His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 32: Untold Honesty

Luna’s POV:

The number of people that were at this party was insane! There wasn’t one person here that wasn’t drinking, almost everyone had a red plastic cup in their hands. The strong scent of cigarettes filling the room was making me feel dizzy a bit as I tried to pass through the heavy crowd. Looking at my surroundings, I thought I recognized someone who looked very familiar to me. However, the dark lights at this party were making it very difficult to see who it was. Choosing to approach them, I realized it was Eric!

Elijah did introduces Eric to me when I was in middle school, but I didn’t really get to know him much since he was a few years older than me. Considering that he hangs around with Danny, I’m hoping he’s a bit nicer than him. He did try to separate Ren and Danny when they were fighting this morning, I should probably thank him for that. But as I continued to walk in his direction, I saw that he was sitting down on a couch with a girl sitting on his lap.

Seeing that she was practically pressing her breasts against his chest, I could instantly tell he was enjoying his time by his facial expression. Though that smile of his quickly went away the second he made eye contact with me. He looked liked he seen a ghost with how surprised he was, watching him shove the girl off his lap, he stood himself up as he began to walk where I stood.

“Luna? What are you doing here?”

He said with confusion in his voice as he looked around us, is he wondering if I came alone?

“I’m here to find out what happened to Elijah, I know it sounds dumb...but-”

My words were caught off as Eric suddenly grabbed my hand! Pulling me away from the crowded living room, I saw that he was taking us to the backyard where the pool was. Though I instantly felt a cold chill pass down my spine! I feel someone’s dark gaze glaring at me, but who? Frantically looking around to see who it was, I was able to pinpoint my discomfort. It was the girl that was on Eric’s lap from earlier, I guess she assumes that I’m trying to take him from her. Girls could be so ruthless with their jealously, it’s almost frightening. But I’m curious, does Eric have a girlfriend or someone that he’s interested in?

With Eric leading us outside, he pulled out two chairs for us to sit at. I’m just glad there weren’t many people out here, unlike the last time I came. It’s a lot more quieter, compared to the inside. Accepting his kind gesture, I sat myself down as Eric and I stared at the lit-up pool in front of us...

“Sorry for dragging you out here, it was just hard to understand you inside that loud crowd and with the music.”

He apologetically explained as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes...

“Oh! No, it’s fine...I prefer to talk outside. But as I was saying...I came here to find out what exactly happened to Eli. Danny was the one who...”

Going into detail about how I came here, the moment I brought up Danny’s name, Eric already shook his head in disapproval. I felt a lot more comfortable with Eric than with Danny, though I still had my guard up. You could never be too careful when it comes to these parties, especially when alcohol is mixed in with it...

“So that’s what happened...makes sense why you’re here.”

He responded as he lit up his cigarette, as he began to smoke he looked so deep in thought...

“I know this isn’t any of my business, but...you really shouldn’t smoke. Especially when you’re still so young.”

I said while trying not to breathe in the smoke, I always hated this smell. Never understood why people would choose to fuck up their lungs this way. Just suck on a lollipop or chew some gum if you’re stressed-

“I think I understand why Elijah picked you to be his first girlfriend...”


I responded dumbfoundedly by his words! What’s making him say this so suddenly?

“When I first found out that he was dating somebody, it honestly surprised me. In fact, I think it surprised everyone. Eli wasn’t someone who would just date any girl, he was strict with the whole dating thing. He was someone who would just sleep with a girl once and then never talk with them again. So to find out he had a girlfriend, a lot of people wanted to know who it was. And If I’m being honest, I kinda had a feeling it was you. With you guys being childhood friends and all...but deep down, I was also hoping it wasn’t you...”

Eric explained with a bittersweet smile, putting his cigarette out. He leaned himself back in the chair as he sighed...

“Is it bad that I was dating him?”

I nervously asked as I felt anxious, was there something that Eli wasn’t telling me when we were together?

“Luna... Elijah wasn’t the guy you thought he was.”

Eric stated as he looked up at the night sky, my heart soon began to beat heavy with uneasiness as I felt my body beginning to shiver with anxiety by his comment.

“What do you mean by that?”

But as I asked, Eric looked back at me with a sympathetic stare. It’s as if he was feeling sorry for me...

“I’ll only tell you if you promise not to cry, the one thing I can’t stand is watching girls cry...so tell me right now that you won’t.”

He asked of me as he hunched himself over, letting out another deep sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair. Whatever he’s about to tell me, is it that bad that it could make me cry? Do I even wanna know? What am I asking? Of course, I need to know...that’s the whole reason why I’m here. Giving Eric a slight nod, I brought my shaking hands to a closed fist...

“Do you remember that morning in school when everyone found out about those girls being killed and Priscilla gone missing?” He asked while averting his gaze...


I quietly responded, I was getting confused with what he was telling me so far. What does the girl’s death have anything to do with Elijah?

“Well, before that happened...they came over to my place that night. Priscilla and her friends, as well as Danny and...Elijah. It was a small get-together, along with other people I knew. So I was confused when I saw Elijah with Priscilla that night, usually, Eli avoids being with girls he’s fucked. Yet they were all over each other, holding hands and touching one another as if they were a couple, so I just assumed that you both broke up. However, I didn’t see him kiss her, even though Priscilla was kissing him all over his neck and face...but it was obvious what they both wanted from each other. So I just thought that they were both fuck buddies or something. But not too long after they decided to leave, he offered to take Priscilla’s friends back home. He never said goodbye to me that night...we hardly even spoke. But the last thing I remember him telling me was that I should get my shit together and tell the girl I like how I feel about her. Guess he didn’t want me to live a life of regret. But now that I think about it, I’m sure Eli had a lot of things that he regretted. He even asked me to keep what happened that night a secret, he didn’t want me telling you. And that’s when I knew, that you were both still together. Luna, I don’t want to assume anything. Especially since Elijah has been my best friend since middle school...but you can never know a person for who they truly are. And for all I know...maybe he did kill those girls-

“Stop...just, shut up”

I voiced out defeatedly as my sight grew blurry. I know Eric said that he didn’t want me crying...but what does he expect me to do after telling me all this!?

“I knew you were gonna cry...look, I’m sorry alright. I should have kept my mouth shut from the beginning, but seeing you here...I knew you weren’t going to leave until you got answers.”

He strictly explained as I wiped the tears away with my sleeve...

“Listen, I know it’s hard to hear all of this. But the truth is, Elijah was no different from Danny. I mean, the only difference between the both of them is that Danny is a fucken dick, but the reality was that they both slept around with girls they didn’t care for. But if it makes you feel better, Eli always talked about you whenever we would hang out. He would say how much he misses you, and how he can’t wait for you to start school with him. I never heard him talk about any other girl, besides you...”

He said with sincerity as I watched him stand up, but hearing his words didn’t make me feel any better. If anything, I felt more broken than before. Was Eli really no different from Danny? If so, was I just an easy girl to him as well? Was I nothing to him from the very beginning? I then watched Eric beginning to walk away from me! But I stall had something very important to ask him! Instantly sprinting towards his side, I grab his hand out of desperation!

“Wait! Please, answer me this at least...do you think...Elijah ever loved me?”

Choking out my words, I felt my tears running down my cheeks as we both stood there in silence before he finally spoke.

“I think the love you had for Elijah, was different from the love he had for you...Luna.”

Hearing him say that, made my body grow heavy. With every passing second that came by...my heart felt so weak. I didn’t want to believe what I just heard...I could deny all I want, but the painful truth will always be there to haunt me...

“Okay. I...I’m sorry that I’ve kept you from your girlfriend earlier-”

“Are you seriously apologizing to me right now? I think it should be the other way around, I feel horrible for making you cry. And that girl from earlier wasn’t my girlfriend, I don’t even like her like that. Besides, there’s someone who I already like...but she has a boyfriend already and I don’t think her best friend would like the idea of us dating if she was single.”

Eric began explaining as he reached for his pocket and pulled out another cigarette. It seems that he always smokes when he gets too deep into serious conversations. Regardless of how hurt I am right now, I need to brush this negativity away by something distracting...

“Well I think you should still tell her how you feel...or you really will regret it forever. I’m sure her best friend will give you her approval because even I could see you’re a nice guy,” I said to him as I let go of his sleeve.

“In that case, since I got your blessing. Perhaps I’ll tell her... Luna, your too kind and innocent to be at this party, you should go home...” He responded with a faint smile as he patted my head lightly.

“I’ll go home in a while...I still need to clear my mind.”

I said to him as I looked down at my feet, the last thing I ever want people to see ...is me sobbing like a child.

“Okay, just keep a safe distance from Danny. I’ve never seen him hit a girl before...but I also never seen him get so angry. So try and get a taxi if you can...” He explained as we parted ways, with Eric entering the house I continued to stay standing outside.

Feeling hopeless, I tried my best to put a brave face on. But once Eric was out of sight, I immediately fell to my knees and began to hyperventilate uncontrollably! It felt as if I was drowning in my own sorrows. My mind was going everywhere with what Eric told me earlier, I’ve been running away from the truth that I never wanted to face. Elijah was a player...he’s slept with many girls before getting with me. The rumors about him were true...but I just didn’t want to believe it. I was nothing to him, he used me from the start. And to think I gave everything to him...because I thought I was special, how can I be so stupid?

It was becoming harder to breathe with every passing second, placing my hands against my chest I felt my heart beating heavy with grieve! I don’t think my heart can be any more broken than it is now. My vision was becoming blurry again as I felt my tears drowning me in heartache. If I stay at this party any longer, will I find out more painful stories about him?

“Hey, girl! What are you doing on the floor?! Oh! Are you crying? Did someone dump you?”

I suddenly heard a girl call out to me as she helped me off the floor, the smell of heavy liquor was scented all over her as she spoke. Feeling too weak to push her off, I no longer cared where she was taking me. It wasn’t a concern, but seeing this girl drag me to a group of people. I could tell that they were all drunk with how intoxicated they sounded...

“Hey, who’s this?”

Someone randomly asked as they pointed at me...

“I found her crying over there. I think her boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with her. So sad...Oh! let me have some of your chips...” Said the girl next to me as she obnoxiously ate some food.

“Aww, poor thing. Hey, you know what will make the pain go away? This drink here that has your name on it, who cares about that fucken piece of shit that dumped you. There’s plenty of fish in the sea to choose from, they are not the only ones. So here, drink up and forget about today! And just live your life!”

Said one of the girls who handed me a drink, I could already smell the strong aroma of vodka hitting my nose. Part of me just wants to leave and go home, but what will I do when I get home? Just cry some more and feel sorry for myself? I’ve had enough of feeling pathetic...

Deciding to take a swig of the liquor, I felt the burning sensation run past my throat as I finished my drink in one go! It tasted disgusting and it made my throat sting, I don’t understand why people enjoy drinking this stuff. But at least I’m starting to feel a little better...though my head feels really lightheaded for some reason? I’m losing the sense of reality and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing...

“Damn bitch, you could fucken drink! Here! Have another shot!”

The girl yelled out with excitement as she poured me another drink. Maybe, this is good...numbing the pain away. To feel free from my emotions, but why am I feeling sad still? Is it because I don’t care what happens to me or the baby? Am I even pregnant? Why does it even matter, it’s not like the father of my unborn child ever loved me. Feeling my body beginning to stagger, I felt someone wrap their arm around my waist, pulling me close to them! I raised my head to see who it was, I almost fainted when I saw the person’s eyes staring right back at me! Those blue eyes of his reminded me of someone I knew...

“Eli, is that you?”

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