ear, and anxiously waited for someone to pick up.


Deep down I was hoping for no one to answer, In fact, I even wish it was the wrong number, but hearing his voice made me feel guilty of what I’m about to do.

“Danny...what time do you think you could pick me up tonight?”

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